Siemens Reducer Gear Motor

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Q:equtions of rpm of 3 phase ac motor?
The rpm of AC motor does not depend on the phase. It depends on the number of pole and frequency of the line. frequency * 60 rpm = --------------------- 2 poles = 30 freq/poles.
Q:Details about AC motor?
This is a good starting point:
Q:ac blower motor not blowing?
Check fuses and relays.
Q:How do you power this AC motor?
This may be a multi speed (3) motor and they are using one speed of it. The mfg uses one motor in many different appliances. Does this uW have an exhaust fan which runs on differet speeds? The colors mean nothing in general. I assume that Yel Org are common and Red, Yel, Blu are (3) speeds. Powering it up one way is CW and the other way is CCW. Examining the cage will tell you which way to turn it.
Q:Are dc motors more common than ac motors?
If you include electronically commutated DC motors and stepper motors, in the home or office usually yes, as HDDs have one, most optical drives two to three, each PC type fan is one. A floppy drive has two motors. VCRs usually have 3 or more motors (I remember when VCRs boasted about how many motors they had). Kitchen appliances usually have AC motors. Mixers and blenders usually have universal type motors. HVAC usually uses AC motors, but modern A/C compressors and circulation fans could be computer controlled DC PM or electronically commutated motors. Hand held coded power tools are usually universal, fixed tools are usually AC motors. Cordless tools usually use PM DC motors. Toys use PM DC motors usually.
Q:why a ac motor burn due to heavy load and low voltage?
With an AC motor running on a reduced voltage, slip is increased. That is the difference between the speed of the rotor and the rotating magnetic field in the stator, increases. When this happens more voltage is induced in the rotor bars, so more current flows in them. By transformer action, the current in the stator windings also increases and may lead to overheating and burn out.
Q:slowing down an ac electric motor?
PWM? Can you send pulses to the motor (pulse width modulation) as oppsed to direct current the whole time? By controlling the pulse you can vary the speed. Otherwise you could add some big resistors to drop the voltage, but make sure they are rated for enough power (I*V - depending on your current) so they don't burn out.
Q:What is the magnetic power produced in the coils of an 7.5 HP AC motor when it is being run in full speed?
The magnetic field strength does not change for AC motor,because power is applies to its field coils (do not mix it up with AC-DC series motor,field strength changes follow the load). To measure the AC magnestic field strength is quite difficult because the field polarization keep on changing according to the frequency. A hard way to find out is counting how turns of coil and the size of steel area,then calculate it.
Q:IS there a temp sensor in the ac / heater electrical system to the motor?
Check if there are any loose wires. Something might not be getting a good connection.
Q:basic difference between normal and servo motor?
This Site Might Help You. RE: basic difference between normal and servo motor?

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