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audio speakers:Integration of network audio decoder, digital power amplifier and speaker.Industry-grade high speed chip.



1. Integration of network audio decoder, digital power amplifier and speaker.

2. Industry-grade high speed chip, start-up in 1 seconds.

3. The use of high-fidelity speakers, stereo amplifier 2x10W.

4.Support a balanced regulation of left and right channels, adjust the volume.

5.Works everywhere as long as Ethernet available; WAN/Internet access.



AC220V, ≤25W

AC220V, ≤45W






8kHz~44.1kHz, 16pcs, 8kbps-320kbps


≥90dB, 20Hz-20KHz


broadcast delay≤100ms









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Q:How do you wire speakers?
You can wire the speakers in parallel or series, depending on the amplifier and the speaker impedances. If the amplifier can drive a 4 ohm speaker on each channel, and you want to put two 8 ohm speakers on it, just connect them in parallel - that will approximate a 4 ohm speaker (be sure and connect the + to the + and the - to the - ). If the amplifier is rated to drive only 8 ohms, then you can either wire 8 ohm speakers in series, thereby approximating a 16 ohm speaker. This will minimize an over-current situation, but will result in a small, inconsequential mis-match which causes a small amount of power to be lost (it won't be noticeable w/o a sound meter). If the speakers are 4 ohms then wire them in series as well to produce an equivalent of 8 ohm impedance.
Q:What are good speaker/subwoofer models and brands?
These are the best speakers in the world, and will set you back over $200,000 Transmission Audio - Ultimates Cessaro Horn Acoustics - Gamma 1 Moon Audio - Titan Hansen Audio - Grand Master Peak Consult - Kepheus Ultimatum German Physiks - Emperor w/ carbon fiber If you want something more affordable and still excellent. Bang and Olufsen Bowers Wilkins Linn Komri Neat Acoustics Bose Klipsch Infinifi
Q:Stereo speakers to computer speakers?
does no longer or not it truly is extra efficient determining a thanks to make a speaker cable from the dock? also no longer particular why you would favor to warm cord a speaker on to the iPod's contacts.
Q:Is my top speaker blown on my tower speaker?
That sounds very exciting. But I am not going to answer with high end audio name dropping. You will probably get every upper-middle class manufacturer's name in your answers, and a few obscure upper class names that you've never heard of. Bose is a cuss word with most audiophiles, largely because their mainstream marketing and popularity creates the hype. The only way to do this right, identify value, and be truly happy with the components that you purchase for this project is to do the footwork and research yourself. Go to electronic showrooms, large and small, and listen to their floor models. Loud. That's what they're there for. I do believe that you will find speakers from Polk audio, Klipsch, Acoustic Designs, etc. have a flatter (more flat) frequency response than Bose. This means that the speaker is better understanding that a speaker's goal to be perfect means exact reproduction of an audio signal, equal in all frequencies. Combine this quality with power handling, and you have an expensive speaker. But you may prefer the sound of Bose. Their speakers frequency response curve is not an accident, mistake, or coincidence. Only your ears can tell. Good luck!
Q:Best bluetooth speaker for iphone?
Hello, I wanted to comment on this even though I see that this is over 4 years old. I want to introduce MIGHTY Speaker, I work for a company called Morrison Innovations and we launched a new product on Indiegogo and have reached over 651% on our campaign in just a few days of starting. We are offering something called MIGHTY Fast shipping, where you can receive the MIGHTY Speaker before the campaign is even over! Pair this speaker with your smartphone and the best part is this speaker is waterproof, dust proof, and it floats so you can take this virtually anywhere; and it will double as a hands free device for when you want to take a call while driving. Go to the link I've provided and
Q:stock speakers?
You gotta buy better aftermarket speakers. Or, if you know they're good quality, considor upgrading your headunit (radio) OR upgrade your other speakers to the same brand and put in a small amplifier. As long as the connection is solid, soldering only makes it more durable in the long run.
Q:speakers - help with choosing?
The AudioEngine P4s would sound great, also NHT and PSB make great speakers for a reasonable price. Cambridge Audio is another brand that I like too. If it were me I'd get the P4s paired with a subwoofer (HSU STF-2 or VTF-1).
Q:Laptop speakers sound fuzzy and distorted ?
Based on your external speakers sounding OK, your sound card is OK. You probably have a loose wire or connector in your internal speaker wiring. It's unlikely that both speakers would fail at the same time. But if you only have one internal speaker (common on old laptops), the one speaker could have failed and your sound would be fuzzy and quiet. Several laptops, including Dell 700M units, run speaker wires thru the LCD hinge area causing them to flex and eventuall break. You'll need to remove the upper case plastics and keyboard and look at the wiring and speakers to see what needs repair.
Q:Car speaker questions?
Peak is exactly that - the speakers can handle brief spikes of that power but are not rated to handle it continually. Good rule of thumb - get speakers rated at TWICE the output of your stereo - so for your 4x45, get 4 100W speakers - make sure the speakers and stereo are using the same rating system, as there are around 3 ways to measure power output in stereo systems.
Q:Speaker + microphone effect?
Its called 'Feedback' It's cause by a sound loop between the microphone and the speaker. The sound from the microphone is amplified to the speaker and the sound from the speaker is picked up my the microphone and the loop is completed. Its an example of positive feed back that can lead to instability in all sorts of mechanisms. The microphone should be kept way from the speaker as far as possible and the output not too loud if you want to minimize this effect.

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