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Brand Name:Siemens Model Number:1LG SeriesType:Asynchronous Motor
Frequency:50 HzOutput Power:0.55-315 KWProtect Feature:Drip-proof
Phase:Three-phaseCertification:CEAC Voltage380V
Place of Origin:Shanghai China (Mainland)Efficiency:IE 3Packaging Detail::Standard Wooden Case


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Specialized in Manufacturing and Supplying a wide range of Electric Motors since year 2002.

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Q:Im trying to make tattoo gun what would be a better motor 18volt ac or 18 volt dc?
DC because it's safer. If you don't know what you are doing you could kill someone with ac, even at 18 volts.
Q:how do i know if it's AC or DC current?
I think we missed something here. The question is about a motor and all the answers are talking about a power supply. I don't know the answer, but checking for the voltage output of a motor just doesn't make sense.
Q:AC Motor and Current (rms)?
At the moment the motor starts it has no back emf developed, so the current is (from Ohm's law): I = V / R = 120 volts / 5 ohms = 24 amps When the motor is operating normally it produces a back emf of 118 volts, so the total voltage across the motor is 120 volts - 118 volts = 2 volts. Using Ohm's Law again, but with the new voltage, we get: I = V / R = 2 volts / 5 ohms = 0.4 amps
Q:DC Supply will given to a AC Motor?
The motor will act as a brake. Braking torque will be relatively low at high speed rising to a peak at a relatively low speed and then dropping to zero when the motor is stopped.
Q:How to measure the speed of a motor without using a speed sensor?
There are circuits that can do that but not easy to explain in detail here. The idea is to remove power from the motor momentarily and measure back emf voltage which is proprotional to motor speed. This is generally done periodically to determine motor speed. In this way a controller can adjust the motor speed. This method is not suitable for AC motors.
Q:details on AC motors?
You don't give enough information to answer the question. We need to know the voltage and HP rating of each motor. Here's some general information: Most all AC motors that run on 60 Hz AC power run unloaded (not delivering any torque) at either 1800 or 3600 RPM regardless of the voltage. The horsepower rating is derived from the torque delivered at either 1725 or 3450 RPM. The lower RPM is due to the fact the motor slows down as it is being loaded to deliver the torque. Horsepower is torque x RPM.
Q:what is equivalent ac motor bhp for 130 bhp dc motor?
A horsepower is a horsepower. It is defined as 550 foot-pounds per second, exactly equal to 746 watts. A bhp is a horsepower. Nobody has any idea where the 'b' came from or what it means. Back in 1962 I witnessed an argument that went on for over an hour in a college dorm, one side saying it stood for brake horsepower and the other insisting it meant blown horsepower, and neither side knowing exactly what those terms meant either.
Q:will the speed of an AC motor decrease if frequency is reduced from 50hz to 25hz?
Q:AC Direct Drive Motor question?
Q:Single-phase 240V AC Motor?
As the first responder indicated, the power factor value has the same numerical value as the cosine of 40 degrees. This is 0.766 The KVA input is KVA = (E * I) / 1000 KVA = (240 * 4.8) / 1000 KVA = 1.152 The definition of power factor is the ratio of KW to KVA, therefore the formula for the power input (KW) is - KW / KVA = PF KW = KVA * PF KW = 1.152 * 0.766 KW = 0.882432 TexMav
SIEMENS Brand is one of famous motor maker in the field, the head office is in Europe and have factories in China.

1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Shanghai
Year Established 2012.10.19
Annual Output Value USD 1,500,000
Main Markets Austrilia;Turkey;South America
Company Certifications Certificate of Authorized Distributor

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Nearest Port Shanghai port
Export Percentage
No.of Employees in Trade Department 20 persons
Language Spoken: Chinese
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Contract Manufacturing
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