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EP conveyor belt,NN conveyor belt, Steel cord conveyor belt, Flame retardant conveyor belt,Rubber V belt, Raw edge cogged v belt

Various product includes: EP conveyor belt,NN conveyor belt, Steel cord conveyor belt, Flame retardant conveyor belt, High temperature resistant conveyor belt, Chevron conveyor belt, Cold resistant conveyor belt, Rubber V belt, Raw edge cogged v belt, Banded v belt, Agricultural v belt, Motor v belt, Variable speed v belt, etc. Customized service can be offered any time.

Sales capability: Over $60million annually
Testing capability: Our technical labs have always been upgrading for testing the physical, chemical, and component properties of materials and finished product.
Primary exporting market: U.S., Canada, UK, Brazil, South Africa, Mid-east, and Russia, etc
Maintenance and warranty service offered.

Survive on Quality, Benefit from Management, Develop by High-tech.

Q:Why should the transmission belt be adjusted?
Because the belt will slip loose, will ring, will make some parts of the work is not normal, and I hope to help you, I wish a happy car! There's something wrong with the car. Ask the car master. 4S shop professional technicians, 10 minutes to solve. ]
Q:What are the types of transmission belts?
1, according to the relative position of the two shafts and the direction of the teeth, can be divided into the following types:<1> cylindrical gear drive;<2> bevel gear drive;<3> staggered helical gear drive.
Q:My car is almost 45000 km, 45000 km 4S shop said the need to replace the engine belt, but I now feel no problem driving speed, ask whether you need to replace, if not changed, will cause damage to the vehicle? If so, what harm will it do?
If you don't want to change, it's over mileage. Use your hand to push the belt more than 10mm
Q:What's the reason that the heat shrink packaging machine does not turn the belt? What is the reason that the heating tube is not bright at the same time?
Ask your seller or manufacturer! Shandong Chong Jie in this regard to do very well, after-sales service is in place.
Q:The washing machine has been used for several years. The belt will fall off recently when the clothes are put in a lot! Is it the reason why the belt is aging?
Check whether the motor's foot is loose and shift, causing the driving belt to fall off; check whether the driving belt is aging and elongate deformation.
Q:Method for maintaining transmission belt
Belt handlingBefore installation, first check whether the driving wheel, the passive wheel and the tensioning wheel are on a plane. Generally speaking, the two pulley center distance less than 1 meters allowable deviation is 2-3 mm, the center distance greater than 1 meters allowable deviation is 3-4 mm. If the deviation is too large, it should be adjusted to meet the requirements after installation and tensioning. When loading and unloading, the tensioning wheel should be released first or the end wheel of the endless speed change gear will be removed first, and then the belt will be loaded or unloaded.When the new V-belt is too tight to be loaded and unloaded, a belt pulley shall be removed and the belt or the V-belt removed, and then the pulley shall be installed and shall not be unloaded. General joined V Belt should be unloaded belt wheel after loading.
Q:Drive a women's motorcycle is bad, can be repaired or replaced, how much is the price
Sure to change, and the belt may be gone, the general price between 25--50
Q:Which parts of the car need a drive belt?
Generator belt, belt, belt, booster pump air conditioning compressor belt, have different names but belong to the same belt, most handlebar generator and pump design into the same belt drive; the compressor and booster pump designed with a belt drive
Q:How to clean the belt of machining center?
When the belt is in use, if it is stained with oil or grease, it will slip easily and cause damage to the belt.
Q:12 Fu DC motor can drive 100 Jin drive belt?
If you want 12V DC motor to drive 100 Jin conveyor belt, the general motors need to reduce the box to increase torque

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