Turntable Bearing Precision Manufacturer China

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Turntable Bearing  Precision



The turntable bearing is a large bearing to bear large axial load, radial load and overturning moment load bearing set, rotate transmission, fixed and other functions in a special structure. Under normal circumstances, the turntable bearing itself with the mounting holes, lubricants and seals to meet a variety of working conditions, the different needs of various types of host; the other hand, wheel bearings itself has a compact structure to guide the rotation convenient, easy to install and easy to maintain and so on, are widely used for hoisting and conveying machinery, mining machines, construction machinery, port machinery, wind power generation, medical equipment, radar and missile launchers and other large-scale rotary devices


Turntable  Ring Bearing Features:


1.High load-carrying capability

2.Ability to accept the combined loads;axial ,radial and tilting moments

3.Flexibility with product design.


Turntable Bearing  Precision Manufacturer China

Turntable Bearing  Precision Manufacturer China

Turntable Bearing  Precision Manufacturer China

Turntable Bearing  Precision Manufacturer China


Q:How long es cycle of bearing life?

A:According to international standards, at least a year and a half , up tu 2 years

Q:How to maintenance bearing

A:Add to lubricantes on time

Q:Have diagram for bearing

A:The small one no have, large bearings will provide diagram

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Q:Good for excavator slewing bearing
I suggest you hurry to repair. I hope I can help you, thank you!
Q:How can the slewing bearing or turntable bearings be filled with grease?
This depends on that there is no gas hole, no word is the first open oil tank, oil drilling holes, generally have to see the kind of decisions, slewing bearings are open too large. Usually small ones are forced to lubricate, or oil to the bearing half submerged.
Q:Is it feasible to use a turntable bearing and a 120W reduction motor as a rotating platform to load 200 kg?
Loading is not a problem ~! Start torque about 15NM. Should be enough ~ ~ ~! If eccentric, count ~!
Q:Excuse me, where can I find the bearings for the electric dining table turntable?
Please explain the model numberI can fix it for you
Q:What is the reason of the turntable of D crane?
It is better to remove the bearings and see if the raceway has been worn off. Don't know what you said is on the momentum space inside and outside the ring spacing or bearing axial, if the latter, the contact point of the drive in ball raceway is not normal to abnormal sound in rolling sliding, no peeling case can be replaced with large diameter steel ball to adjust.
Q:Excavator slewing bearing a tooth is broken? What's the reason?
Most likely, the installation is sub factory partsAuto parts market, the quality of the parts are uneven, and if it is particularly cheap, and that the original parts of the price difference is several times, so the quality can not guaranteeFirst of all, you check whether the gear reducer below the big gear damage caused by broken teeth, if not, to find dealers for claims
Q:Can deep groove ball bearings be connected in series with turntable ball bearings?
Deep groove ball bearings and thrust ball bearings can bear certain axial load, usually for a larger axial load and low speed by thrust ball bearings, smaller axial loads with deep groove ball bearing.
Q:The table carousel can't turn around.
If it is rusty, put some grease on it. If it is stuck, then the appropriate adjustment, and really can not, then suggest that you change it.
Q:What are the necessary parameters for the mapping of slewing bearings and slewing bearings?
The slewing bearing is external tooth type, 332, b=45. WD is the manufacturer code, 20 is the steel ball diameter, the installation hole size is M12, the thread depth is 20, the total height is 56. Parse completed, Z=99.5)
Q:What are the differences and differences between slewing bearings and slewing bearings?
The first turn support should be a rugged application environment, only supporting and rotating requirements, the accuracy of rotation is not high

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