XE1250 MIning Excavator hydraulic excavator 567kw/1800rpm 115000kg CUMMINS QSK23-C760

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Product Description:

XE1250 hydraulic excavator is an hydraulic excavator product of the ultra-large tonnage in domestic at present, which is developed by XCMG independently based on its years of R&D experiences with several proprietary intellectual property rights. The excavator is applicable to various mine construction conditions, and the R&D of the ultra-large type hydraulic excavator has technicalization, intelligentization and humanization as a whole.


Cproduct design has the following main technical characteristics:

1. Adopt the Cummins QSK50 full electronic-controlled engine and the double turbocharging technology, having full power and high fuel economy;

2. Variou creative   advance hydrauli technologies,   highe work efficiency, and more comfortable operation safety;

3. Unique electric control technology ensuring excellent efficiency, stability and energy conservation;

4. Higher reliability and durability;

5. The capacious and comfortable cab and the convenient maintenance and inspection channel can fully show the concept of humanized design;

6. The convenient maintenance can escort high-efficient operation...

型号 Model


重量 Weight


接地比压 Ground pressure



Noise in driver's cab

(ISO 6395)


驾驶室减振Cab damping


Four silicone rubber shock absorbers

二、发动机系统 Engine system

型号 Model


型式 Type


Water cooling、Four strokes、Six cylinders、Direct injection、Turbo-charging


Rated power/Speed






Emission standard

U.S.EPA Tier 2

排量 Displacement



Fuel tank capacity


三、液压系统Hydraulic system

主泵数量No.of main pump



Rated flow of main pump


工作装置压力Working pressure



Pressure of swing syetem

28 MPa


Pressure of travel system

34.3 MPa


Pressure of pilot system

3.9 MPa


Hydraulic tank capacity



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Q:Why can't excavators travel on the road?
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