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what do I use to get black soot off of a brick fireplace ???
Uh the light rays that travel threw the air balance back to produce the opposite of white light aka color.
The clothes in Sims 3 are abnormally shiny reflective, unlike realistic material which would be particularly dull (Unless it was silk or plastic or chainmail lol)I was wondering if anyone knew of a fix or mod for this 'problem'?
mine was inst professionally that way and its been fine for years
How far from a fire hydrant can you park in NJ?
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I straighten it nearly everyday, and dye it. And it's starting to feel like straw, I use moisture conditioner and shampoo, by Aussie, but it isn't doing anything. What do you use to keep your hair hydrated? Something other than, don't dye it, or don't straighten it.thanks [:x
Paul make sure fitting is dry inside and your using the right flux.A rose bud will work but could burn the fittings if your not careful.Mapp should be plenty of heat for that size.I use propane on 1 all the time.They willnot solder if there wet inside.
Ive liked this guy for 2 years but he recently got a girlfriend, which was the day before I told him how I felt. Were really close friends and tell each other EVERYTHING. Me liking him has never effected anything. Recently his girlfriend dumped him. I thought that this day would be the best of my life, but its turned out pretty horrible. Any ideas of what to do or say to my friend who Ive been crushing on for so long?
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I do I know if I need Shock/Strut? When My SUV hit a speed bump on the left side you hear a noise loud, Then when I hit the 2 speed bump the noise is not that loud as the first one. Any Suggest?
For the best answers, search on this site
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Copper pipe is rare (if available at all). About 50 years ago, threadless copper pipe (T.P.) was available with pipe gauge wall thickness which was brazed rather than threaded. Copper now comes in rigid or flexible inch sizes in several grades. DWV thin wall for Drain, Waste, and Vent Type M light duty Type L average duty (domestic interior water service) Type K heavy duty (exterior or buried service) Copper tube is assembled with compression fittings, flare fittings (tools and skill required), or soldering. For physical dimensions search: Table of copper pipe size Table of copper tube size