YZP2(IPW54) Special frequency-changing three-phase asynchronous motor for tower crane

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5.5-hundreds KW


     YZPE2 variable-frequency three-phase asynchronous motor for lifting and metallurgy purposes is developed according to the characteristics of the
available tower crane, based on almost 10 years of experience in R&D of primary hoisting motor brake for the tower crane and metallurgy variable-frequency
motor. Lt is mainly used as a lifting mechanism of the tower crane, and also a trolley mechanism of heavy-duty crane


A variable一frequency special motor is equipped, available with a wide range offrequency conversion, small starting current and big starting torque;
A thermal protection component is buried into the winding, and can be wired into motor temperature control& protection system, making the motor
operation more secure and reliable;
Strengthened inter-turn insulation is adopted in the stator winding, so the insulation reliability is higher;
Equipped with axial一flow fan or centrifugal fan, with good cooling effect and lower motor temperature rise;
Special bearing is adopted for variable一frequency motor, so it's more suitable for variable一frequency operating environment;
The rotating shaft is subject to alloy steel heat treatment, showing better mechanical strength;
The brake (fitted with special manual release device) is a de-energized brake type (national utility model patent, Patent No. ZL201120188124.9), with big
braking torque and short response time


A rotary encoder can be set at the end ofthe motor as per the user demands, so a speed closed-loop control system isformed to make adjustment more reliable and accurate. The encoder model isconfirmed by the users when signing the contract

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Q:Why does the AC motor turn?Do I feel that the coil is not in a steady state?
Because the child is short circuit loop ends conductor short circuit, in the role of the induced EMF, will produce the rotor conductor with Induction EMF direction basic consistent induced current. The rotor load by electromagnetic force in the stator magnetic conductor (the role of the direction of the force with the left hand dingze judge). The electromagnetic force electromagnetic torque the rotor shaft to drive the rotor to rotate along the rotating direction of the magnetic field.
Q:What are the differences between AC motors and DC motors?
(Dan Xiang) the AC motor has only one winding, and the rotor is squirrel cage. When a single-phase sinusoidal current through the stator windings, the motor generates an alternating magnetic field, the magnetic field strength and direction for sinusoidal variation with time, but the spatial position is fixed, so it is also called the magnetic field is alternating pulsating magnetic field. The alternating pulsating magnetic field can be divided into two with the same speed, the rotation direction of the rotating magnetic field are on the contrary, when the rotor is at rest, the two rotating magnetic field generating torque of two equal and opposite in the rotor, the synthetic torque is zero, so the motor rotation
Q:In the main circuit of AC motor, fuse can be used as short circuit protection, can it play the role of overload protection at the same time, why?
Short circuit protection: some devices can monitor abnormal conditions in the work circuit (such as short circuits). When abnormal happens, the circuit is cut off and alarm is sent to prevent further expansion of the damageA typical short circuit protection is a fuse. When the short circuit is short, the current is very high. When the fuse is blown, the circuit will be out of power.Overload protection: to prevent the main power line from overload protection caused by overheating damage and installation of overload protection equipment
Q:What is the maximum speed of a three-phase AC motor?
Level two is close to 3000 rpm, does not include ultra high speed, ultra high speed has 6000
Q:AC servo motor why drive?
Ordinary AC motor speed is 1400 rpm, why is 1400, because the average power is 220V, 50Hz, which is 50 times per second transformation phase, and the motor is usually 4, which is two times the phase transformation of a turn, coupled with the general AC motor is not synchronous, asynchronous communication the motor, so a little slower than the theoretical speed of 50/2*60=1500, so it is usually about 1400. Thus, the speed of the motor can be changed by changing the frequency of the power supply. A controller corresponding to an ordinary motor is called a frequency converter.
Q:How do I change the speed of the motor?
There are several schemes. The 1. is to change the ratio of the mechanical driving wheel and driven wheel driven by the motor. The 2. is to use mechanical transmission to change the speed of the motor. 3. is to use electronic governor to change the speed of the motor. As for which scheme to use, it depends on your environment.
Q:The difference between a direct current motor and an alternating current motor
The principle of AC motor is complex, but the structure is relatively simple, and it is easier to maintain than the direct current motor. The direct current motor introduces the current into the rotor armature through the brush and commutator, so that the rotor is forced in the stator magnetic field to rotate. AC motor (AC asynchronous motor to commonly used as an example) is the alternating current into the stator winding, resulting in a rotating magnetic field in stator and rotor air gap, rotating magnetic field induced current in the rotor winding, the rotor stress in the stator magnetic field generated in the rotation. DC motor speed control is simple, but the use of limited occasions. AC motor speed control is relatively complicated, but it is widely used due to the use of AC power supply.
Q:AC motor speed regulator
Now is the best performance of AC motor speed controller frequency converter, it is by changing the power supply frequency of the motor to achieve speed, speed range, energy saving, but also can slow down growth, and can be used as motor starter, but the price is relatively high.
Q:Rated speed of AC motor
AC motor: a machine used to convert mechanical energy and alternating current energy. AC motor has become the most common motor because of the great development of AC power system. Compared to the AC motor and DC motor, because there is no commutator (see DC motor commutation), therefore has the advantages of simple structure, convenient manufacture, relatively strong, easy to make high speed motor, high voltage, high current, large capacity. The coverage of AC motor power greatly, from a few watts to several 101000 watts, even millions of kilowatts. In the early 1980s, the largest turbo generator reached 1 million 500 thousand kilowatts.
Q:Is the permanent magnet synchronous linear motor AC motor or direct current motor?
Permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM) is usually referred to as brushless DC motor with back electromotive force, trapezoidal wave and armature current as square wave. The back electromotive force and armature current are both sine waves, which are called permanent magnet synchronous motors.

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