Waterproof Yellow Natural Sisal Rugs

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Product Description:

Specifications of Sisal Carpets and Rugs

1 Material: Natural sisal

2 Thickness: 5-10mm

3 Regular Roll Size: 4*30 M

4 Regular Rug Size: 2*2M,2*3M,2*4M,3*4M,4*6M,4*7M or other size as your request

5 Pattern: Customized,we have available design for your choice,don't hesitate to contact with us

6 Width: 4m

7 Lenth : Can be adjustable

8 Backing : Latex

9 Additional Backing : Non-woven backing,PU leather backing or other backing as your choice

10 Border: 3-12CM

11 Use Range: Home, commercial, hotel.

Advantage of Sisal Carpets and Rugs

1) 100% natural  sisal yarn.

2) Made from infinitely replenishable resources.

3) Sisal absorb moisture from the air when it's humid and release it when the humidity drops, this stabilise the surroundings for sensitive noses.

4) Natural colours - fits almost any decor.

5) Hard and resilient fiber provides excellent scrubbing action (ideal for door / entrance mat applications) .

6) Sisal carpet and rugs: hard wearing, rustic and elegant.

Pictures of Sisal Carpets and Rugs

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Q:Stains out of car carpet mats?
Try to avoid any ordinary carpet cleaner for car carpet mats. There are special carpet cleaners designed for car carpets to provide you best cleaning results.
Q:cleaning carpet?
A steam cleaner is the best method. I have never heard of it trapping odor in forever. We just steam cleaned our carpet and it worked wonders, we have 2 dogs and 2 cats. The dogs had some accidents, so we had to clean it. Get a carpet cleaning solutions for pet odor's and make sure to use the hottest water that you can, it will help. You can get a carpet cleaner at Food City, Lowes-If you have one where you live for $21.00 a day. Oh and by the way, cat urine smell is just not going to come out, that smell will just linger and doesn't get better. Good Luck!
Q:Carptet Tile VS. a Roll of Carpet.?
recently put carpet tile in my son's room, they look soooo cute because its only around the foot of the bed, the rest are tiles. so for a small spot/area advantages: it looks cute/contemporary-ish disadvantages: it moves alot. so my question is how do you keep it in place? so if i had a plan to keep it nailed to the floor i would vote yay for the carpet tiles.
Q:what weight rug should I use on a 14.2 pony that is not clipped?
new zealand rugs are great for colder weather in the outdoor pasture. if your barn is closed off from the wind then a regular fleece rug should do the trick at night. you can ride him with out a sheet on as his fur will keep him warm enough. if you bathe him after you ride him make sure you put a wet/dry sheet so he doesn't get chills and get sick. there are thicker winter coats for barn and stall use for nighttime as well but i think he/she should be good for the most part. BTW, any horses over 12 hands are not called ponies, they are put in the horse category. under 12 hands is a pony technically speaking.
Q:oven cleaner to clean carpet ?
Steve, you should mention the fact that the cleaning solution was rinsed back out of the carpet. No pro would leave any type of cleaner in a carpet, as all pro's know how and have the proper equipment to rinse and extract. This is the secret to there success.
Q:What’s the best homemade carpet cleaner recipe?
dunno about that but as a quick solution for vacuming,try sprinkling bicab of soda on to carpets,leave for 10 mins and vacum as normal,it get srid of any odors and freshens up until you clean them properly
Q:Cute rug or throw ideas for a plain white floor?
Get our there and check rummage sales, end hand stores, antique stores. Just because they say it's an antique store, that doesn't mean that they only have antiques. You will be surprised what you can find only because people decide to make a few changes in their own homes. I often see rugs of all kinds, in good condition at rummage sales. I've purchased a few through the years and never pay that much for them. Besides you can always do some dickering about prices. I never pay what they ask for at any rummage sale I might stop at. Might even be able to dicker down prices at 2nd hand stores. I've done that too at 2nd hand stores. You might want to consider double tape to keep you rug in place. However you can check that out once you have the carpet in your home. There out there ... you just have to find them. The fun is in the hunt + dickering. Not to mention saving a lot of money to put toward something else.
Q:Removing burn marks from carpet?
I had some hot coals fall out of a fireplace and onto the carpet. Vacuumed and got the stuff like you did. Then I got a really sharp pair of scissors and cut out the melted part that was discolored. Was very careful and it looked pretty good when I got done. Bleach will not work on melted plastic. You may also need to pick out the nape a bit to make the surface appear like the original carpet. The other thing I have heard of being done is to take a piece of carpet from a spot where it will not be seen and cut the exact same piece from the damaged spot. Use a little glue and swap the two pieces. The key to these is taking your time and being careful.
Q:How can I clean the carpet?
Hydrogen Peroxide that comes in the light proof brown plastic bottle, is 3%. It will do no harm as an additive for sanitation purposes, but may not be effective in breaking down dirt,soil, cooking oil particles, found in the carpet. Professional carpet cleaners who use the hot water carpet cleaning process, will use a 12% version to treat obvious pet urine stains. Taxidermists, I'm told, use a 20% version to soak animal skulls in to remove every thing from the bone. Use only 50% per cent of the recommended soap, as these toy machines are famous for leaving a sticky soap residue in the carpet that later will attract soil/dirt/dust to the traffic areas of the carpet. Professional carpet cleaners use citric acid products to help remove soap pre sprays from the carpet, to freshen it, and also to lower the PH of the carpet to a neutral level. If your carpet is seriously soiled and hasn't been cleaned for over a year, consider hiring a professional hot water carpet cleaner. Good Luck.
Q:the laying scheme of carpet
Dissolve vitamin C into water. Use soot to dip water and wipe on it, then use duster cloth to wipe

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