YVF(E)Three一phase Asychronous Motor for Braking

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YVF(E) three-phase asychronous motor for brakingv is provided with an electromagnetic brake set between the rear cover of the primary motor and axial-flow fan
This kind of motor is widely applied to the occasions requiring for speed regulation, rapid stop and accurate positioning.


Variable-frequency regulation in a broad range;
High efficiency, small starting current and big starting torque;
Capable of rapid braking and accurate positioning. It is suitable for frequent starting and braking

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Q:How to connect the AC motor?
There are two kinds of three-phase AC motorStar: the three connecting terminals are connected with three phase lines of the three-phase power supply, and the three terminals are shorted together with wires or metal pieces.
Q:Why is the rotor of an AC motor neither magnetic nor can it rotate?
The DC motor and AC synchronous motor works as follows: the stator or rotor produces a rotating magnetic field, while the secondary winding forms polarity. Since the two poles of the stator and rotor are attracted or repelled by each other, the rotation is generated.
Q:Can any AC motor 220 and 380V control positive inversion? What are the conditions?
There are commonly used reverse switch control (Figure 1), switching control (Figure 2) and AC contactor controlSingle-phase series motor (portable electric tools) can be 2 lines of stator winding connected between the carbon brush can brush with control of the motor is reverse.Single-phase shaded pole motor with self shading coil can not change the position of the short circuit and embedded in the stator slots, the motor is not reversed.
Q:How to change AC motor to generator?
The triangular line wiring into Xinghang capacitor can then add old but the efficiency is very low capacitance as motor power.
Q:Does the DC motor work the same as the AC motor?
1KW DC motor with 1KW AC motor is not the same, 1000 Watt DC motor will be a lot of small volume, although the power is 1000 watts, DC motor torque is relatively large, speed control is relatively easy. The DC motor is more powerful against overload, but the price is more expensive.1KW DC motor can bring a large generator, 900 watt generator, the actual output power of power generation is at most 800 watts. If you want to get the power of different types, using a motor driven generator is one of the most stupid way to use the lowest efficiency, power supply module, the highest efficiency, fast response, easy to adjust the noise to a minimum, the price is the cheapest.
Q:AC or DC motors for rolling gate motors?
Roll gate, also known as "rolling door", is a lot of joint activities of the doors and pieces connected together, in a fixed slide, with the center of the scroll above the center of the rotating door up and down.Roll gate (gate) is suitable for commercial appearance, garage, shopping malls, hospitals, factories and mines, enterprises and other public places or houses.
Q:The similarities and differences between DC brushless motor and AC motor
The stator windings of Brushless DC motor is connected in star, his permanent magnet rotor is made and a rotor position sensor for detecting the rotor position feedback to the controller, the controller is a DC power supply, according to the position sensor signal feedback respectively so that the stator winding is energized, the rotating magnetic field, the mechanical characteristics of Brushless DC the motor is hard.
Q:What about the capacitance of the AC motor?
If the capacity is constant (refer to kvar), the pressure will decreaseIf the pressure level has not changed, the capacitance is too large, no problemCapacitor selection depends mainly on voltage and capacity, while the capacitance is proportional to the capacity and inversely proportional to the square of the voltageYou also have an understanding of the problem, the capacitor in question is that the capacitor is too large, only the capacity is too largeIf this is the case, the capacitance will be reduced when the voltage level is constant. The larger is undesirable, but as a matter of fact, the assembly will cause damage to the capacitor
Q:100W AC motor or DC motor good?
The alternator is concerned, it can realize the direct energy feedback to the grid (but must ensure 4 conditions: the same voltage amplitude, phase and phase sequence of the same, the same frequency); but the DC generator power is required to process the alternating current into the inverter (DC said rectifier, the DC the process that converts the AC inverter), to feedback to the grid. So it also needs to increase the power of the inverter.
Q:Is the 380V single-phase AC motor the same as that of the 220V AC motor?
The single-phase motor has two windings, that is, the starting winding and the running winding. The two windings are 90 degrees apart in space. On a starting winding connected in series with a large capacity capacitor, when running and starting winding winding by single-phase alternating current, because the capacitor make the starting current in the winding in time than the current running winding advance angle of 90 degrees, the first to reach the maximum.

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