YTLEJ(IPW23)Torque Three一Phase Asynchronous Motor for Tower Crane Amplitude Mechanism

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This series motor adopts modular design. It consists of four parts: torque motor, eddy current regulator, electromagnetic brake and fan, which can be flexibly configured to
meet different customer demands. With introduction of a new special brake, it can cater for outdoor and high-altitude operations. The product has reached the international
advanced level with the patent for utility model. It is mainly used as a trolley speed-change gear for tower crane as well as other mechanical equipments requiring for
constant power and stepless speed regulation.

FeaturesConstant tension and linear speed, stepless speed regulation, frequent starting;
Special eddy current regulator for the motor realizes smooth startup or stop;
New special brake (national utility model ZL201120188173.2, ZL2011201881643). This ensures fast braking and accurate positioning with higher safety and reliability
Besides, manual release is possible;
The rotor is made of copper alloy with better mechanical properties and mechanical bearing capacity in the domestic industry;
Spindle is hot forged by alloy structural steel,with good overall mechanical perlormancc;
A thermal protection component is buried into the in stator winding, making motor more safer and reliable;
Compact structure, small volume, lightweight as well as high reliability, so itfeatures easy maintenance and repair.

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Q:Where Can I purchase an Electric Motor/Generator?
You could try a battery powered fan motor, but not an AC motor. You may need a 6VDC or 12VDC motor, but not one with an attached gearbox. Or maybe search OKorder for bicycle generator light. Note that baldes for pushing air are not the best shape for catching... but maybe you could modify and existing blade.
Q:how do a ac motor works?
Most AC motors are induction motors. They contain some stationary coils of wire called the stator. The stator is connected to an AC power source and AC current flows through the stator coils. The current in the stator creates a magnetic field that rotates at a speed that is determined by the frequency of the alternating current. The rotating part of the motor, the rotor, contains electrical conductors, usually aluminum bars that are connected together. The rotating magnetic field of the stator passes through these conductors and causes an alternating current to flow in the rotor. The rotor current creates another magnetic field. That magnetic field is attracted to the rotating stator magnetic field. The force of that magnetic attraction, moves the rotor and causes it to rotate at a speed that is only sightly slower than the speed of the stator field.
Q:220v AC PM Parvalux Motor wiring help please?
Parvalux Motors
Q:how can I find wire numbers on a 3ph ac motor,it has 9 leads but the numbers are gone.?
**** in it
Q:Setting up a replacement AC motor?
The motor will have a label with the acronyms: RLA, LRA, and or FLA. RLA and FLA are the figures for Amperage that the motor needs. A one hp motor is likely to draw about 16 Amperes at 115V. This is beyond the limit of most common receptacles. Be sure that you have adequate power. Dual voltage is used in large motors because of the high current requirement. At 220VAC the motor draws half the amperage. Lee26loo's instructions are correct (if your receptacles are up to it).
Q:what happens if ac is fed to a dc motor?
You will cause serious damage. DC means direct current, meaning it is powered directly from the generating source (battery, transformer, inverter, etc.) AC means alternating current, meaning it changes polarity. If you have seen the wording 120v 60Hz, that indicates that the sinewave is 60Hz, meaning the polarity changes 60 times a second.
Q:Transfer function from AC motor?
Yes. When you switch the power on it takes a certain time for the motor to accelerate. The shaft inertia is an integration time constant, which levels off after a while, and becomes a first-order TF. The time constant of the winding can be disregarded, i.e., assumed small, relative to the inertia TC, but it also is a first-order TF, with an estimated TC of 0.1 sec. Then, there is a viscous friction TC, which can also be disregarded, unless some sort of braking is involved. Therefore, in short: rpm (s) / power-in (s) = 1 / 1 + s T s: Laplace operator T: shaft inertia time constant, in time units, = moment-of-inertia / nominal (nameplate) power The moment of inertia must include the motor shaft PLUS the inertia of the load driven by it. To determine the inertia, you´ll have to do a test, measuring the acceleration under a certain force. .
Q:Name two different types of ac motors?
Between B and C, the torque is the same, and armature current is proportional to torque, so the armature current would not be expected to change very much. The speed is proportional to armature voltage, so the armature voltage would need to be reduced by about 50%. If the motor has a permanent magnet field or a field powered independently from the armature voltage, there would be very little change in armature current between B and C, but C would be a little less armature current because losses in the motor are less. If the field is connected in series or parallel with the armature, the difference would be more. A would require more current than B or C because the motor is producing twice the torque and the same or twice the speed. However, in the case of a series motor, the voltage needs to be lower for both B and C to prevent the speed from increasing when the torque is reduced. Depending on the design details, a series motor operating at half torque could require the same current due to the need to reduce the voltage so much.
Q:What is a M/C Tool rating? AC induction motor?
M/C probably means metal cutting. Since machine tool manufacturers buy large quantities of motors, motor manufacturers design motors for specific machine tool applications rather than offering only general purpose motors. Without documentation from the manufacturer, there is probably no way to determine for sure how your motor differs from a standard, general purpose motor with similar nameplate data.
Q:I recently had my central ac blower motor and squirrel cage replaced by a professional?
If your old one had mercury switch you need to replace with same type. If new one is digital wont work properly.

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