The Wear-resistant Pressure Epoxy Floor Paint

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Product Description:

The wear-resistant weight epoxy floor developed adopting international advanced materials and technologies is suitable for the grounds, with high mechanical performance, and a certain impact, such as: underground garages, heavy trucks, forklifts, frequent moving rolling wheels of forklifts, accumulation of heavy cargo and large machine workshops with dustproof requirement for sophisticated technology processing and production, weight workshops of machinery and equipment, auto repair shops, electronics industry, storerooms and other places with heavy loads.


Main Features

* The overall ground is seamless, and is easily cleaned and will not keep hidden dust and bacteria;

* Surface wear-resistance, durable;

* Acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive chemicals resistance;

* Resistance to gasoline, oil and diesel oil erosion, not leak, easy to clean;

* The ground coating is non-toxic, and meets the health requirements;

* Rich surface colors can beautify the working environment.

The Wear-resistant Pressure Epoxy Floor Paint

How to select the foor coating?

The Wear-resistant Pressure Epoxy Floor Paint

What base materials is the epoxy floor suitable for?

Decoration of new concrete ground, and renovation of old concrete, ceramic tile, marble, terrazzo and other ground surfaces

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Q:Who can tell me the difference between pigment ink and dye ink, still do not understand
The former is soluble, such as pens with pure blue ink
Q:Can the paint expire?
If the paint exceeds the shelf life, if you want to use the best first to detect its performance, if the requirements can be extended to the appropriate period of time, if you can not meet the requirements, you can ask the purchase of paint agents have remedial measures, such as confirmation can not be applied, Processing, should find a special acquisition of such chemicals qualified institutions to deal with the aftermath.
Q:How to paint with jade
Dark yellow plus white
Q:Open paint and closed paint which is more expensive? What is more beautiful? Is doing white
The open type is made of nitrocellulose. Closed is made of polyester paint and water-based paint. The price of water-based paint is the most expensive. Nitrocellulose and polyester varnish are relatively less than the type of nitro. The price is generally the same as the price of polyester mid-range paint. Polyester paint more types. Selectivity is relatively large. The price range is relatively large. But do open with nitro has a disadvantage is the amount of great. The general use of polyester paint construction, then painted three times more than twice the paint on it. If you use nitro, then the general six times to paint six times before the paint effect we go. General paint workers are not afraid of trouble with nitro. Nitro makes it very good. More suitable for young people with. There are time to try to find a good way to paint the painter. Because the difficulty of the construction of nitro is higher than that of polyester. Nitro environmental performance is also very good. Polyester and water-based paint is more suitable for closed. This is more suitable for mature type. If you are more personal. Young people use nitro to do open is pretty good indeed. If you are more mature nature that with polyester and water-based closed may make you like more. I know the knowledge is poured out. Give me points to it.
Q:What cell battery is the battery, is the lithium battery? MP5 used in the
Polymer battery is a lithium battery, lithium batteries are generally divided into steel shell, aluminum, polymer lithium battery These types of batteries industry is generally called the polymer lithium battery for the soft lithium battery real lithium polymer battery, the use of solid Or gel electrolyte, the safety performance is very good, but the current market, the so-called polymer battery is only soft lithium-ion battery. According to the characteristics of lithium batteries, the use of the battery must not be fully charged to use, there is urgent need to use directly on the line but recommended as far as possible full of electricity, after all, lithium battery with the increase in the number of times, the battery capacity is declining, This can reduce the number of charging, increase the service life
Q:What paint into the water does not fade does not corrode
Propylene pigments are synthetic synthetic pigments, invented in the 1950s, is made of pigment powder and acrylic latex. Acrylic latex is also known as acrylic resin latex. There are many kinds of acrylic resin, such as methacrylic resin, etc., therefore, there are many kinds of acrylic pigment. Foreign pigment manufacturers have produced propylene products, such as matte acrylic paint, semi-matte acrylic pigment and glossy acrylic pigment and propylene matte oil, varnish, plastic ointment and so on.
Q:Paint and the day the water on the human body what kind of harm
Chronic benzene poisoning, mainly benzene on the skin, eyes and upper respiratory tract irritation.
Q:What is polymer mortar?
Cement mortar plus polymer, such as adding 107 glue
Q:What is the difference between mixed water and clean water in environmental protection?
Water, mixed water in the home improvement refers to the paint coating. Paint is divided into mixed paint and clear water paint. Mixed water paint is able to cover the original grass-roots paint. Clean paint done finishes, you can see in the end, filling the material qualities, natural texture clearly visible, the formation of the film texture and three-dimensional feel particularly good, the material requirements are relatively high.
Q:How much would it cost to have a 1984 VW Scirocco re-painted?
Quality paint is nice.. but you also need quality labor. There are 'painters' who can make a Mona Lisa out of spray cans and others who can take the best paint in the world and turn it into junk. That said..lets ignore the cost of body work and fancy detail work like striping or extra colors since you did not mention that... A decent and good paint job should be at least three coats of color and two coats of clear.. each rubbed out before the next and dried hard before taking them outside. With those basics it should cost you between $800 to $1000 depending upon where you are (the cost of living factors in a lot and the same paint job in San Francisco or New York will cost you more then somewhere in the middle of Kansas) .

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