Siemens AC High Low Voltage Motor ILE0001 Series

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part namebrandmodelVoltageprotectioncooling
motorSiemens1LA81PQ8400V,690V,2.3KV,4.16KV,6KVIP55IC411 (1LA8,1LA4)
IC416 (1PQ8,1PQ4)

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Q:AC motor speed regulator
AC motor is the most ideal speed control mode of frequency conversion, and other ways are electromagnetic speed regulation, variable pole speed regulation, variable pressure speed regulation.
Q:What is AC induction motor?
Because the induction motor in the stator coil to enter AC current, such as three-phase alternating current. The stator coil produces a magnetic field that rotates with the change of alternating current, which we call rotating magnetic fields.
Q:An upper Holzer sensor for AC motors?
An ordinary induction induction motor does not require an ordinary Holzer sensor. If used to monitor the speed of the motor, consider.
Q:What are DC and AC servo motors? What are the characteristics?
Into a DC servo motor brush and brushless motor, brushless motor has the advantages of simple structure, low cost, high starting torque, wide speed range, easy control, maintenance, maintenance is convenient but (for brush), will produce electromagnetic interference, the environment requirements. Therefore, it can be used for cost sensitive ordinary industrial and civil occasions. Brushless motors are small in size, light in weight, large in output, fast in response, high in speed, low in inertia, smooth in rotation and stable in torque. It is easy to realize intelligent, and its commutation mode is flexible. It can be changed by square wave commutation or sine wave commutation. The utility model has the advantages of no maintenance, no carbon brush loss, high efficiency, low running temperature, small noise, small electromagnetic radiation, long service life and various environments.
Q:Is the motor in the inverter air conditioner a direct current motor?
The motor in the inverter air conditioner is certainly an AC motor because it is powered by frequency conversion.The so-called frequency conversion refers to the purpose of regulating speed by regulating the frequency of power supply.Since the frequency is adjustable, it indicates that the direction of the current varies periodically.Some series of AC motors can also be used as DC motors, but they are not normally used in air conditioners.
Q:Motor PWM how to speed?
This question is not clearly stated in this space. To be brief, AC motor speed control has PWM drive mode of AC motor, DC motor speed control has PWM drive mode of DC motor.
Q:Why is an AC motor more popular than a direct current motor? System description, thank you.
Also in accordance with the phase asynchronous AC generator rotation, (here is asynchronous: rotating magnetic field of asynchronous AC motor and AC Alternating Current AC motor drives the rotating magnetic field rotation, phase difference, so that is asynchronous).
Q:How do I change the speed of the motor?
Three phase asynchronous motor speed formula is: n=60f/p (1-s) 1, do not change the synchronous speed control method. Winding motor speed control, chopper speed regulation, cascade speed regulation, and application of electromagnetic slip clutch, hydraulic coupling, oil film clutch and so on. 2. Change the speed regulation method of synchronous speed. Change the stator pole count of multi speed motor, change the stator voltage and frequency variable frequency speed regulation, there can be no commutation motor speed regulation, etc..
Q:How to change AC motor to generator?
The motor can be changed, or diesel gasoline engine as power drive, and capacitor connected to the motor at the outlet of the can, the capacitor adopts non polarity capacitor voltage, then Y must be greater than or equal to 250V, the delta connection pressure is greater than or equal to 400V. conditions must have left the rotor when the rotor magnetic remanence, no. With 6V DC motor in the three-phase one electrically connected to a few minutes, the rotor will produce remanence. Its efficiency is very low, three-phase motor with 4 poles. The speed is 3000 rpm. The maximum is 75%. after the transformation can only be used as emergency power. Do not try, there is not much sense, but can be used as academic discussion. The basic will not be adopted, too much waste, and here is the capacitor capacity at the discussion
Q:Why is DC motor wider than AC motor? High speed regulation accuracy? How do you know?
The DC motor has the ability to keep the rated torque from the zero speed to the nominal speed, so it can perform stepless speed regulation from zero speed to rated speed (constant torque).

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