Siemens ILE0001 Series Motor

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Q:The difference between DC motor and AC motor
Master formulas n1=60f/P, S= (N1-N), /n1, n= (1-S), 60f/P, and understand their meaning (very important), and be able to flexibly use these formulas for calculations. Also remember: the slip rate of the motor at normal load is approximately SN, 0.01-0.06. The examples in the book should be emphasized.
Q:What's the difference between an AC motor and a direct current motor?
The difference between AC motor with DC motor is simple and there is no difference between the brush DC motor, AC motor and the brush is no, one more than the DC inverter, DC motor brush, low noise, energy saving. The AC motor because of the frequency converter noise is relatively large, power consumption is also slightly larger. In short, each has its own advantages, according to their own use of ways to solve which to use!
Q:What is the stator voltage and current of an AC motor? And what is the current and voltage of the rotor?
160KW motor nameplate parameters: rated voltage 380V, rated current 300A, rated power 160KW. The rotor is short circuited, squirrel cage, and it is not necessary to understand its structure.
Q:Does the AC motor have carbon brushes?
Yes。 Carbon brush for AC motors: carbon brushes can be used in direct current motors or AC commutator motors or slip rings as sliding contacts for introducing current
Q:Why is the capacitance of a single-phase motor adjustable speed?
That is the compensation capacitor, which is irrelevant to the speed regulation, and is used to increase the power factor. Otherwise, the motor will be very expensive
Q:Is the motor in the inverter air conditioner a direct current motor?
Frequency conversion only for AC motors.The DC motor controls its voltage and changes its speed. Frequency independent. In one case, the frequency of direct current is 0. Therefore, the use of frequency conversion is simply can not control the DC motor.AC motors can vary the speed by changing their frequency, but they can not be controlled by changing the voltage. There is only one result of changing the voltage, and the motor must be destroyed.
Q:How do I change the speed of the motor?
There are several schemes. The 1. is to change the ratio of the mechanical driving wheel and driven wheel driven by the motor. The 2. is to use mechanical transmission to change the speed of the motor. 3. is to use electronic governor to change the speed of the motor. As for which scheme to use, it depends on your environment.
Q:Winding of single-phase AC motor?
Depending on the type of motor, the range motor is the same as you say. Asynchronous motors are not like this.
Q:Is DC motor energy saving or AC current?
AC motor energy saving using frequency converter
Q:What's the difference between asynchronous and synchronous AC motors?
The induction motor is realized by induction. The principle is that in the stator winding with three-phase voltage, will form a rotating magnetic field, the rotor on the lead because of cutting lines of force, so the potential, and because the guide bar is connected, so produce the current. At this point, we think of what we learned in junior high school -- "electrified conductors produce motion in a magnetic field."". So this kind of motor is called induction motor". For asynchronous or induction machines, the number of poles of the rotor is automatically induced by the number of poles of the stator. It can also be said that the rotor is not polar. (above is an example of armature winding on the stator). There is no pivot / transition for asynchronous motors.

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