The Wear-Resistant Pressure Epoxy Floor Coating

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Product Description:

1.Product Description:


The wear-resistant weight epoxy floor  coating developed adopting international advanced materials and technologies is suitable for the grounds, with high mechanical performance, and a certain impact, such as: underground garages, heavy trucks, forklifts, frequent moving rolling wheels of forklifts, accumulation of heavy cargo and large machine workshops with dustproof requirement for sophisticated technology processing and production, weight workshops of machinery and equipment, auto repair shops, electronics industry, storerooms and other places with heavy loads.

2.Main Features


* The overall ground is seamless, and is easily cleaned and will not keep hidden dust and bacteria;

* Surface wear-resistance, durable;

* Acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive chemicals resistance;

* Resistance to gasoline, oil and diesel oil erosion, not leak, easy to clean;

* The ground coating is non-toxic, and meets the health requirements;

* Rich surface colors can beautify the working environment.


3.Technical Parameters

The wear-resistant Pressure Epoxy Floor Coating


4.How to selected the floor Coating

The wear-resistant Pressure Epoxy Floor Coating


What base materials is the epoxy floor coating suitable for?

Decoration of new concrete ground, and renovation of old concrete, ceramic tile, marble, terrazzo and other ground surfaces

The Wear-Resistant Pressure Epoxy Floor Coating

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