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EP conveyor belt,NN conveyor belt, Steel cord conveyor belt, Flame retardant conveyor belt,Rubber V belt, Raw edge cogged v belt

Various product includes: EP conveyor belt,NN conveyor belt, Steel cord conveyor belt, Flame retardant conveyor belt, High temperature resistant conveyor belt, Chevron conveyor belt, Cold resistant conveyor belt, Rubber V belt, Raw edge cogged v belt, Banded v belt, Agricultural v belt, Motor v belt, Variable speed v belt, etc. Customized service can be offered any time.

Sales capability: Over $60million annually
Testing capability: Our technical labs have always been upgrading for testing the physical, chemical, and component properties of materials and finished product.
Primary exporting market: U.S., Canada, UK, Brazil, South Africa, Mid-east, and Russia, etc
Maintenance and warranty service offered.

Survive on Quality, Benefit from Management, Develop by High-tech.

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Q:About speed on the belt
The object and the drive belt is back to the line, the sports department is actually the muzzle velocity of uniformly accelerated motion, S = V + a - t / integrant.
Q:HelloCould you explain to me what the belt is? What is the weight per square meter?
The belt drive is generally composed of a belt pulley (a driving wheel) fixed on the driving shaft, a pulley (driven wheel) fixed on the driven shaft and a belt which is tightly sheathed on the two wheels. When the prime mover drives the driving wheel to rotate, because of the friction force between the belt and the pulley, the driven wheel is driven to rotate together, and a certain power is transmitted.28, 32, and 36 should be the top width of the V belt.
Q:How can the super high speed belt be that big?
6000 turns are full of equipmentEven if the belt is only 0.2 meters wide, but 30000 turns,
Q:What are the main types of belt drives? What are the characteristics of each?
Synchronous belt drive: he is meshing drive, high speed, high precision, suitable for high-precision instrument device.The characteristics of belt transmission: has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use and maintenance; overload, belt on the belt wheel slip, to avoid damage to other parts, overload protection function; stable operation low noise, small vibration; manufacture and installation of high precision.Disadvantages: because the elastic and frictional force on the drive, so the existence of elastic sliding between the belt and the belt wheel, does not guarantee the accuracy of the transmission ratio; because of the existence of elastic sliding drive, part of power consumption, lower transmission efficiency; short service life; compared with the meshing transmission, tension and pressure on the shaft axis is large, easily damaged; not suitable for high temperature, flammable, explosive, oil pollution places.
Q:What are the factors that influence the maximum effective circumferential force transmitted by a single V belt in belt transmission?
First of all, we should know that belt drive is a kind of flexible transmission. It is a kind of transmission that uses the friction or meshing between pulleys and belts to transfer the motion.
Q:What are the consequences of the broken fan belt?
Dry spring is also the time of accelerated aging of automobile rubber parts, and some rubber parts such as belts, tubing and so on are easily damaged if they are not properly maintained. It is a good practice to put some commonly used car products in the trunk, such as oil, belts, glass water, etc..
Q:What about the stones in the engine belt?
It is impossible to put a stone into a belt, and it is possible to enter the sand. It will deform the belt and make the contact surface uneven
Q:Why is the belt tight at the bottom and the chain drive tight?
This is a conceptual error, whether the drive belt or chain drive, the tight side is the speed of the wheel in the opposite direction of the belt
Q:What's the material for making the belt?
Flat belt originally for rubber, with thin flat belt, polyurethane and nylon sheet has become the development direction of cutting points. Type V and type V with flat belt is extended by reinforcing CR with short fiber, short fiber orientation through the transmission belt transverse reinforcement, reach the belt lateral and transverse direction the longitudinal direction of the twists and turns of double vertical effect. The teeth type belt began to use the CR, now is still the ideal material, widely used in the transmission will continue to back above the ordinary industrial. Tooth type heat resistance and durability of pleading with the use of CSM, HNBR and many other special heat and oil resistant rubber. Drive with stringent requirements on heat resistance,
Q:What is the stress distribution in belt drive? Detailed
When working, the friction of the driving wheel belt is consistent with the direction of the belt movement, and the friction force of the driven wheel is opposite to the direction of the belt movement. Therefore, the active side (lower) is tensioned, and the tension is increased; the driven edge (upper) is relaxed, and the tension is reduced; that is, a tight edge and a loose edge are formed. It is called tight side tension, called slack side tension. If the approximate total length of the belt at work is constant, the increase in the tension at the side of the belt should be equal to the decrease in the tensile force at the side of the slack.

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