Siemens Original 1PQ Series AC Motor

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Q:Why are AC motors the most commonly used motor in industry, and not DC motors?
Because AC power is the most comming power in the world. That is the main reason, the contest between AC and DC was over a long time ago and AC won. There are some DC applications but AC is King.
Q:In variable frequency drive why we control Dc why not directly control ac.?
There was a device called TRIAC that was used to control AC directly to vary the speed from AC motor. It was widely used to control motor speed before the invention of VFD after power FET is available. VFD is a complex electronic device that requires to run on DC. That was why all VFD must first convert income AC 60hz power source into DC to let the VFD circuit running.
Q:Why in general larger aircraft make use of both AC and DC electrical systems.?
AC motors and controls can be made smaller and lighter, especially when driven at 120V and 400 hz. Almost all, if not all, systems that are intended for normal use with normal power will be AC. DC, on the other hand, is the old stand-by when down to just battery power. If a pilot arrives at a dead airplane, with no external power (AC), how will he get the thing running if it requires A/C? With one or two batteries, one DC fuel boost pump, a DC starter on the APU, DC fire detection and DC fire fighting systems, he can safely get the airplane up and running, and if a fire breaks out during the process, he can fight the fire. If there is a loss of all AC generators, then there needs to be some DC powered stuff from the battery (basic flight instruments, basic lighting, etc.) to allow continued flight while attempts are made to restore the AC. On the Boeings, the fallback really important stuff will be found on the hot battery bus, battery bus, DC transfer bus, and standby DC bus. The Airbus probably does the same thing using different names.
You do not have to turn anything off when you shut off your car unless it actually stays on. Things like the dome light, headlights and the 4 ways will run down your battery with the key off if left on but all other features of a car if left on will not harm your car even at the point of restart. The ignition switch automatically cuts off all these accessories to deliver full power to starting the car. The only thing that could suffer is the battery which can basically fail anytime after 3 years anyway. Stop living in the days of old.... We have NEW cars today.
Q:Why doesn't an ac motor need a commutator?
an ac motor doesn't need a commutator because unlike the dc current a commutator is not needed to reverse the polarity of the current as it is already alternating, hence why it's called an alternating current. This is also because a dc motor works by changing the polarity of the current through the rotating part of the motor whilst the ac motor does the same thing but through the STATIONARY part of the motor. so there you go, hope that helped.... :) - nickie xx
Q:What happens to a stator wound AC permanent magnet motor when the rotor is removed but still powered?
You will have an energised choke in one place and a rotor that is still spinning due to intertia but slowing down due to friction. With no rotor load the power consumption will go down. Probably. In real life the rotor would go out of control as you tried to disassemble the motor while working and it would shatter into little bits.
Q:How do you connect an AC motor?
fairly, maximum AC automobiles will run off DC. in case you have a image voltaic array putting out a sturdy a hundred volts DC with 10 amps at the back of it, you may run an electric powered drill. yet no one, myself secure will assure the outcomes in case you are attempting. you're taking your guy or woman opportunities. i've got self assurance that the image voltaic board you ordered isn't very useful, so might no longer be waiting to ability your motor. It takes numerous thousand funds' fairly worth of panels to ability a a million hp motor. in case you submit a hyperlink to the board you ordered, human beings may be waiting that might assist you greater.
Q:could someone help me pick a motor control for a small 240v AC motor?
I don't see why it wouldn't work. They have a couple fan controls at home depot also, may save you a few bucks...other than that why not replace the timer? Something a little more variable...
Q:Can a brushless DC motor be used as a generator ?
Rick and Brian T have given first class answers so I will limit my answer to describing a case where motors are used as generators. Many turbine driven aircraft use the same rotating DC machine as the starter motor and the generator, or at least one of the generators. This is a fairly commonly asked question and as usual, someone has shown that they do not understand the self-excited DC generator. These machines do not need a separate excitation supply because they generate their own from the residual magnetism in the stator laminations. An old style DC car generator is a classic example of this.
Q:why do conveyors use AC 3 phase motors?
The reason is simple: as the efficiency of a three phase motor at 120 degrees uses less energy than a single phase motor. It has lots more torque and and is smaller, uses less starting current, and can be switched from star to delta when up to running speed.

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