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Q:How to connect the AC motor?
There are two kinds of three-phase AC motorStar: the three connecting terminals are connected with three phase lines of the three-phase power supply, and the three terminals are shorted together with wires or metal pieces.
Q:Difference between energy consumption braking of DC motor and AC motor
Energy consumption braking of AC motor:The motor in normal operation, in order to stop quickly, not only disconnect the three-phase AC power supply, but also in the stator coil connected in the DC power supply, the DC current in the stator coil formed in the magnetic field, the rotor continues to rotate due to the inertia of cutting the magnetic field, the induced electromotive force and current formed in the rotor, the direction of rotation direction and torque motor instead, resulting in brake, the motor stops.Different torque is introduced into the rotor of the motor and different DC currents are connected in the stator of the motor, so different braking torque can be generated.Features: when the motor speed drops to zero, the braking torque will be zero, so the energy consumption braking can make the motor stop accurately
Q:What's the difference between a DC motor and an AC motor?
A direct current motor is a magnetic field that does not move; a conductor moves in a magnetic field; an alternating current motor rotates in a magnetic field, and the conductor does not moveDC motor consists of stator winding and rotor winding of stator winding. The magnetic field is produced. When the direct current. The stator windings produce fixed polarity magnetic field. The rotor energizing force in the magnetic field. So the rotor in the magnetic field force is rotating. The DC motor structure is complicated. The cost is high.
Q:Why is the capacitance of a single-phase motor adjustable speed?
AC current through the capacitor, but will be hindered, the capacitance is smaller, the greater the barriers, the greater the capacitance block is small, this is the capacitance, capacitance motor is several capacitors and the motor windings are connected in series, current resistance to adjust the motor using the capacitance, so as to realize the motor speed.
Q:AC servo motor why drive?
Ordinary AC motor speed is 1400 rpm, why is 1400, because the average power is 220V, 50Hz, which is 50 times per second transformation phase, and the motor is usually 4, which is two times the phase transformation of a turn, coupled with the general AC motor is not synchronous, asynchronous communication the motor, so a little slower than the theoretical speed of 50/2*60=1500, so it is usually about 1400. Thus, the speed of the motor can be changed by changing the frequency of the power supply. A controller corresponding to an ordinary motor is called a frequency converter.
Q:Brushless AC motor
The difference between brushless and brush is generally used for DC motors. AC motors are not classified by brush or brush.
Q:What is the difference between AC motor speed and DC motor speed?
Alternating current dynamoAC motor is rotating to produce a rotating magnetic field formed by the stator voltage in the rotor should be on the.The speed is generally fixed speed. But because of its simple structure and convenient power supply, it is widely used in industrial enterprises. Small to household refrigerators, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, large machine tools, and so on, all use AC motors.
Q:AC or DC motors for rolling gate motors?
Roll gate, also known as "rolling door", is a lot of joint activities of the doors and pieces connected together, in a fixed slide, with the center of the scroll above the center of the rotating door up and down.Roll gate (gate) is suitable for commercial appearance, garage, shopping malls, hospitals, factories and mines, enterprises and other public places or houses.
Q:How to realize constant power or constant torque output of three-phase AC motor?
Is generally achieved through the frequency converter in the frequency power supply 50HZ, with inverter motor, the inverter output is below 50HZ, the motor is in constant torque output, but the inverter output is higher than 50HZ, the motor is of constant power output.
Q:Speed control method of AC motor
The characteristics of various speed regulating devices:(1) change pole speed regulation;Advantage:No additional slip loss, high efficiency;Control circuit is simple, easy maintenance, low price;The smooth speed regulation with higher efficiency can be obtained by matching with the stator voltage regulating or electromagnetic slip clutch.Shortcoming:Stepless speed regulation without stepless speed regulation. Due to the limitation of the motor structure and manufacturing process, only 2~3 kinds of pole to rail speed regulation are usually achieved, and the speed range is quite limited.

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