Siemens 1LA8 High Low Voltage AC Motor

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part namebrandmodelVoltageprotectioncooling
motorSiemens1LA81PQ8400V,690V,2.3KV,4.16KV,6KVIP55IC411 (1LA8,1LA4)
IC416 (1PQ8,1PQ4)

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Q:does a brushless dc motor uses dc current to power itself or ac current?
you usually plug in a d.c. motor you usually generate a.c., then convert to d.c. Don't forget to vote for best answer!
Q:i have a 115/230 volt motor and i need to run it off a battery?
Unless the motor is one designed to run on AC or DC, you will need one of the other suggestions made re inverters or genemotor sets Otherwise 10 - 12V. batteries, or 20 if set for 230V.
Q:What is the essence of motor rpm in industrial applications?
Depends on the application. To move a conveyor belt you need a slower RPM than to turn a fan. You pick a RPM appropriate for the application. Best I can do without more information
Q:Do Dremels use DC (instead of AC) motors?
Battery powered would be dc. Corded would be ac
Q:compare the efficiency of a DC motor against an AC motor.?
What AC motor and what DC motor?
Q:what is Contnous rating of an AC motor?
Continuous means that the motor may be run at full load continuously. It is not an intermittent-duty motor. The horsepower (HP) rating is the mechanical output power that the motor can deliver at the shaft. Volts is the nominal voltage at which the motor is designed to run. Usually there is a +/-10% tolerance on that value. Amps is the value of current that the motor will draw when the motor is mechanically loaded to 100%, with rated voltage and frequency applied to the motor.
It is not easy, but the AC blower motor should be accessible without removing the dashboard. You may have to stand on your head to do, it, but work at it until you get the old AC blower out.
Q:Dodge AC blower motor stops working, what to look for?
you may need to replace the actual switch that turns it on ,i have seen a lot of those go bad and that's how they,ll do if it had anything to do with the resistor again it wouldn't work at all or it would have burnt the new resistor out on it,so you know that part of it is still working, id lean towards the switch ,it could have been part of the problem all along ,id try another switch on it,see if that doesn't repair it,you could also have motor going out on that one that will cause them to burn up resistors a lot,good luck.
Q:Causes of insulation breakdown in AC motor voltage withstand test
In the withstand test, the test voltage is too high and exceeds the specified value.
Q:wil the alternator act as a motor when i supply AC or DC voltage to it?
No, not easily, at least not for single phase AC. Your alternator is a DC powered rotor coil in a three phase AC coil stator. The rotor needs DC current to produce the mag field. The brushes that power the rotor are fixed rings, they don't reverse polarity on rotation, so no DC motor action. Your rotor is not wired for induction nor are your stator coils, so no single phase AC motor action. You need a rotating magnetic field to make it work, you need three-phase AC supply and power the stator coils separately and a DC supply for the rotor. Then you will have a 3 phase AC motor. Easier to just buy a motor, though there are instructions on the internet for doing it. Google alternator as brushless motor

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