Heat Resistant Conveyor belt

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1) Fabric: EP-80 - EP-630
2) Belt width (mm): 300 - 2,600

1) Fabric: EP-80 - EP-630
2) Belt width (mm): 300 - 2,600
3) Polyester conveyor belts also called EP conveyor belts, whose tension
resistant body is canvas woven by polyester in warp and polyamine in weft.
The belts have the characteristics of low elongation in warp and good
trough ability in weft, good water resistance, good wet strength, no mould
is suitable for medium, long distance and heavy-load transportation of
materials. Because of the high initial modulus of polyester, the belts can
choose a relative low safety factor

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Q:What are the main failure modes of belt drives?
There are 2 main types: skidding and fatigue failureSkid: generally, when the force of transmission is greater than the sum of the friction between pulleys, overload, skid, transmission failure will occur.Fatigue failure: the belt cracks under the repeated action of stress, delamination, loosening, and fracture.
Q:What are the belt drive types and features?
A: the belt drive is composed of a belt pulley (driven wheel) fixed on the driving shaft, a pulley (driven by a driven wheel) fixed on the driven shaft and a belt which is tightly sheathed on the wheel
Q:What is belt drive? What are the types and characteristics of belt drives?
II V belt drive (commonly known as V-belt): V transmission has greater friction, and smooth transmission, wide range of applicationsMulti wedge belt drive: it has the advantages of flat belt and V belt. It has good flexibility and large friction force. It is suitable for transferring power with larger compact structureSynchronous belt drive: he is meshing drive, high speed, high precision, suitable for high-precision instrument deviceThe characteristics of belt transmission: has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use and maintenance; overload, belt on the belt wheel slip, to avoid damage to other parts, with overload protection
Q:As shown, the sloped belt moves upward at a constant speed of V 2,
So A is correct; when the block rate is less than V2, the friction block do do positive work, mechanical energy increases, so C error; if the belt sliding friction on the block is greater than the downward force of the conveyor belt, when the block rate reduced to V2, V2 to do uniform motion,
Q:Why should the transmission belt be adjusted?
The belt is made of gum and will stretch the belt for a long time, so adjust the car, and ask the car master. 4S shop professional technicians, 10 minutes to solve. ]
Q:What are the most effective circumferential forces that can be transmitted by belt transmission?
Now, let's say the minimum initial tension, the critical friction force, the friction coefficient, the angle of the package, the relation between them. Under the influence of the minimum Flali (F_0) _min, the maximum total friction between the belt and the pulley is the frictional force that drives the belt to be slipping. It is called the critical friction force F_fc or the critical effective tension F_ec. According to the theoretical deduction, the relation between them is...F_ec=F_fc=2 (F_0) _min (1-1/e^fa) / (1+1/e^fa)Formula: F - the coefficient of friction (when the working surface of the belt is not flat, should use the equivalent coefficient of friction f_v);
Q:What are the consequences of the broken fan belt?
Emergency treatment is to tie the broken belt with a fine wire, continue low speed, or use a "stop" approach to drive the car away, the driving process should pay attention to the temperature of the instrument panel. When the above measures fail, a rescue call must be called for rescue.
Q:What about the stones in the engine belt?
It is impossible to put a stone into a belt, and it is possible to enter the sand. It will deform the belt and make the contact surface uneven
Q:How are the belts and chafing dish tables constructed?
Swing a device between a long table or a misshapen table, just like a conveyor belt
Q:Relationship between initial tension and tension in belt transmission
Elastic slide: belt drive at work, from the tight side to the loose side, the belt is subject to changes in tension, so the band of elastic deformation is also changing. In belt transmission, the relative motion between the belt and the pulley due to the elastic deformation of the belt is called elastic sliding. The elastic sliding results in the circumferential velocity V2 of the driven wheel, the circumference speed V1 of the driving wheel, and the degree of velocity reduction can be expressed by sliding rate epsilon

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