Siemens ILE0001 Series AC Motor

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Q:What effect a blower motor power rating has on performance of home AC?
Yes, it does matter. The horse power rating has to do with the motors ability to turn and maintain a constant RPM under a given load. The manufacturer seems to think that a 3/4 horse power is needed to turn THAT fan. You can use it, but the turning RPM may be less than you need and the life of the motor will be greatly reduced. If it were me, I would use it, but order a 3/4 HP motor ASAP and replace it.
Q:could someone help me pick a motor control for a small 240v AC motor?
I don't see why it wouldn't work. They have a couple fan controls at home depot also, may save you a few bucks...other than that why not replace the timer? Something a little more variable...
Q:how can I find wire numbers on a 3ph ac motor,it has 9 leads but the numbers are gone.?
It is wired right.Check the leads to ground to check and see if it is bad.If it is bad it will read a direct short to ground.To ground I mean a scratched off or unpainted spot on the motor housing.
Q:i have an AC motor which have 2800 rpm but i need 1500 to 1800 rpm?
Reduce speed on the driven equipment by using reduction drive pulleys. The driven pulley should be twice the diameter of the drive pulley.
Q:Ac fan motor blower on 1996 pontiac bonneville?
ok examine it out, your blower motor is shot, come to bolster motor vehicle areas and we are able to positioned it in for unfastened. Disclaimer: in basic terms strengthen motor vehicle areas in hazel eco-friendly,al will try this till you're fortunate.
Q:Can you use a light dimmer with any ac motor?
No. Refrigerator motors are a sorts that cannot be speed controlled at all. Never mind refrigerator motors are sealed in the compressor. You can use a typical lighting dimmer to control only universal AC/DC type motors, and at that not very powerful ones due to the power limit of the dimmer.
Q:how to get a 110 ac electric motor to start?
I have to make a few assumptions here since additional information is necessary to try and help you. I assume this is a single phase induction motor. Second, based on the first assumption, the motor may be wound with just a simple auxiliary winding to start the motor spinning or it may have one or two capacitors attached to it for improved starting torque and running performance. Third, I assume the motor windings are good. If you the motor humming when you energize it, but it does not spin, you may have an open circuit to the auxiliary winding. Try turning the motor shaft in the direction you want it to spin. Does it spin for you? If yes, the centrifugal switch supplying the auxiliary winding may be bad. Check and replace it if necessary. If your motor has one of more capacitors mounted outside of the motor case, check and replace them as necessary. If your windings are good the motor should work. Hope this helps, Newton1Law
Q:How do I change the speed of the motor?
The speed and frequency of motor poles, polar slip on changing the motor starting capacitor, the direction of rotation of the motor can be changed by a pair of pole motor each phase is about more than 2800 rpm, 4 pole motor is about more than 1400 rpm, 6 pole is about more than 960,.
Q:Enumerate the Different parts of DC motors and give the functoin of each parts.?
Your question is insufficiently precise. There are currently two types of DC motors, brushed and brushless. A brushless DC motor is actually an AC motor with built-in electronics to do the commutation. In this particular case, permanent magnets are installed on the rotor, and coils on the outside of the rotor are energized so as to push and pull the magnets around in the circle. A brushed DC motor has coils on the rotor and permanent magnets around the periphery. Brushes, actually chunks of graphite make contact with the commutator on the rotor so as to energize the coils to get pulled and pushed by the magnets in the periphery. The commutator, as it spins around makes and breaks the circuit to the coils to cause changing energizations of the coils.
Q:Motor and control information for 1890 braiding mach.1/3 to1/2 hp .?
or if there are any manufacturing plants near you, someone might be ripping one out [or reducing spares inventory] and you could get it free.

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