Siemens ILE0001 Series AC Motor

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Q:Broke outdoor AC motor replaced. Fan spins, but unit isn't cooling.?
You should be able to hear the comressor run. It makes a distinctive sound. You should also hear a hissing noise from the evaporator coil (Inside the house on the furnace blower) That noise is the system pressuring up. the lines should also be different temps. The larger line should be cool and the small line warm. If thats not the case call a repair man. A new condenser will cost around 900$ to 1200$ installed depending on the size efficiency and whether your evaporator is compatable.
Q:how does a tesla induction motor work?
There are no AC motors in an automobile. DC power is produced in an automobile by an alternator. An automobile alternator is a 3-phase, wound-field synchronous generator that converts mechanical power from the engine to AC power. The AC power is converted to DC power by s simple rectifier that is usually mounted inside the alternator.
Q:how can I find wire numbers on a 3ph ac motor,it has 9 leads but the numbers are gone.?
It is wired right.Check the leads to ground to check and see if it is bad.If it is bad it will read a direct short to ground.To ground I mean a scratched off or unpainted spot on the motor housing.
Q:Where is the ac/heater door actuator motor on a 1997 ford E350 van? (V10 6.8L)?
Yes it controls the blend door inside the plynum so its called a blend door acuator.Its either a acuator motor or vacuum controled diaphram thats located in the plynum,basically the giant plastic box mounted inbetween the dash and fire wall near the heater core.Would have to rip up the dash to get to,and would be a good idea to get a chiltons or take it into a shop, its a big job..GL
Q:what can i use to control the speed of an ac motor?
1. Use the parts called Triac to control AC motor speed. 2. Use a variable frequency power source. 3. Use a variable power transformer.
Q:I want to make an electric go-kart, can I use an AC fan motor and power it with a fisher price battery pack?
no you can't. AC motors all depend on 110 (or 220) AC. they cannot run on DC. they're called induction motors, because the magnetic field is induced in the armature. there are no brushes, and no current is supplied to the armature. the benefit is that they last longer, and don't need to have replaceable parts. so, it's back to your old lawn mower engine. your gas powered lawn mower engine, that is.
Q:What advantage does an AC motor have over a DC motor?
DC motors are also used where controlling speed and torque are important. Also the starter motor in a car runs off a (DC) battery and the DC motors that operate windows and seat positions in a car are small and powerful because they use compact powerful permanent magnets. The battery driven electric DC motors in many forklift trucks permit portable power (no power cables). Golf carts use portable DC batteries too.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of AC and DC motors?
The DC motor is easier to control than the AC motor. It can be applied to a wide range of speed regulation. It can be used in power braking, but it is more complex and more complicated than the maintenance of AC motors.
Q:What happens to a 10HP AC industrial motor when it sits unused for 13 years?
Inside? The centrifugal switch might be kind of sticky, and the contacts might be dirty. But if was kept dry, it should be just fine. Outside? It's toast.
Q:How many rpms does a vacuum cleaner motor run?
There's no way a motor in a vacuum cleaner is going to have the horsepower or torque to turn a lathe. It doesn't have to do with RPMS (in fact, a lathe is going to spin slower than a vacuum cleaner), but with power. I wouldn't go with anything less than 1/2 HP for a lathe, and a vacuum cleaner isn't anywhere near that.

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