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Q:What are the motors that not used in mobile robots?
i would imagine it is AC motors because mobile robots are powered by batteries. batteries produce DC current which would operate the dc motor. it is possible that AC is used, but seems like it would be overly complicated =/
Q:ford focus 2001 50000miles after 9 years motor mounts and ac must be replaced?
50,000 seems like it's too soon for this stuff, but it's impossible to predict.
Q:Is it possible to add more torque to an ac electric motor?
No, not really. As with any motor, you are going to get X power out for Y power in. Power in is electrical wattage, and power out is mechanical wattage (or horsepower). Electrical power is volts times amps, and mechanical power is speed times torque. You can't get more power out- increasing the torque- without more power in. The only practical way to do this would be to feed the motor more power (in the form of voltage), but that would increase your power consumption, increase your speed, and you're not likely able to get a higher AC voltage very easily.
Q:What is the influence on the motor when AC motor is connected to direct current?.
In the circuit of the home soybean milk machine, there is a rectifier circuit, and the motor is not an AC motor in the sense of pure.48V inverter, which means to convert 48V DC to 220V AC. But you this inverter because it is driven by the inductive load, the nominal power to more than double. Because the household machine (beating) Soybean Milk time is very short, usually in less than 3 minutes, so the motor temperature is relatively high, but can try 2 48V battery series 96V try, but first we must carefully look at the temperature rise of the motor.
Q:my mazda 3 ac compressor is froze up i think. when i put on the ac it kills the motor. ?
if you cut the ac belt the only thing it will affect is the power steering that's assuming the engine has two belts, the other belt will work with the water pump and alternator ***warning*** if the engine has only one belt you cant cut it the defroster and heater can be affected because the ac compressor work with the system but if you dont uses the compressor with the heater it will work good but not as is suposse to work
Q:Torque equation for AC synchronous motor and generator?
Your question is somewhat complicated but adding a load will lessen pace. The intention of a process is to run loaded on the preferred speed. One factor concerning the vehicle alternator or some other synchronous generator is that a excitation present is required so within the case of the auto alternator, it wants to be linked to a battery to work. Also in lots of instances the ignition lamp is also a part of the circuit and must be linked for it to work.
Q:I have an AC treadmill motor and want to use for a Wind generator, pls will it work??? THANKS!!?
No. The motor does not contain magnets with which to generate current through rotating the shaft. However, if you don't believe that you can always experiment. Put a voltmeter on a a pair of wires and spin the shaft. It always fascinates me that many of you don't just experiment. You just as easily try it instead of asking others to tell you if it will work. You can learn a lot by experimenting, taking things apart, playing with them.
Q:Who knows the main difference between DC motor and AC motor, I hope to say a little more simple, thank you
DC motor speed control is simple, but the use of limited occasions. AC motor speed control is relatively complicated, but it is widely used due to the use of AC power supply.
Q:Why do allot AC motors have centrifugal switches?
there are two windings (stator) in these types of motors. one is the starting windings and the other is the run windings. the switch in question is for the starting windings. start windings provide higher torque for the motor to start and as the motor comes up to speed. the switch opens due to the centrifugal force and allows the run windings to take over.
Q:When a small AC motor is operating at rated load from a 115V, 60-cycle source, it takes 287 watts at a lagging?
This will not be the first-rate reply. I feel you may have two questions right here. You could have a 3/four hp motor a good way to draw 13Amp on a hundred and fifteen volts at 60 Hearts or Cycles and that can be also wired by using changing the way in which it is attached to attract 6.5 Amps at 230 volts on 60 Cycles. Different query is set wire measurement involving voltage drop over 500 feet of distance. Determine out Ohm's law although it should no longer be used for basic a.C. Motor and transformer circuits or a circuit containing any e.M.F or voltage as opposed to the impressed voltage. (re all ref. - functional main of electricity.) One mile of copper wire a quarter of and inch diameter presents about 1 ohm resistance. . You must also query what number of wires you ought to run to your cable; whether it is one white one black and one inexperienced safeguard ground or the entire former and a pink besides . Be conscious that the smaller the quantity of the wire, the bigger the size of the wire; that a number six wire is far thicker than a quantity sixteen and that the previous offers less resistance. Getting an electrician to put all of those details collectively and hook up your water pump will keep you in good stead along with your insurance organization even supposing you understand how to do the job yourself as well as keep you from burning out your motor.

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