Lithopone Chemical B301

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Product Description:

The product: Lithopone 28% (B301)


Lithopone 28% (B301) is an organically coated white pigment based on a co-precipitated zinc sulfide / barium sulfate.


Typical Properties of Lithopne 28%:


● Low binder requirement

● Good dispersibility

● Neutral hue

● Low abrasiveness, thanks to low Mohs hardness


Applications of Lithopone 28%:


● Paints and coatings

Suitable for use in matt and semi‑matt powder-coating systems, thanks to its favorable rheological properties and excellent compatibility with coloured pigments.

● Paper

Achieves high dry opacity in the pulp. Its good retention permits use in pigment size preparations. Bimodal particle distribution improves the porosity of the paper.

● Plastics and rubber


Technical Data of Lithopone 28%:



B301 (28%)

In terms of total zinc sulfide and barium sulfate the sum of% (m / m) ≥


The total amount of zinc (in zinc sulfide)% m / m) ≥


Zinc Oxide% (m / m)


105 ℃ Volatile% (m / m) ≤


Water soluble% (m / m) ≤


Filter material (63μm filter)% (m / m) ≤


Color (with standard sample)


Death by degrees to take liquid water


Oil Absorption g/100g


Reducing power (with standard sample)% ≥


Opacity (contrast ratio)

Not lower than 5%standerd sample


Storage of Lithopne 28%:


Keep the product unstacked in dry and closed rooms at normal temperature and air humidity.

To achieve best possible results, we recommend storage under the conditions stated above and use within 12 months from delivery.


package of Lithopone Chemical

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1. Manufacturer Overview

Location Hebei ,China
Year Established 1958
Annual Output Value Above US$ 10 Million
Main Markets North America; South America; Eastern Europe; Southeast Asia; Africa; Oceania; Mid East; Eastern Asia; Western Europe; Southern Europ; South Asia
Company Certifications ISO 9001:2000

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Validity Period  

3. Manufacturer Capability

a)Trade Capacity  
Nearest Port Tianjin Port
Export Percentage 41%-50%
No.of Employees in Trade Department Above 10 People
Language Spoken: English; Chinese;
b)Factory Information  
Factory Size: Above 50,000 square meters
No. of Production Lines Above 10
Contract Manufacturing Design Service Offered; Buyer Label Offered
Product Price Range High; Average