Vacuum Cleaner Speed Control 1200W-1800W

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Vacuum Cleaner
Power: 1200W-1800W

Vacuum  >20Kpa                             

Collection in capacity   43L                              

Noise level<70dB                           

Washable HEPA filter                    

Automatic Cord Rewinder                           

Speed Control                  

Telescopic metal tube                   

Transparent dust tank   


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Q:Are Dyson 'ball' vacuum cleaners good or not good?
A friend of mine bought one, she really likes it but says it isn't worth the money. Me? I don't know, but after listening to her I wouldn't buy one.
Q:My pitbull is viciously aggressive?
You can try to associate the vacuum cleaner with good things. When dog is aggressive towards the vacuum, gain control of the dog. You may want to put a leash on her. Get her calm, even if for only a moment and give her a treat. After a little while, she will associate the vacuum cleaner with positive feelings. Check out Victoria Stillwell for this type of training. She makes it seem quite simple.
Q:Is kirby vacuum cleaners an MLM?
No. It is a franchised single owner business.
Q:Why do vacuum cleaners have headlights on them?
It helps you to see better what you are vacuuming.
Q:POLL: Do you like the sound a vacuum makes when it sucks up stuff?
haha yes! i love vacuuming and that sound makes everything feel so clean! :P especially the sound of sand getting sucked up
Q:How are bagless vacuum cleaners better for environment?
Just think of where the bags will have to go once you throw them away versus just throwing the dust away. Dust vs Dust and Bag. Waste are toss into a dump, as they cannot be burned (commonsens) and so, they will add up.
Q:are all vacuum cleaner spares universal?
um yes
Q:Vacuum Cleaner Salesman......?
Hehehe.. this is funny :) Damn.. some vacuum cleaners can work without electricity..yes.. its available here:
Q:Can I get my vacuum cleaner cleaned?
Follow the instructions for cleaning your bagless vacuum cleaner, including cleaning and washing the filters. Take the canister out, put it in a garbage bag and shake the dust out, directly into the bag. Wash the canister in warm, soapy water. You shouldn't get any dust in your lungs from doing that. The paper filter needs to be cleaned and washed more often than 'from time to time', and if you do that, your vacuum cleaner shouldn't get really dirty at all. There shouldn't be dust and what not in the vacuum hoses unless you don't clean it on a regular basis. If you have carpets, you need to change them for another type of flooring and that will help keep your vacuum clean.
Q:what is green light for on heritage II vacuum cleaners?
The little green lite on the agitator head is there simply to let you know when the agitatior is running, or if the belt is broken and it's not running.

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