YTPEZ (1P54) Three一Phase Asynchronous Motor for Travel Mechanism of Tower Crane

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The motor is a variable-
mechanisms in very harsh
,three-phase asynchronous motor exclusively designed for tower cranes and other similar travel mechanisms. It is applied to the travel
conditions such as construction site or open pit quarry


Introduction of a spline drive shaft, with excellent mechanical bearing capacity;
Variable-frequency speed regulation in a broad range with high efficiency, small starting current, big starting torque and strong overload capability;

Duc to compact structure, small size, lightweight, high reliability, it can be quickly braked and accurately located, suitable for frequent starling and braking;

Introduction of a new brake (national utility model patent. Patent No. ZL201120188173.2, ZL2011201881643). It can buffer the startup to mitigate the impact on the
tower crane. In addition, the motor has very high security and reliability, and can reduce the maintenance time, and cut down the maintenance cost;

A thermal protection component is buried into Lhe stator winding, so the motor operation is more secure and reliable

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Q:synchronous motor operation?
A) The frequency times 60 = rpm times number of pole pairs. therefore the frequency = (450 X 8)/60 = 60hz Note pole pairs used not poles and frequency is times 60 to convert to revs per second B) (55 X 60)/8 = rpm 412.5
Q:how is the speed of a single phase ac induction motor determined?
The speed of a single phase AC induction motor is determined by a digital electronic tachometer or the older type mechanical type tachometer. The speed of the motor is still dependent on its number of poles.
Q:Speed control method of AC motor
The specific AC speed regulating device has:Efficient speed regulation includes:Changing pole logarithmic speed regulation -- squirrel cage motorSquirrel cage type motor controlled by frequency conversionCascade speed control - winding motorSynchronous motor of commutator motorInefficient speed control methods include:Stator voltage regulating speed governing squirrel cage motorSpeed control of electromagnetic slip clutch -- squirrel cage motorSpeed control of rotor series resistance winding motor
Q:Repair of 120 AC motor?
Try the link, I've had success with then in the past. Good luck!
Q:How do I wire a washer motor
It is a single phase 115 volts AC motor. It has a capacitor sit at the top of motor or install some other place. It connects in series with the motor winding. It has two wires,plug them into power outlet,it shall turn unless it was defective.
Q:I want to make an ac induction motor working model .What should i do?Any site u know?
The basic thing is to create that rotating field in the stator. For this the simplest is you need 4 poles placed like a cross, and 2 phases separated by 90 degrees. Wire the poles so the opposite poles help each other, and the two phases are at right angles. You can get the two phases using counters or shift registers etc with amplifiers, or analogue phase shifters, op-amps, using a sine wave source and followed by power amplifiers. Consider stereo audio amplifier. It is better to work with sine waves than square waves, as the field shifts gradually. The rotor could be a basket of copper shorting bars. I think you could do away with the iron in the rotor for a demo motor. The second link also shows a simplified layout for a three phase motor with three poles. The eddy current motor is a simpler one to make. See the link below for a few ideas.
Q:Can the welding line of AC welding machine be dead?
The welding line of AC welding machine is the two line of electric welding machine.The welding wire caused by electric shock accidents, because the two line is low voltage (no-load voltage generally 50 - 90V), people understand the causes of electric shock, often mistakenly think that the welding line two times is "safe", leading to accidents causing death two line not uncommon a shipyard is a young female welder, welding is the cabin, the cabin due to high temperature and poor ventilation, body sweating, canvas overalls and leather gloves are wet. When replacing the electrode holder when touched, because of spasm fall backward, falling out of the neck in the holder, failed to cause electric shock accident died after death. The accident tells us that the two line voltage of the welder is low, but it is enough to kill.
Q:how does the wiring of a brushless motor work (light weight for a plane)?
These motors will not work without the control board. The motor is actually a 3 phase AC motor, the control board provides the battery conversion to 3 phase, and varies the supply frequency for speed control. So each wire is connected to a separate winding in the motor. I don't know whether the windings are connected in a star or delta configuration, though. Maybe either might be used. There are brushless DC motors about, but generally only low power ones. They only have 2 wires. The necessary switching functions usually done by carbon or metal brushes, are done by internal electronics instead. They are common in motors such as computer fans.
Q:My oscillating fan starts up super slow then after a few minutes starts working normally?
It could well be clogged with crud. Try spinning the blades by hand before you turn it on and see if that helps. If so, you can spray a cleaner (electronic cleaners or isopropol alcohol) into the motor housing and then let it run awhile.
Q:Is it possible to build an ac motor into a car axle?
On hybrid vehicals they put the elec motor between the eng and transmission. On the front of the trans. If you dont want a trans ,then just mount the elec motor where the trans is and connect it to the drive shaft. Do this on a car that has rear wheel drive like a S-10 blazer.

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