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Turntable Bearing  Precision



The turntable bearing is a large bearing to bear large axial load, radial load and overturning moment load bearing set, rotate transmission, fixed and other functions in a special structure. Under normal circumstances, the turntable bearing itself with the mounting holes, lubricants and seals to meet a variety of working conditions, the different needs of various types of host; the other hand, wheel bearings itself has a compact structure to guide the rotation convenient, easy to install and easy to maintain and so on, are widely used for hoisting and conveying machinery, mining machines, construction machinery, port machinery, wind power generation, medical equipment, radar and missile launchers and other large-scale rotary devices


Turntable  Ring Bearing Features:


1.High load-carrying capability

2.Ability to accept the combined loads;axial ,radial and tilting moments

3.Flexibility with product design.


Turntable Bearing  Precision Manufacturer China

Turntable Bearing  Precision Manufacturer China

Turntable Bearing  Precision Manufacturer China

Turntable Bearing  Precision Manufacturer China


Q:How long es cycle of bearing life?

A:According to international standards, at least a year and a half , up tu 2 years

Q:How to maintenance bearing

A:Add to lubricantes on time

Q:Have diagram for bearing

A:The small one no have, large bearings will provide diagram

Q:What are the materials, internal structures, parts and materials of high temperature rotary support (slewing ring bearing)?
then isolated block optional copper isolation or size ball isolation. Customize the assembly environment.
Q:What is the weight calculation formula for slewing bearings? Can you give me an example of this?
The code representation of slewing bearing is made up of Dandong phase three turntable bearing manufacturing Co., Ltd. collects and provides a code name. The bearing code is composed of the basic code and the post code.
Q:How to judge the replacement time of slewing bearing?
How far away from the danger zone to start repairs, can be adjusted by experience. Using this kind of instrument, we can make full use of the working potential of the bearing, repair the bearing in time, and avoid the occurrence of the fault. It is safe and economical.Secondly, the use of simple tool monitoring can also effectively determine the turntable bearing replacement time. The operator can hold the rod or wrenches and other tools with the machine shell areas closest to the bearing, the ear is ashamed of listening by the tool bearing tools came running the sound, of course, the use of medical stethoscope can be modified. The normal running of bearings shall be uniform, smooth, and not harsh, while abnormal bearing movements have a wide range of intermittent, impact, or harsh sounds.
Q:Bearings for slewing bearings
Three row combination roller slewing bearing (slewing bearing)The three row roller slewing bearing seat and three radial raceway respectively, so the load of each row of the rollers can be determined at the same time, can withstand a variety of load bearing capacity of four kinds of products in one of the largest, the axial and radial dimensions are larger firm structure, especially suitable for the requirements of heavy machinery with larger diameter, such as bucket wheel excavators, wheel cranes, deck cranes, ladle revolving and large tonnage truck crane machinery etc..Double row angular contact ball slewing bearing (slewing bearing)The double volleyball slewing bearing has three seat rings, and the raceway must be specially designed.
Q:What are the materials for the toothed slewing bearings?
50Mn or 42CrMo, the two most used, and with no teeth, basically does not matter! If the teeth are required, they can be quenched, hardened, hardened or hardened!
Q:How can the slewing bearing or turntable bearings be filled with grease?
This depends on that there is no gas hole, no word is the first open oil tank, oil drilling holes, generally have to see the kind of decisions, slewing bearings are open too large. Usually small ones are forced to lubricate, or oil to the bearing half submerged.
Q:that is, how to make a turntable bearing 2 seconds to stop for 6 seconds, how to achieve ah, I hope the cost is a little bit lower, thank you all first. TenThe load on the turntable is one ton. If the motor is used, please tell me what type of motor it is
It's easy to go wrong! This is the impact load relative to the bearing!
Q:How to correctly install turntable bearings?
The inner and outer raceway of the C slewing bearing has a soft belt, which should be placed on both sides of the main load plane. That is, stagger 90 degrees with the main load area. There is a block or a "S" mark on the soft belt. It will also examine the slewing bearing and the mounting surface of the anastomosis, usually by foot inspection, if the agreement is not good, to be filled with the appropriate materials. After the turntable bearing is installed, welding operation on the support is prohibited. D, solid bolts 1, installation bolts selection: should use the specified (size, quantity, strength level, etc.) installation bolts and washers. Another note: 1) cannot use the screw bolt 2) do not use the old bolts and washers, 3) prohibit the use of openings such as elastic washers, washer 2 bolt tightening torque: choice of preload of ordinary metric bolt take 0.6-0.7 times the yield strength of bolts. Bolts recommended greater than M27 shall be hydraulically tightened and shall not exceed 85% of the yield strength. 3. Fastening bolts: slewing ring bearings should be installed without load. Caution: apply a little oil to the thread of the bolt to ensure a balance of frictional resistance. Do not use glue on the bolts.
Q:What are the necessary parameters for the mapping of slewing bearings and slewing bearings?
The slewing bearing is external tooth type, 332, b=45. WD is the manufacturer code, 20 is the steel ball diameter, the installation hole size is M12, the thread depth is 20, the total height is 56. Parse completed, Z=99.5)
Q:such bearings, cost-effective outer diameter of 15020030040020Domestic YRT cross roller slewing bearings, such bearings (cost-effective to high), the outer diameter of 150200300400, about how much? As a manipulator, the joint has seen a single volleyball, four point contact, I do not know how this quality, cross roller and double volleyball is more durable than that?
1., from the outside diameter can not determine the price, because the cross roller is also divided into several kinds, there are internal teeth, external teeth, toothless, as well as three rows of cross, so the price gap is very large,

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