Vertical Submersible Axial Flow / Mixed Flow Sewage Pump

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Quick Details

  • Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

  • Model Number: QZ(QH)

  • Theory: Axial Flow Pump

  • Structure: Axial-Flow /mixed Flow

  • Usage: Water

  • Power: Electric

  • Standard or Nonstandard: Standard

  • Pressure: Low Pressure

  • Application: Submersible Sewage

  • Flow: 500 - 30,888cbm/h

  • Head: 4 - 21m

  • Medium temperature: 0 - 60°C

  • Operation pressure: ≤10bar

  • Diameter: 350 - 1,600mm

  • website:

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Wooden-pallet
Delivery Detail:45-60 days



Submersible Axial-Flow/Mixed-Flow Sewage Pump
a) Flow: 500 - 30,888cbm/h
b) Head: 4 - 21m
ISO certificate
CE certificate

Submersible Axial-Flow/Mixed-Flow Sewage Pump.

1) Features:
a) High efficiency
b) Submersible
c) Reliable structure and performance
d) Cost saving

2) Applications:
a) Industry & agriculture
b) Water supply for cities
c) Mild sewage drainage
d) Water transfer project

3) Technical data:
a) Flow: 500 - 30,888cbm/h
b) Head: 4 - 21m
c) Medium temperature: 0 - 60°C
d) Operation pressure: ≤10bar
e) Diameter: 350 - 1,600mm



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Q:my car spilled water from its water pump what does that mean?
need new water pump if that is where it leaked from but most likely the hose blew on it check it out before water pump
Q:jeep cherokee water pump not working?
Q:The role of impeller in water pump
Pump impeller through the motor to drive rotation, so that the medium (water) by centrifugal force or lifting force, so that the medium has mechanical energy (kinetic energy)
Q:Dodge Stratus Water Pump MAYBE!!?
jason is right on this. a water pump wont do what your saying. it sounds more like something inside the engine is knocking, like a rod bearing.
Q:subaru imprezza water pump ?
hi Silicone wont do it, keep in mind the rad cap says 15lb. On my truck there's a center gasket and it leaked out the backside. So it probable has to return out. or possibly a bolt got here out?
Q:How much will it cost to replace the water pump or head gasket in my 98 Plymouth Breeze?
The waterpump should run you around !$150 or less at most garages, -- about $45 maybe- if you do it yourself! The headgasket will probably cost you around 3-5 hundred depending on how much labor charge is! As it is possible that the head is warped and may need re-surcfaced to make it flat again --- and of course cost is going to depend on how much damage was done, -determined by how hot it got before you shut it down! The head gasket etc. shouldn't run much more htan $125-150 Now if it runs ok,-- and doesn't overheat when the radiator is full of water, -- even after warming up and driving on road for a few ninutes, -- (if leak fairly small - it will take some time to get down low enough to cause heat buildup)! I'd say 5 miles on highway would prove it is not warped head!! -- Just keep eye on temp and shut down if it starts getting close to overheat--- to avoid increasing damage, - if head gasket out! In yard, you can get pretty good idea, by just filling up raidator, and leaving cap off with engine running-- after it has idled for a few minutes, (and you have topped it up a couple times to make sure it is full of water, -- if gasket leaking it will blow continueous bubbles, -- after the thermostat opens, a little water will rise and run over (expansion of water) ). -- ****However it should not contionue blowing any continueaous bubbles--- (continued large quantities of bubbles indicates compression being blown into water jacket from bad headgsket!) ...A small bubble now and then is negligeable, as a bubble or two may still be trapped from when water level was down! You will know when thermostat opens, as there will be moving water obvious through filler neck of radiator, and the upper hose will become hot going into radiator! It is also possible that you may see oil on water if headgasket leaking, as well as water in oil-- which would be sort fo fuzzy yellowish looking junk on dipstick, and oil fill cap!
Q:Do i need a new water pump?
The telltale stream should be flowing all the time. Check if this engine has a termister and replace the imbeller
Q:97 dodge van 3.9 water pump?
Corrosion is now holding everything to the pump. Use a screwdriver to help separate them. Here is a link compliments of Auto Zone showing how to remove the water pump. You will note in the picture that the pump has a shaft sticking out of the front. That is holding the clutch and fan on. Earlier I gave you the wrong link. This is the correct one for the V6. The others were for the V8s They mention to remove the fan before removing the water pump. The fan should be bolted to the clutch in the manner you say. If you grasp the shaft on the pump, the fan and clutch should rotate freely. If you pulled the 4 bolts off the pulley, the fan and clutch assembly should come off. The pulley should then fall free. Is anyone else helping you with this and they already took the bolts out? If not you must have some alternate water pump that Chrysler failed to tell everyone about. Is the large nut against the pulley or the fan clutch? I wish we could talk on the phone. Get a mallet. Put the pump on a clean surface and use the mallet to tap the pulley on one side then the other. Hopefully this will help work this off. Once you get this off, you will see it should look like the pictures I sent to you. I just sent you another link that has 3 different ways they have the fan mounted to the water pump. Yes, there is a large nut holding the clutch on. It says it is a right handed nut so be careful taking it off.
Q:Can you diagnose my well water pump problem?
can you take pump apart an clean
Q:explain the operation of a water pump....?
Water pumps are available in different types. 1. Centrifugal type: Operate by increasing the velocity of water which, when the velocity is decreased by the Volute casing, the pressure increases. 2. Rotary Gear type.: Operate by Displacement of the water by rotating, gears that trap water between the teeth of 2 rotors of inter-meshing gears that release the water at a higher pressure on the opposite side of the pump to the intake. 3. Piston (reciprocating type: Also a displacement operation by a piston moving backwards and forwards within a cylinder (like a hypodermic syringe in operation). Back stroke takes water into the cylinder and forward stroke discharges it at a higher pressure. (Double acting types are also used that take in and discharge alternately from both ends).

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