YTPEZ (1P54) Three一Phase Asynchronous Motor for Travel Mechanism of Tower Crane

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The motor is a variable-
mechanisms in very harsh
,three-phase asynchronous motor exclusively designed for tower cranes and other similar travel mechanisms. It is applied to the travel
conditions such as construction site or open pit quarry


Introduction of a spline drive shaft, with excellent mechanical bearing capacity;
Variable-frequency speed regulation in a broad range with high efficiency, small starting current, big starting torque and strong overload capability;

Duc to compact structure, small size, lightweight, high reliability, it can be quickly braked and accurately located, suitable for frequent starling and braking;

Introduction of a new brake (national utility model patent. Patent No. ZL201120188173.2, ZL2011201881643). It can buffer the startup to mitigate the impact on the
tower crane. In addition, the motor has very high security and reliability, and can reduce the maintenance time, and cut down the maintenance cost;

A thermal protection component is buried into Lhe stator winding, so the motor operation is more secure and reliable

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Q:How to connect the AC motor?
The single-phase motor has three terminals, the two terminals are connected to the fire line, and one to the zero line.
Q:Is the permanent magnet motor a direct current motor or an AC motor?
Permanent magnet motor is DC motor, AC motor can also be (such as household; similarly, no breeze ceiling fan) can be a permanent magnet DC motor, AC motor can also be, even AC / dc.
Q:Can AC motors use direct current?
Only stepper motors with drivers can use DC for special purposes. But it hurts motors very much. The rest can not, junior high school common sense.
Q:Why is AC motor control more difficult than DC?
The mechanical characteristics of AC motor (curve) as 1 tilt of the toilet, the mechanical characteristics of "soft", and "inflection point" (or there is a negative resistance region), the operating condition of the motor once in the negative resistance region will lose control".
Q:What about a single phase AC motor reversing?
Landlord is not the end of the motor cover installed, or change the end of the motor cover, or change the location of secondary winding joints, you can achieve the steering transform
Q:The difference between AC motor frequency conversion speed regulation and voltage regulation speed regulation
Variable frequency speed regulation: frequency conversion speed, the square of the voltage and frequency ratio is constant, that is, the frequency modulation at the same time, voltage, speed range, high smoothness, can achieve constant torque or constant power speed regulation.Voltage regulation: smoothness is good, speed range is narrow, only applicable to fan and pump load.
Q:AC motor stator winding does not turn, why the back EMF?
When the current is energized, the coil almost does not move and the current is the maximum. The torque generated by the ampere force is much greater than the resistance torque, and the coil begins to rotate. When it starts to turn coil cutting magnetic line, resulting in a "reverse EMF E" in the coil, and the coil loading external potential U (external power supply) play a role in contrast, reducing the current. At the beginning, the reverse electromotive force is very small, the current is very large, the torque of the ampere force is larger, and the speed is increasing gradually. As the speed increases, the reverse electromotive force increases, and the current in the coil decreases. The torque of the ampere force decreases to the maximum speed of the motor when it is against the resistance torque.
Q:How to realize constant power or constant torque output of three-phase AC motor?
Is generally achieved through the frequency converter in the frequency power supply 50HZ, with inverter motor, the inverter output is below 50HZ, the motor is in constant torque output, but the inverter output is higher than 50HZ, the motor is of constant power output.
Q:AC operation of AC motor control circuit must be used?
Yes, commutator is requiredThe commutator is a component of a DC permanent magnet series motor that allows the motor to continue to rotate.Structurally, the commutator is a plurality of contact pieces which are round in shape and are connected with each tap of the rotor respectively, and two electrodes are connected outside to be called an electric brush to contact with them, and only two of them are contacted at the same time.
Q:Soybean milk machine AC motor or DC motor is good?
With a special fragrance, and slightly stimulated; slightly sweet, and accompanied by stimulating spicy taste. Flammable gas whose vapors can form explosive mixtures with air and can be miscible with water at any rate.

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