The light technician is good
Lighting division, the sound division listening very tall, the whole atmosphere in your ha...
Sound teacher and lighting division which studious
I am now learning to light, but still suggest what you are interested in what to learn, li...
What is the famous lighting division, sound engineer what?
Well-known sound engineer by the mountain, He Biao, Chen Xi, Jin Shaogang and so on, the l...
In the lighting sound works work well?
Tired is sure, but the performance of this piece of development space is good wow...
I would like to buy a set of quasi-professional stage sound, mainly for small outdoor or indoor performances, the program is mainly singing and dancing, and occasionally musical instruments and comedy. I know a good professional audio is very expensive, especially imported, so I mainly consider second-hand goods, while the sound quality can only be the most cost-effective degree, not demanding. Intends to invest fifteen thousand dollars. Please kind of friends pointing about what you should buy the baby and how much the price. How do you have no time, please briefly answer the following questions, would be grateful. I found that the performance of the general use of many pairs of sound together, how to connect, is directly connected to the same source only play the role of power expansion, or some used to magnify the human voice, the other tube music? Or through the mixer to adjust the bass, part of the speaker tube treble, the other part of the bass?
The speaker stacked up to put the reason Large-scale performance with a pair of speakers c...
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