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Conveyor Belt:
1) Profession manufacturer;
2) Types:NN, EP, COTTON Conveyor belt, Chevron Conveyor belt, Heast resisitant belt


1) Fabric: Cotton, Nylon, Polyester

2) Width: 200mm-1800mm

3) Thickness: 4mm-20mm

4) T/S: 8Mpa-24Mpa

USAGE: mining, metallurgical industry and architectural industry, ports etc.

PACKAGE:  Polybag;

DELIVERY: 30days

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Q:Polyurethane PU drive belt, how to weld round belt?
Welcome to China's most professional polyurethane technology forum
Q:I bought a new treadmill and I don't know why there are so many black patches behind it
As long as the belt is free of cracks, it will be ok.
Q:Excuse me, where is the rubber belt wholesale market in Toronto?
Car belts are sold by car dealers and are purchased at dealerships.In addition to the original factory outside of a variety of industries are the main agents such as: oil field equipment is Weatherford, medical and biochemical industry is Fisher.... these agents are large multinational enterprises, good service, good management, product.
Q:As shown, the sloped belt moves upward at a constant speed of V 2,
Therefore, the speed at the top may be equal to V2, so B error; because the mass has been slowing down, according to kinetic energy theorem, you can get the external force to do negative work, so D is correct.
Q:What are the types of transmission belts?
The positions of the two axes can be divided into planar gear drive and space gear drive.According to the type of gear drive:
Q:Excessive loose of engine belt
4, the ignition time is too early or too late;;5, the shutter can not be fully opened;6, the mixture is too thin or too dense;7, the water tank outside dirty or internal scale serious, cause heat dissipation is not good, need to pass (clean) water tank or replace;8, fan clutch time is too late, or cooling fan does not work, fan rotation resistance is too large, the blade installed in reverse, blade damage, etc.;9, the electric fan performance is bad or no high speed;10, the combustion chamber has too many carbon deposits;11 、 the pump belt is too loose;12, three yuan catalytic problem;13, punch in the phenomenon of gas through the water;
Q:What are the types of commonly used drives? Try to describe their respective characteristics and Applications
Classified as follows:1, plate with simple structure, easy to drive, do not be affected by distance restrictions, easy adjustment and replacement, flat belt width generally consists of 16-600mm, the maximum length is up to 100 ~ 200m, most layers is the most common in the 6 area for canvas belt, divided into cladding, stacked and laminated bag three that has been widely used in a variety of agricultural machinery.2, the triangle belt, also known as V belt, is the largest output belt, the most varieties and the most widely used products. V-belt is the main equipment of various mechanical devices, power transmission and speed change. It plays a more and more important role in agricultural machinery, machine tools, automobiles, ships, office equipment and other fields.
Q:What are the main types of belt drives? What are the characteristics of each?
A: the belt drive is composed of a belt pulley (driven wheel) fixed on the driving shaft, a pulley (driven by a driven wheel) fixed on the driven shaft and a belt which is tightly sheathed on the wheel.
Q:What are the factors that influence the maximum effective circumferential force transmitted by a single V belt in belt transmission?
First of all, we should know that belt drive is a kind of flexible transmission. It is a kind of transmission that uses the friction or meshing between pulleys and belts to transfer the motion.
Q:How do you calculate the torque of the belt?The structure of the design is shown in the figure,
The shaft is a steel shaft with a solid diameter of 200. The outer ring is made of crimped material. The fabric density is 1.1, and the maximum crimp diameter is 1800

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