Siemens EX Series Motor

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Q:What is the essence of motor rpm in industrial applications?
The rpm affects how fast the thing you are trying to move or do goes. example: motor rpm changes how fast your car goes, but rpm is modified from engine to wheels by gears. Also, in engines, horsepower is directly related to rpm. Basically, rpm times torque = horsepower.
Q:will a brushless dc motor work underwater if you just varnished/sealed/coated the windings?
A brushless DC motor is actually an AC motor with an electronic switching network that serves the purpose of brushes, commutating the windings. Yes, if you could coat the windings as well as the electronics well enough, then yes, it would operate underwater. What is normally done for electric motors for ROV's is the motor housing is sealed and completely filled with oil which is not compressible and a diaphragm is used to allow the pressure inside and out to equalize. that way the shaft seals never see any difference in pressure. also the oil can be circulated through a heat exchanger/radiator to the surrounding water to keep the motor cool.
Q:Can i use a light dimmer to control Ac motor speed?
It strongly depends upon the type of AC motor. A synchronous motor would require a change in AC frequency to change its speed. (Or a change in its wiring configuration for the number of poles in the windings). A universal motor could use a dimmer to continuously control voltage and adjust its speed to any speed (within reason) .
Q:AC Compressor Fan Motor?
Do I have the first one to tell you Don't fix it if ain't broke? If you are having responsible yearly service done on this system and you change the filter religiously, you got nothing to worry about
Q:2007 Nissan Versa's AC went out. Could it be...?
If the AC motor working purchase a can of AC Fluid with hose attached at walmart cost $15 to $20.
Q:AC Motor vs. DC Motor explanation?
Well AC, or Alternating Current motors are more efficient than DC or direct current. Both motors work by basically positive and negative current chasing itself in a circle which never catches up to itself so the motors turn. In AC, polyphase or three phase motors this becomes more efficient because you need lower current to do the same thing a DC motor does which requires more voltage to push it. But in a basic sense DC motors are good because you can control the speed of them better than AC. You will find DC motors on things like rock crushers, car crushers etc. where there is a slow but constant speed needed despite the load. A DC motor may turn a conveyor belt at 2 rpm's but when you add rock or a crushing apparatus you will still get that 2 rpm despite the load. A lot of your home appliances ironically run on DC motors too. Now overload it then you will have problems but that is it's basic uses today. AC motors you will find in factories because they have a faster startup speed and when you use the three phase motors they are just more efficient. There is a type called a squirrel cage and then you can imagine the squirrel in the cage moving the rotor that chases the cage or the stator but never really goes end over end when doing so. That is the same principle of magnetism and voltage chasing current inside a DC or an AC motor but each are suited for uses where one or the other may not be as good given the circumstance or the operation you want to control.
Q:AC motor speed regulator
AC motor is the most ideal speed control mode of frequency conversion, and other ways are electromagnetic speed regulation, variable pole speed regulation, variable pressure speed regulation.
Q:undervoltage and dc motor?
DC or AC doesn't matter. All motors draw high current on starting and it drops as they generate counter EMF. Big motors may have to be started incrementally. Small motors can handle the load but only for seconds. Low voltage is a problem either way. If a motor can't start and run, it can't generate counter EMF and becomes a pure resistance load. Since most motors have low resistance when stalled, they tend to burn. They all do that, AC or DC. If you can't get the motor turning fast enough, it'll burn. It isn't about frequency factor as much as about getting the motor to run fast enough to generate counter EMF. This is a problem at campgrounds where people burn out air conditioning units in their trailers because the voltage is too low after coming through the campground lines. It would be the same if it was DC.
Q:What would be the concerns of using an electric motor as a motor and also a dynamo?
Any AC motor could not generate electricity ! It is a waste of time effort .
Q:Motor, commutator, DC current, please help?
an AC motor can operate on oscillating electromagnetic fields which induce currents in coiled wire. DC motors not not operate with such induced fields. Instead they must create therir own oscillating fields in the coils and this is done by rapidly switching the current on and off. This switching is done by means of the comutator and the split electrodes on the shaft...Hope this helps...

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