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Viscose Rug Wilton Machine Hot Sale Persian Washable Carpet

Viscose Rug Wilton Machine Hot Sale Persian Washable Carpet

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100000 m²/month

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1 Structure of  Viscose Wilton Carpet and Rug Description 


Viscose carpet and rug are made of 100% viscose yarn , it's luxury design and good feelings are suitable for home , hotel and office room . Welcome customed design , size and shape .


2 Main Features of the Viscose Wilton Carpet and Rug

Feature: Soft, comfortable, decorative. 


3 Viscose Wilton  Carpet and Rug Images

Viscose Wilton Carpet and Rug

Viscose Wilton Carpet and Rug

Viscose Wilton Carpet and Rug

Viscose Wilton Carpet and Rug

4 Viscose Wilton Carpet and Rug Specification

Material: 100% viscose yarn, Wilton machine made with available 8colors.
Pile height: 6mm, etc

Density: 400 x 1000 , 500 x 1000

Design: Persian design and modern design. Can make according to customer’s artwork.

Colors: blue, red, green, beige, ivory, light red, brown; 
Maximum width is 400cm, sizes much meet 4m machine width, otherwise it will cause waste.

5 FAQ of Viscose Wilton Carpet and Rug

1) Which size could you make for viscose carpet and rug ?

    Our Maximum width is 400cm, length has no limitation. Our popular size is 1.4m x 2m , 1.6m x 2.3m , 2m x 2.8m , 2m x 2.9m .Welcome other customed size also.


2) Which color could you make for viscose carpet and rug  ?

    We have 8 available colors for choice (blue, red, green, beige, ivory, light red, brown).


3) What is the difference of Wilton Carpet and Axminster carpet

     Wilton carpet, like Axminster carpet, is woven. However the difference between the two methods is the way in which the carpet is woven. Whereas the Axminster yarn is woven into each weft and then cut to the required pile height and then reinserted when that colour is needed again –the Wilton carpet yarn is a continuous strand woven all the way through.

Q:I have a shag carpet and can't manage to vacuum it clean even with a flat vacuum brush. Is there any product that can use to clean it thoroughly?
a twig cleansing product called person-friendly eco-friendly. that's centred yet I used it finished ability basically right now on my carpet, that's additionally beige! learn the educational grant it a attempt. that's a gloomy eco-friendly liguid works super on distinctive themes. i stumbled on it some years in the previous at the same time as working in a hardwear shop! grant it a attempt! that's offered with person-friendly cleanig aspects in optimal shops.
Q:Wonder how many people have red carpets.... I mean like curtains and carpets matching and stuff like that.
Well, red carpets, etc, for ex, the plain bright red one's are usually used for decorating modern homes, you wouldnt find it in a room thats decorated antique-style, I have a friend who lived in NY and her apartment living room is decorated in red white. very stylish chik.. its gorgeous
Q:I found a nice rug I want to put in my daughter's room, it says that its a 40 X 27. I don't know how big that is like a 4 X6 or 5X8 or a 8X10 so if you know please let me know.
thats big enough for a small bathroom!
Q:Right now, I have wood flooring in my house built in the 1930s. Is there a chance that there could be carpet under the original hardwood flooring?
When using your carpets on the ground, use rug pillows. There is no query that a rug pad extends the life of your rug. In most situations, the best is nasty froth that will not move shade to the rug or to the ground and will provide good use security. Do not use a rubberized, jute or waffle pad. An asian rug or a handmade rug is best to use on the hardwood flooring.
Q:What are the quality requirements for the construction of the carpet surface layer?
Construction quality requirements of carpet surface layer: 1) Cement surface layer (or base) surface should be hard, smooth, clean, dry, no pits, cracks, and oil, nail head and other protrusions should be removed. 2) Sponge pad should be paved smoothly, the carpet lining can't be seen in the seams between the carpets. 3) Stationary carpet paving shall comply with the following requirements: (1) Metal laths (pull), metal strips and special double-sided tape that used to fix the carpet must comply with the design requirements; (2) laying carpet tension should be appropriate, around fixed firmly by laths, use metal strips to fix the side carpet at the door; (3) the carpet's four sides should be put into the seams between laths and skirting line; (4) use adhesive to stick the carpet and base solidly. 3) Non stationary carpet paving shall comply with the following requirements: (1) Lay the whole carpet on the clean floor directly after finish jointing, the sides of carpet should be put into the baseboard; (2) when connect the carpet with different types of building ground, close up according to design requirements; (3) As for small square carpets laying, block and block should be tightly fit. 5) Carpets' varieties, specifications, colors, designs, rubber materials and accessories and other materials must meet the requirements of the design and the current state of the carpet product standards. 6) The carpet surface should be flat, seams should be glued firmly, and patterns match with each other. 7) The carpet surface shouldn't have beat, wrinkling, curling, obvious seams and lines and deckle edge, and suede fur should smooth, blanket surface should be clean, no pollution and damage. 8) carpet with other surface layer connections, the edge and the wall, around the column should be straight, pressing.
Q:My carpet is going to kill me. This is southern texas, and there is always dust everywhere. How can I thoroughly clean the carpet? I really can't afford a big machine, and I borrowed my moms cheap one, and it did nothing. If I buy carpet cleaner, can I just scrub it with my tub scrub brush or something?
Even okorder .
Q:Your bathrooom rugs can you dry them in the dryer? or let them air dry?
That's the $64,000 question. If you wash the rugs and allow them to air dry, they won't look fluffy. They'll look a little matted. You can fluff them a little with a clean hair brush after they've dried or run them through the dryer on Fluff...but to make the rugs look really fluffy and pretty, you'll need to dry them in your dryer. If you dry the rugs in your dryer, the rubber backing will break down. It's a Catch-22. So your choices: 1. Wash them in Cold water and let them air dry. Then fluff them with a hair brush...or run them on the no heat option. This will preserve the rubber backing, but the rugs won't be as fluffy as they looked new. - or - 2. Wash them and dry them in the dryer. This will make the rugs beautifully fluffy, but the backing will come off in pieces. Good luck. -
Q:Yo!My apartment floors are horrable tiles in the living and bed rooms and I hate it! It's cold and cracked up and ugly. Anyways, we started looking at area rugs but for the sizes we would need to cover most of the rooms we are only finding ones that cost like $1,000 - and we can't afford that - and thats at places like kohls and target, places I thought would be cheap. Are there any websites where I can buy large area rugs for cheap? Or could I even buy the kind of rugs they usually install but not install it? Where would I get that? At this point anything is going to look better then these stupid tiles!
I buy all of our large area rugs on OKorder. I bought one that is like 11 or 12 feet by 7 or 8 feet(sorry can't find my measuring tape) for $80.00 with shipping. It is a knock off Persian rug design. We have had it for over a year and it still looks great. Just nose around a little and be sure to check the sellers feedback to be sure you are dealing with a reputable seller and be sure to check out the shipping charges before deciding. Good luck!!
Q:Which carpet is good, polyester carpet or polypropylene fiber carpet?
Polyester is better than polypropylene. Polyester is generally divided into polyester filament and staple fiber, but polypropylene's wear resistance is good than polyester, because of light texture, friction resistance, especially compared with polyester carpet, polypropylene belongs to the synthetic fiber, now polypropylene fiber is more used in the carpet . The key of even a good carpet is easy to take care of, cheap, there is another point is that it's easy to take care of from the hand feeling, polypropylene fiber belongs to the chemical fiber.
Q:I spilled some coffee on the carpet and nothing seems to take it out at the moment. Do you have any ideas?
Preen carpet stain remover ~ you just spray it on, leave it for about 1 minutes and then use a dry cloth and using a circular movement rub gently on the stain and it should come off ~ good luck :)

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