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Is there really a decelerating glass?
The so-called slow-down glass is the use of the glass surface of the lens effect to reduce the visual sense of speed, so that people feel the speed reduced. The front windshield of the car uses this principle to reduce the deformation of both sides of the scene, reducing the visual displacement of the lateral scene, and the front of the scene is basically direct access, giving the impression that both sides of the scene moving slower.
I bought a tempered glass film online, but I will not paste, I will not paste around, how do?
Tough is the best paste is thick piece
Domestic architectural glass list?
Domestic first-line brand: 1, Taiwan Glass Group (the world's fifth largest glass company, the largest domestic glass company) 2, CSG Group (domestic first-line brand) 3, Yaohua Pilkington (domestic first-line brand)
Sound insulation glass how much money a square
Look at what kind of if it is about the insulating glass about 70 or so, if it is PVB folder glass prices about 130 up and down if the professional grade such as DEV glass price in the 400 to 500 yuan per square. Sound insulation glass produces the principle of sound insulation: a variety of outdoor sound source vibration generated noise, noise through the air. Media noise, when the noise is transmitted to the soundproof glass doors and windows, and then by the sound glass successive attenuation, especially after noise through the noise damping rubber, the frequency noise and high frequency noise is noise absorption damping rubber absorption, distortion, shock absorption, attenuation Will be in the high-frequency noise effectively filter out, and finally into the indoor noise is only about 5%. Usually the most common and most annoying most annoying people can not sleep "唿 唿", "嚯 嚯" in the high-frequency noise is basically no, but also heard, and the feeling of the room suddenly soft down, stay In the interior also more comfortable. Is the so-called: living in the downtown, the dream of the heart to achieve.
Insulation glass 3C certification to investigate what time to start
Insulation glass 3C certification started very early! You are car glass. Architectural glass, or glass railway vehicles with security All glass is not certified and will be punished
Theoretically, if glass dropped and the stress incurred was just less than that required to shatter it, would the next drop, no matter how small, break the glass? If not can it continue to take infinitely more stress damage as long as they each individually do not surpass its stress limit, even though their sum does?Note: I am asking this with the real life application of the glass backs of iPhones in mind
Glass is made harder and stronger through heat tempering. (Both Kiln and Chemical processes are used) Repeated drop-ball tests do not minimize the integrity of the heat tempered glass. Chips, scratches, or virtually invisible hairline fractures weaken the integrity of the glass. If you drop it enough, from the right height, or against the wrong surface, It Will Break!
Does anyone know of an automobile from the 1930's that had 2 large built in glass flower vases in the backseat on either side?
those types of cars in that year would be custom built/the chassis and cab from maybe cadillac and the body from custom builder/thomas edisons daughter had one and it is really beautiful/the "trunk" is a real trunk attached to a rear bumper/so no production car is available
What is the characteristic of tempered glass?
Gold-coated film of heat-reflective glass also has a one-way transparent effect, that is, during the day to see the outdoor scene in the room, while the outdoor can not see the indoor scene.