Siemens ILE0001 Series Motor

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Q:Hi. I am trying to reduce rpm on a AC 1000rpm motor. Is there a way to do this? I want 210 rpm output.?
You can by reducing the current with a rheostat but I wouldn't do that because you may burn up the motor, it needs to spin at 1000 rpm to properly cool itself. Dropping it down that far would not be kind to it. What you need is some type of gear reducer between the motor and whatever you are driving.
Q:What is ac servo motor?
its a vacuum canister with a diaphragm inside it, the vehicles vacuum pulls the diaphragm back. usually the diaphragm is connected to something that moves, like a door in the heater or ac system or even an arm on a heater control valve or on the cruse control system that pulls the throttle back and holds it there. the old corvettes has this type system to open and close the headlights. other vehicles had the same type lights, mercury and olds. this system may be called something else in different areas.
Q:ac central air fan motor doesn't run when outside temp is HOT, what causes it to stop running?
MOST likely a bad capacitor. Call a pro, the repair should not exceed $200. (IF it's the cap)
Q:I want to attach 2 series motors to 40V AC how much current do I need if each motor is 24V DC?
Less current as marked on motor, about much less than half. 40Vac needs to go through a bridge rectifier to change into DC before able to be used by DC motor. Output voltage as low as 36Vdc after that.
Q:Why is DC motor speed regulating better than AC?
The magnetic flux can remain the same when the excitation voltage is constant at the time of DC speed regulation.
Q:I've not understand how a dc motor works. please someone help me to understand it?
A DC motor is a very basic type of motor. It will use permanent magnets, an armature and a commutator ring to control its function. The armature is an electro-magnet that can be switched on and off. The commutator ring is the switching mechanism. As you know, unlike poles if two magnets attract each other and like poles repel. The commutator ring has electric (DC) power applied to it. It is connected (both mechanically and electrically) to the electromagnetic coils of the armature. The armature creates a magnetic field and is drawn toward the permanent magnets arranged around the outside circumference of the armature. Of course the opposite pole of the electromagnet is repelled by the opposite ends of the permanent magnets. Obviously, once the magnets react their point of greatest attraction, all motion will stop. Before the rotating armature reaches that point, the magnetic field induced in the electromagnets is reversed by switching the direction of the current flowing through the armature's coils.. That switching is accomplished at the commutator ring, which is mechanically attached to the armature. The cycle continues and you have a very basic motor. There is no speed control with this type of motor. Speed is usualy limited by load. With an AC motor the magnetic fields are reversed by the fact that the current is constantly reversing. There speed is controled by the frequency of the alternating current. There are many more type of both AC and DC motors. This is very basic. An extensive study of motor technology cannot be written in this format. It would fill volumes.
Q:Is it possible to use a 50 Hz motor to a 60 Hz power supply without using any frequency converter?
Yes nowadays motor manufacturers are making motors that work on both 50 Hz and 60 Hz. Read the name plate of motor it indicates that.
Q:Can a AC motor used as a exhaust fan generate electricity and how.?
Yes it can be used. The blade angles for an exhaust are different from normal ceiling fans. In India all exhaust fans are A.C. only unless asked or designed for
Q:Why is DC motor wider than AC motor? High speed regulation accuracy? How do you know?
And AC motor plus inverter (AC motor itself can not speed), if the stepless speed regulation, its torque is changed with the speed of the motor changes, generally when less than 30HZ when the operation is unstable. So, DC is wider than AC speed regulation.
Q:How to build an digital AC ammeter for 3 phase motor?
I guess that is what you are looking for. There isnt one ammeter per motor, there is one on each phase, or a selector switch to change between phases.

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