YZTDE(PC)(IPW24) Multispeed three-phase asynchronous motorfor tower crane

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YZTDE series motor is a mufti-speed three-phase asynchronous motor with special brakes attached to its tail, which is exclusively designed for the tower crane and other similar lifting
mechanisms (with national utility model paten)


Big speed regulation ration, ideal ultimate ratio, high efficiency and big lifting torque;
Small starting current, simple and convenient control with high reliability
Athermal protection component is buried into the winding, which can be wired to motor temperature control& protection system, so the motor operation is more secure and reliable;
'the brake (fitted with special manual release device) is a de-energized brake type (with national utility model patent, Patient Iho. GL201120188124.9. LL201120188123.4)一it has big
braking torque and short response time. Due to very small mechanical noise during switching, it enables quick braking and accurate positioning
Made of a novel structure at the shaft end, it has good seal effect and long service life up to 3000h;
Compact structure, small volume and lightweight

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The user may select the motor with or without speed sensor where necessary. This is confirmed by the user when signing the contract

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Q:Is the single-phase carbon brush motor a direct current motor or an AC motor?
The motor carbon brush is suitable for all kinds of motors, generators, wheel machines. The utility model has better commutation performance and long service life. Is the motor carbon brush for motor commutator or slip ring, as sliding contact body import and export current, its thermal conductivity, and good lubrication performance, and has certain mechanical strength and direction of the spark of instinct. Almost all motors use carbon brush, which is an important component of the motor. Widely used in all kinds of AC and DC generator, synchronous motor, battery DC motor, crane motor, collector ring, all types of welding machine, and so on. With the development of science and technology, more and more types and working condition of the use of the motor is more diverse, so need to have different grades of brush to meet these requirements, it is also with the brush type motor industry development more and more.
Q:The difference between three-phase AC synchronous motor and three-phase AC asynchronous motor
Asynchronous motor is stator into alternating current, to produce a rotating magnetic field, and the rotor is produced by induction and magnetic field, so that the two magnetic field, so that the rotor rotates the rotating magnetic field of stator and rotor. The stator rotating magnetic field than a slow slip, not synchronous so called asynchronous machine.The rotor of a synchronous motor is a constant magnetic field which is added by the man to the direct current, so that the rotor is synchronized with the rotating magnetic field of the stator, and then the synchronous motor is called synchronous motorStructure and principle
Q:What's the difference between asynchronous and synchronous AC motors?
Asynchronous motors and synchronous machines actually have a big difference in principle:The synchronous motor works by "the magnetic field always goes along the shortest direction of the magnetic circuit", taking the transition motor as an example. When there is excitation on the rotor, the N and S poles appear; then the stator magnetic field rotates, and its N and S poles change with each other, and always correspond to the magnetic poles of the rotor. So synchronization is formed. What's more, the number of poles of the stator and rotor must be the same, otherwise the motor will not work.
Q:Brushless AC motor
The difference between brushless and brush is generally used for DC motors. AC motors are not classified by brush or brush.
Q:How to realize constant power or constant torque output of three-phase AC motor?
Three phase asynchronous motor for motor operation. Three phase asynchronous motor rotor speed below the speed of a rotating magnetic field, the rotor winding magnetic field between the relative motion and the induced electromotive force and current, and electromagnetic torque and magnetic field interaction, realize the energy transformation.
Q:AC motor speed regulator
The other is called magnetic transmission, and the cost performance is similar to that of the converter. But the principle is different. It is characterized by long life and little maintenance. It has been applied in the speed regulation of large motors. AC motor speed controller is simple and can be used for limiting the buck, governor as the electric fan, the speed control method is simple, but the load characteristics of the motor is very poor, only suitable for small motor load and stable situation.
Q:Structure of alternating current motor
AC motor:Single phase motors are mainly divided into series excited motors, such as hand drills, vacuum cleaners, household food processors...... Induction motors generally use capacitive phase shifters, such as fans, air conditioners, and refrigerator compressors...... Used motor.  The three-phase motor is mainly divided into three phase synchronous motor and three-phase asynchronous motor.
Q:Are there 3 harmonics in the voltage of a three-phase alternator? Why?
If the generator is delta connected, there is no 3 harmonic in its no-load voltage;
Q:What's the difference between a variable frequency motor and a servo motor?
Then it is servo motor, variable frequency motor and the main difference with the encoder, and then transmitted to the servo motor drive, and then using the control theory, such as gain, adjust time, simply say a servo motor is a closed-loop control system, and quick start, stop, load capacity a variable frequency motor, with these characteristics, also makes the speed, torque, third position control method for high requirement application. 1, servo motor and inverter and working principle of AC motor is basically the same, belong to the AC-DC-AC voltage type motor drive, but the technical requirements of big differences, so there are great differences in the aspects of motor and driver design.
Q:How the AC motor with DC power transfer
The home electric fan which belongs to the principle of asynchronous motor in the motor it is bilateral induction principle, the three-phase alternating current electromagnetic field generated in the stator side received, which is surrounded by a conductor and electricity, then you want to, because he is the three-phase AC, amplitude and phase are changing over time, so here is the key the change of three-phase alternating current, the magnetic field generated by the inevitable change, in fact is a rotating circular magnetic field, the magnetic field will spin up -- can be understood as cutting rotor blade of electric fan shaft by electromagnetic induction principle of Faraday, or Lenz's theorem, the electromotive force in the rotor on the birth will thus, rotation moment rotation. You add DC, it is not difficult to find in the understanding of this principle, because the direct current in the stator with the direction and size are the same, does not produce rotating magnetomotive force, the fan does not rotate, unable to work. They are all lessons, and I hope I can help you.

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