YZTDE(PC)(IPW24) Multispeed three-phase asynchronous motorfor tower crane

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YZTDE series motor is a mufti-speed three-phase asynchronous motor with special brakes attached to its tail, which is exclusively designed for the tower crane and other similar lifting
mechanisms (with national utility model paten)


Big speed regulation ration, ideal ultimate ratio, high efficiency and big lifting torque;
Small starting current, simple and convenient control with high reliability
Athermal protection component is buried into the winding, which can be wired to motor temperature control& protection system, so the motor operation is more secure and reliable;
'the brake (fitted with special manual release device) is a de-energized brake type (with national utility model patent, Patient Iho. GL201120188124.9. LL201120188123.4)一it has big
braking torque and short response time. Due to very small mechanical noise during switching, it enables quick braking and accurate positioning
Made of a novel structure at the shaft end, it has good seal effect and long service life up to 3000h;
Compact structure, small volume and lightweight

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The user may select the motor with or without speed sensor where necessary. This is confirmed by the user when signing the contract

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Q:What happens when a motor is spun faster than its rated RPM?
how r u going yo make it go faster a motor speed is set to its frequency. what will u be alterring to achieve a higher speed
Q:why is it better to use a DC motor rather than a AC motor?
on a DC motor you can control the direction fo the spinning, and on an AC motor they olny have one way of spinning.
Q:how to use capacitor bank, how to synchronous motor as a correction power factor?
In concept, the capacitance/reactance of the corrected circuit is 0, yet there are 2 problems with that. a million) maximum persons have not got something to degree the capacity element, i do no longer. The capacitor could be there purely to extraordinary the priority that happens at motor startup, whilst a heavy inductive load is unexpectedly related to the three area 400V circuit. i does no longer propose poking on the capacitor except you're too qualified to ask this question. a 10 KVA capacitor can electrocute you, despite if the capacity is became off.
Q:Help controlling an AC motor?
Your links are cut off so we can't see what motors you're looking at. Any AC induction motor should work fine. However, you'll have to gear it down to hold that kind of force. Maybe you should look for a winch rather than a motor, the winch will have the gearing you need. The faster you want to wind the rope the more powerful the motor must be, but almost any AC motor is capable of pulling that force with the right gearing. The only question is what speed you'll get out of it. As far as controlling the motor, all you need is a mechanical relay. You can energize the relay from a micro controller with a transistor, a resistor and a diode.
Q:Comparison of AC motor and direct current motor
Advantages of DC motors1. DC motor has good starting characteristics and speed characteristics2., the torque of DC motor is relatively large3., maintenance is cheaper.4. DC motor DC relative to the exchange of energy-saving environmental protection.
Q:How a phase shift between the current in the poles of a motor causes a rotating magnetic field to be created?
This relates to an ac motor, (Alternating Current). The AC current has a sinusoidal wave, of 60 cycles per seconds(USA). Therefore the current is alternating from positive to negative once in each cycle. The coils in the field or armature of the motor, alternately create a magnetic field that alternate synchronously with the current, creating a N(pole) or a (S) pole magnet at the core of the coil. It is this alternating pole (N to S toN to S.....on and on )that creates the attraction or repulsion between the magnetic fields in the housing(stator) and rotor of the motor, causing the rotational movement. A direct current passing thru a coil which is wound around an iron core will produce a magnetic field that makes one end of the iron core as N(pole), the other as(S) pole, steadily. The same set up , but with an alternating current (A.C) will create alternating N pole, and S pole at the same end of the core, changing at the rate of the frequency of the ac supply.
Q:The auto dealership told me I needed a new blower motor and an AC connector. To fix and parts they want $775!?
Go to a local car parts place and pick their middle brand. if that still does nothing for you
Q:How can i setup regenerative braking on an AC motor?
I'm pretty sure that the answer to that would not fit in this space. That would be more like a textbook sized answer. You are going to need a sophisticated motor controller—something along the lines of the controllers that are used for servo motors in industrial and robotics applications, except that your controller will need to integrate all of the features of a standard servo motor controller with all of the features of a high-performance battery charging system. If you'd said DC instead of AC, then a short and crude answer would be possible. You can demonstrate DC regenerative braking with a motor that is hooked to a battery through a simple switch that reverses the polarity. If the vehicle is moving along with the switch set to the forward position, and then you suddenly throw the switch to reverse, then the motor will start to apply torque in the opposite direction, slowing the vehicle down, and at the same time, forcing the current in the circuit to flow in the opposite direction—recharging the battery. The same principle applies with a brushless AC motor, except that there's a whole issue of timing and waveforms that must be carefully synchronized with the motor shaft position at all times in order to apply smooth torque in the desired direction.
Q:Ac fan motor blower on 1996 pontiac bonneville?
follow the blower motors wire to a module. That is the no# 1 thing to go bad before the blower motor.
Q:how to get a 110 ac electric motor to start?
Possibly one of the coils in the motor has burned out... the wire in it will not conduct electrivity

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