Siemens 1PQ Series AC Motor

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Q:Constant torque motor?
In specifications for a motor that is suitable for use with a variable frequency drive (VFD), 10:1 constant torque means that the motor can operate continuously at any speed between rated speed (3600 RPM) and one tenth of rated speed (360 RPM) without overheating while delivering rated torque at any speed. Rated torque is the torque required to produce rated horsepower at rated speed. Torque (lbs-ft) = Hp X 5252 / RPM. At 250 Hp, the VFD would be a separate control unit, not something built into the motor.
Q:Why is Tesla's Model s electric vehicle using AC motor instead of the more popular frequency conversion DC motor?
1, the DC motor structure is complex, the cost is relatively high, late maintenance trouble.2, larger motors are required to be connected to large cooling fans.3, it can realize the speed regulation simply and economically. Big torque and good mechanical characteristics.4, AC motor structure is simple, low cost, simple maintenance. You can't speed it yourself. In the past, the frequency conversion was not timely, and the DC motor was used in places requiring good speed control (machine tools, cranes, textiles, etc.).
Q:ac motor starts but fan wont spin?
the Capacitor is extra probable the undertaking and if no longer then the Motor it self is undesirable, besides the shown fact that the main necessary documents no longer conveyed or customary is that the CAPACITOR shops an incredible quantity of electricity it is (for loss of words) shot into the motor promptly to start up it initially (in basic terms as docs do whilst a man or woman has had a heart connect and the middle stops beating) inspite of the flexibility became of this ability continues to be saved interior the Capacitor and in the journey that your touch the terminals incorrectly you would be Electrocuted directly and specific DIE or a minimum of be Burnt Severally
Q:AC motor - do they need constant frequency and voltage?
I would assume so, DC motors when the voltage is lowered the motor slows. If you're in the US your ac supply is going to be 60hz unless you're modifying it.
Q:AC or DC motors for rolling gate motors?
Roll gate, also known as "rolling door", is a lot of joint activities of the doors and pieces connected together, in a fixed slide, with the center of the scroll above the center of the rotating door up and down.Roll gate (gate) is suitable for commercial appearance, garage, shopping malls, hospitals, factories and mines, enterprises and other public places or houses.
Q:What does it mean by 3 phase, 4-pole electric motor?
Electric Motor Poles
Q:Whats the difference between induction motor and synchronous motor?
The basic difference between an induction motor and a synchronous AC motor with a permanent magnet rotor is that in the latter the rotating magnetic field of the stator will impose an electromagnetic torque on the magnetic field of the rotor causing it to move (about a shaft) and a steady rotation of the rotor is produced. It is called synchronous because at steady state the speed of the rotor is the same as the speed of the rotating magnetic field in the stator.
Q:How do ordinary AC motors brake?
Energy consumption brakingWhen the motor cuts off the AC power supply, a DC power supply is added to any two of the stator winding to generate a stationary magnetic field, and the stationary magnetic field is generated by the inertia rotation of the rotor to produce a braking torque.
Q:What is the difference between AC motor speed and DC motor speed?
DC motorThe stator of a direct current motor is a fixed magnetic field, and the direct current changes through the brush of the rotor to form a magnetic field around it, thereby rotating in the stator. In industrial enterprises, due to relatively reliable DC power supply, DC motor is generally used to require reliable operation of mechanical or mechanical spare security; and because the DC motor with variable speed input voltage can also change, so often need to control local DC motor are many, such as milling machine, planer, electric vehicles, subway trains and so on.
Q:were is the ac blower motor on a 04 ford expadtion?
in the plenum under the dash.

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