The Wear-resistant Pressure Epoxy Floor Paint

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Product Description:

The wear-resistant weight epoxy floor developed adopting international advanced materials and technologies is suitable for the grounds, with high mechanical performance, and a certain impact, such as: underground garages, heavy trucks, forklifts, frequent moving rolling wheels of forklifts, accumulation of heavy cargo and large machine workshops with dustproof requirement for sophisticated technology processing and production, weight workshops of machinery and equipment, auto repair shops, electronics industry, storerooms and other places with heavy loads.


Main Features

* The overall ground is seamless, and is easily cleaned and will not keep hidden dust and bacteria;

* Surface wear-resistance, durable;

* Acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive chemicals resistance;

* Resistance to gasoline, oil and diesel oil erosion, not leak, easy to clean;

* The ground coating is non-toxic, and meets the health requirements;

* Rich surface colors can beautify the working environment.

The Wear-resistant Pressure Epoxy Floor Paint

How to select the foor coating?

The Wear-resistant Pressure Epoxy Floor Paint

What base materials is the epoxy floor suitable for?

Decoration of new concrete ground, and renovation of old concrete, ceramic tile, marble, terrazzo and other ground surfaces

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Q:What is active polymer? What is the use?
The active polymer (note the difference from the definition of reactive polymerization) means that the polymer also has an end group capable of reacting and the addition of the monomer can continue to polymerize
Q:Who knows who is good to buy a good brand? Is the polymer charge is not safe
To buy a hundred dollars or so of the brand goods, at least to more than 70 yuan, the last time I bought a good 80 yuan in Jingdong. OKorder price is messy, poor quality charge treasure is very dangerous
Q:whats the deal with black paint?
Black Paint has a particular chemical inside which allows the paint to either smell,become hard or stick to the brush, a good way to get rid of it is to scrub it with your fingers until its off. Never will you get a brush which has had black paint on it spick and span, it is permanently stained but you can make it dry and not produce color when painting others. Do not try to buy other black paint as every single make has the same chemical, its the only way to produce black paint.
Q:What is the difference between home improvement paint and engineering paint?
The so-called engineering paint, for everyone, may be a little knowledge, for some is not a professional person, hear some kind of so-called paint, only from the literal meaning to determine it, perhaps do not know how to paint, we Will think for a long time, and engineering paint is to let us a very headache of a variety of paint. Engineering paint is mainly for the construction industry services paint. Home paint a good understanding, specifically for the home decoration services of the paint varieties,
Q:Whats the difference between these two paints?
In practical terms, BOTH paints can be mixed to create new colors. The difference is that watercolors are meant to be water soluable and transparent, even after drying, while acrylic artists paints are thinned with water, usually applied in thick, opaque daubs and dry to a hard, PERMANENT texture that is NOT water soluable. Acrylics are used, much like oil paints and are applied to canvas, the same as oils. Watercolors do not sit on the surface, like acrylics, but, rather bleed into and stain the paper on which it is applied.
Q:What is the difference between latex paint and whitening?
Scraping is actually in the roller brush wall paint before the wall on the grass-roots treatment behavior, is matched with the brush latex paint. Scraping white is used as a putty to the wall leveling, until the dry after the sanding with a smooth, and then you can brush the latex paint - latex paint is the whole process of finishing the wall of a final process.
Q:Microsoft Paint?????
You and search microsoft paint art or something related to microsoft paint.
Q:any graphic suggestions for painting a thsirt?
Hello Kitty or hearts and rainbows . or I got Beiber fever what you going to do about it ?
Q:What type of paint to use when painting a mural?
I painted a mural onto my wall. You can use acrylic paint, it works great. You don't need a lot. (In my opinion, Liquitex is the best brand.) Good luck!
Q:Car Paint Bumper Question?
Your paint will only stick as good as the paint underneath it that you are painting over. Bumpers are notorious for paint peeling off of them because they are difficult to prep. If you paint over some paint that is not adhering well it will cause the old paint to lift off. You should sand all of your paint off and all of the old paint as well. Once you are down to the plastic, you can be sure that you can prepare the surface properly for painting. You need an plastic adhesion promoter spray to start. Also, you need a flex additive for your clearcoat or single stage paint so it doesn't crack. I don't know what your experience or knowledge of paint work is, but there are many things that can go wrong. You can get it professionally painted, which may cost you less money in the long run vs. the cost of continually buying paint and having it not turn out right. If learning how to paint cars is a hobby of yours, then I would encourage you to talk to somebody that works in a shop for some pointers. Car painting can be fun, but if you are wandering around in the dark and just guessing is will probably be more frustrating than fun. Good luck!

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