Yongsen Indoor Matt Solid Wood Floor

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Product Description:

1、Material properties

Diffuse porous wood, heartwood and sapwood yellowish white, the difference is not obvious. Sapwood pale. Growth wheel is not obvious. The tube hole is slightly under the naked eye, and the number is small, and the body is slightly larger. The axial parenchyma tissue is not visible under the naked eye, and the magnifying glass is obvious. Wood ray magnifying glass is obvious. No ripple and intercellular canal.

Wood with a gloss, no special smell and taste, straight texture, fine structure, even a little; weight of wood basic density 0.49g/cm3, air dry density 0.59 g / cm3), dry shrinkage, moderate intensity. Wood drying performance is good, fast drying, cracking, deformation is small; the poor resistance to corrosion, preservative, good performance. Wood sawing, planing and other processing easy, smooth surface, good adhesive properties.

2、Product Characteristic

Advantages: paint is soft, and not dazzling, floor slightly flaw can not see, a long time often go to the place and go a little place is not obvious.


Material: fiber skin jade

Origin: Zhejiang

Style: Modern

Standard: ISO90001

Applicable scope: bedroom

Pattern: Wood

Special purpose: wear resistant

Plate finish: good

Surface shape: paint

Residual depression: no

Formaldehyde release rate: E1

Resistance: good

Wear layer thickness: 3cm

Abrasion resistance: good

Fading (stage):1

Floor thickness: 18mm

Colors: yellow, red

Specifications: 910*115*18

4、Reference pictures

Yongsen Indoor Matt Solid Wood Floor

Yongsen Indoor Matt Solid Wood Floor

Yongsen Indoor Matt Solid Wood Floor

Yongsen Indoor Matt Solid Wood Floor




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