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Q:What is the limitation of a three phase AC induction motor?
speed control
Q:How does one calculate the stator (or rotor) phase winding resistance (NOT impedance) of an AC 3 phase motor?
If you mean the static resistance for the stator you can simply connect the multimeter between 2 phases and arrive at the phase resistance. Usually motors windings are delta connected. You multimeter reading is 2/3x phase resistance.As for the rotor a squirrel gauge motor has no rotor windings and slip ring motors have windings connected to slip rings. In the second case apply the same principle if you know whether the windings are star or delta connected. For complete determination of the equivalent equivalent circuit conduct the no-load and blocked rotor tests. Refer a standard book on electric machines for eg Fitzgerald, Umans Kingsley
Q:difference between Ac and DC electric motors?
dc moters are not realy used any more. and ac moter is powerd three phase by 415 volts.i think the difference is ac moters are more powerful and you can use capasitors and inverters to up the frequency tere for the ac moter will spin faster and more powerfully.
Q:AC electric motor Question?
A 55 kw motor is a major motor. Usually this motor is only seen in industrial applications because of the amount of electricity it takes to run this. Even all electric homes only are wired for 25 kw worth of capacity at best. You would need 3-phase wiring and a multiple transformer pole out at the street to run this big motor. If you are looking for this to be used in an electric vehicle, they supply the huge quantity of electricity with huge quantities of batteries. Batteries can deliver a large amount of amps for a rather short period. In electric cars they use a huge inverter to change the DC battery power to AC power for the motor. But they also design the AC motors in electric vehicles to be run by batteries and to have regenerative braking, so the motor is a different design than you will find in a normal industrial AC motor. Like the other guy said, .55 kw is only 3/4 hp , the kind of motor they use to run a drill press or band saw.
Q:What is the difference between these two motors.?
bypass to a broking and ask them for suggestions on the fashions. i'm specific they may be prepared to try this and answer questions you have. Their enterprise is merchandising automobiles and you're a ability customer.
Q:Electric Motor Question?
If the motor is stamped 90 volts, this is normally telling you the maximum voltage (also, in most cases for an AC motor you cant go too much below the rating either). If you measure 90 volts on the wires going to the motor (and assuming the phonograph runs from 120 volt wall socket), they have used a transformer to reduce the voltage for some reason. If you connect a 115 volt motor the the 90 volt lines, it will probably work, I dont see any harm in trying it. If the motor is not strong enough with 90 volts, you could just connect it to the 120 volts that supplies the phonograph and not worry about the 90 volt connection.
Q:The difference and advantage between DC motor and AC motor
DC motor:Advantages: 1., you can achieve a smooth and economical speed adjustment;2. does not require the coordination of other equipment, as long as the input or excitation voltage, current
Q:3 phase motor, mechanical power: Measured < calculated, why?
Not sure of your Rr and Xr. An AC motor has slip. Think of it this way: The electricity is moving at a speed around the outside of the motor. This moving electric field is felt by the moving part and it now moves. Because no motor is 100% efficient, the moving part lags the speed of the rotating field. This slip also provides the torque of the motor.
Q:Motor and control information for 1890 braiding mach.1/3 to1/2 hp .?
or if there are any manufacturing plants near you, someone might be ripping one out [or reducing spares inventory] and you could get it free.
Q:What are AC and DC motor?
ac .is alternating cu rant like in your house .dc is direct cu rant like in your car . both work the same DIFRNCE voltage

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