Portland® Special Parts Steel Wire Belt For Bucket Elevators

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Product Description:

      "Portland" technology and equipment have been used in most of the domestic cement companies, and the cooperative relationship is great. We

 have established a national professional spare parts warehousing and logistics center for steel cord belt elevators to ensure quality and direct supply

 from stock. Besides,we are establishing the plate chain elevators spare parts center and the flender standard gearbox DH series stocking center.


        For steel cord belt elevators, our company stocks various types of accessories. Including: steel cord belt, belt clamp, rubber plate, various types of bucket bolts, head pulley assembly, friction liner, bucket, tail pulley assembly, hydraulic coupling, magnetic coupling and flender gearbox, etc.


       Simultaneously, our company can also provide other brands of elevators machine production transformation, production of sub-delivery and other work. 


                                                                            Stock various types of steel cord belt

         As for other equipment accessories of our company, we can provide plate chain elevator chain, split head sprocket, bucket and other accessories, Coriolis metering system sensor, touch screen, PLC, transmitter and other accessories.

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Q:What are the main types of belt drives? What are the characteristics of each?
A: the belt drive is composed of a belt pulley (driven wheel) fixed on the driving shaft, a pulley (driven by a driven wheel) fixed on the driven shaft and a belt which is tightly sheathed on the wheel.
Q:Variety classification of transmission belt
This kind of high performance seamless flat belt has been developed into three types: Polyurethane tape, polyurethane core belt and rubber canvas core belt. In the rubber micro strip, in addition to chemical fiber canvas, there are special products using nylon membrane, aramid cord, glass fiber cord as core and surface rubber covered with chrome leather. They have the essential difference with the traditional canvas plate, the specification request is very precise, the added value is very high, the world each big adhesive tape producer is competing the development, has become in the rubber industry the high and new technology product. Triangle belt, also known as V belt, is the largest output belt, the most varieties and the most widely used products. Since 1917, the first American made car fan belt, after the early 20s began to spread to the agriculture machinery, more than half a century of development is very rapid, has become the mainstream of the drive belt. In the world's transmission belt, from the rubber consumption point of view, the triangle belt has now accounted for 65%, the tooth belt is 25%, flat belt has been reduced to less than 10%. V-belt has become the main equipment of power transmission and speed change in various mechanical devices in the world. It plays a more and more important role in the fields of agricultural machinery, machine tools, automobiles, ships, office equipment and so on.
Q:Scooter belt, how long will it take for a?
That's the chain, isn't it? Do not change, if there is a bad tooth, change a new tooth on the line. No trouble at all. When the bike is scrapped, the chain is removed and ready to use.
Q:What's the material HAMID of the belt?
It is the core of mechanical and electrical equipment coupling components, a wide range of types, very wide range of uses. From large to several thousand kilowatts of giant motors, small to less than a kilowatt of micro motors, and even appliances, computers, robots and other precision machinery, are inseparable from the drive belt. Its biggest characteristic is that it can change speed freely and drive near and far. It is simple in structure and convenient to change. Therefore, from the primitive machine to the modern automatic equipment, there are transmission belt figure, the product has undergone many changes, technology matures.
Q:What is the phenomenon of belt drives for bicycles?
On the bicycle, the chain transmission ratio is better than the belt drive is the chain drive, the chain tension is not demanding. If the belt is replaced, the distance between the axle shaft and the axle will be shortened due to wear and tear when the time is long, and the belt will slip because there is no tension.
Q:What are the failure modes of belt drives?
SlipWhen the work load exceeds the maximum effective tension of belt drive, belt and a small belt pulley along the working face relative sliding, can not transfer the movement and tension, resulting in transmission slip failure.
Q:Drive a women's motorcycle is bad, can be repaired or replaced, how much is the price
Sure to change, and the belt may be gone, the general price between 25--50
Q:The relation between the initial tension and the tension force, the relationship between the circumferential force and the effective tension in the belt drive
If the work load is increased further, the effective circle reaches the critical value Fec, then the belt and pulley will slide relatively significant, which is slipping. Slip will aggravate the wear of the belt, and the speed of the driven wheel will decrease sharply and the belt drive will fail. This situation should be avoided.
Q:What's the material for making the belt?
Nowadays, CR, which is excellent in heat resistance, wear resistance, bending resistance and oil resistance, has been widely used and will continue to adhere to this trend until new, more uniform, and more adhesive seeds are found
Q:Synchronous belt drive principleWill tell, urgently!
Meshing belt drive is also commonly known as synchronous belt drive. It transmits motion through the equal distribution of transverse teeth on the inner surface of the belt and by the engagement of the corresponding teeth on the pulley. Compared with the friction belt drive, there is no relative sliding between the belt pulley and the drive belt in the synchronous belt drive, and the strict drive ratio can be ensured

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