YVF(E)Three一phase Asychronous Motor for Braking

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YVF(E) three-phase asychronous motor for brakingv is provided with an electromagnetic brake set between the rear cover of the primary motor and axial-flow fan
This kind of motor is widely applied to the occasions requiring for speed regulation, rapid stop and accurate positioning.


Variable-frequency regulation in a broad range;
High efficiency, small starting current and big starting torque;
Capable of rapid braking and accurate positioning. It is suitable for frequent starting and braking

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Q:How to distinguish AC and DC machines
The main difference between AC and DC motor is the power properties of different AC motors using AC generator, the AC and DC motor; using direct current, the generator is DC. Advantages of DC motor (AC motor and more): smooth speed control characteristics, can achieve economic. And AC motor need to use inverter, electromagnetic regulator and other components to achieve this function.
Q:how to increase rpm 3-Phase AC induction motors?
You need to know the gear ratio to get the motor speed
Q:What is the difference between the excitation winding and armature winding of AC motor?
The motor defines the armature as the main power loop of the motor. You just have to think about the power of the stator circuit or the power of the rotor circuit. That big one is the armature". Power is voltage X current. Only synchronous generator and synchronous motor have excitation winding and armature winding. In general, AC induction motors do not have field windings. The asynchronous motor is divided into two major categories, squirrel cage and winding. The stator winding structure is the same. The squirrel cage rotor is a squirrel cage, and the winding rotor is a coil (which can be changed by an external device to change the rotor impedance). The so-called armature winding is the main power circuit of the motor". Rotor and stator coil which power is larger, which is "armature", needless to say, most of the stator coil is armature winding".
Q:please tell me how can i repair AC motor.?
Brushes are gone.
Q:how a universal motor works both in dc and ac?
A universal motor is similar to a DC motor with the armature connected in series with the field. If DC is supplied it works like any DC series motor. If AC is supplied, the stator and rotor field strengths will vary exactly in phase with each other. When the AC current changes direction, the stator and rotor fields will reverse at the exact same instant. Therefore, the torque will always be in the same direction even though the fields change direction because the stator and rotor fields always have the same relationship with each other. When connected to AC, torque magnitude pulses at twice the line frequency. Comparing operation at a given AC RMS voltage and an equal DC voltage, the torque at any given speed is lower for AC operation. That is due the higher impedance with AC and magnetic saturation at the peaks of the AC waveform. To avoid overheating due to eddy-current losses, series motors intended for use as universal motors are constructed with laminated stator and rotor cores.
Q:Where can I buy a condenser fan motor for my AC in Phoenix?
in spite of if that's belt pushed, then the belt isn't taught adequate. in any different case attempt keeping apart the motor from the fan and activate the AC. purely the motor runs. you will desire to be waiting to decide what's what.
Q:Question about motors??? (please help)?
1) DC motors have a commutator whilst AC motors do not. 2). The torque generated by current in the stator winding reacting with the magnetic field produced by current in the rotor. In the induction motor the rotor current is driven by voltage induced by the field produced by the stator winding currents - hence the name induction motor.
Q:ac motors vs dc motors for electric car?
Today, AC induction motors are better for almost all applications, as you can use a VFD, variable frequency drive to supply the motor with the proper frequency and voltage for the desired load and speed. And an electric auto can afford the complexity of the VFD. For a school project, a DC motor would be better. .
Q:Is it best to use an AC or DC motor to power a car?
I'm not sure about the other stuff but I have an idea for a throttle. Hook a potentiometer up in series with the motor, power source. Controlling it on the ground side may be better so you can have a big thick cable from the power to the motor.
Q:What would happen if I put AC electricity in a DC brush-less motor?
You would blow it up. Brushless motors use solid- state commutation, and applying AC to electronics is a no- no.

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