Siemens EX Series AC Motor

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Q:Can I rotate an AC motor spindle manually? When the power supply not given.?
Yes. In fact, when the motor is driven manually, it becomes an electric generator.
Q:Which motor is one with a variable speed from 0 - 2000 rpm?
I prefer a DC motor. A rheostat can be used to control voltage/RPM speed and DC motors are more reliable.
Q:ac fan motor runs when outside temp is 'cooler' ,what is causing condenser motor not to run?
The Fan for the A/C Condenser runs any time the A/C is on. Causes it NOT to Run? Turn A/C Off
Q:Do true universal motors run on both AC and DC?
Universal motors will run on both AC and DC, but the performance will not be exactly the same. With DC, the motor will be able to deliver rated torque at a little higher speed. With AC, the motor speed will drop more when the load is increased. A device that runs on AC only may run properly only at the designated frequency and voltage, may run well at either 50 or 60 Hz, or may run well only if the voltage is increased or decreased by the same percentage that the frequency is increased or decreased. It all depends on the device type and design. If it is a device with an AC motor (not a universal motor), the speed will increase or decrease by the same percentage that the frequency is increased or decreased. The mechanical consequences of the speed change may be more important than the electrical consequences of the frequency change.
Q:how to know the ac motor connection?whether its star or delta?
A lot of motors have 6 wires for the three windings, so you can connect them as star or delta, as required with a star delta starter. The voltage ratings will tell you though. If it is a 380V, 415V, 440V etc. motor and it is connected as star it has a lot less power. If its 220 you have to figure out whether that was for a 127/220 or a 220/380 system. As a check, ((W x 1/PF) / Amps) from the nameplate gives the phase to neutral voltage, or W/A is close enough to tell. Always check the running current when you have installed a motor. Don't forget that the phase rotation may be important for a pump. If a water pump goes backwards there is steam and boiling water everywhere.
Q:slowing down an ac electric motor?
you could try a adding a second smaller motor that drove a dedicated fan. Direct the air flow from that through the main motor and the flow of cooling air is independent of the main motors rpm. I don't know how fixed your design is. If design can be changed, worm drives can achieve fairy high speed step down ratios in small spaces.
Q:how a universal motor works both in dc and ac?
Universal Ac Dc Motor
Q:how structurally AC motors differ from DC motors, 220V x 60 w AC motor equals 36 V x ? watts with equal power
A ceiling fan is an induction motor (brushless, it is quiet). It is also bigger than a brush motor. Most hand power tools use a universal motor, since it is smaller. It has brushes and is noisy. A universal motor actually runs on either AC or DC. You cannot magically change the voltage rating on any motor, though there are many that are dual voltage (for example, either 120V or 240V) depending on how they are hooked up. A 220V ceiling fan? Must not be in the US. The only way to drive an induction motor from DC is to use an inverter (DC to AC converter).
Q:How do I turn a 350W AC motor from a blender into a generator?
if it is not a universal type motor, (has magnets in it) it won't work as a generator.
Q:Can I wire a single phase AC Motor to a standard 120V outlet?
Yes, it will work fine. You should use a heavy duty switch to turn it on and off.

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