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Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail:international standard or be destined for
Delivery Detail:ganerally 15days


Conveyor Belt:
1) Profession manufacturer;
2) Types:NN, EP, COTTON Conveyor belt, Chevron Conveyor belt, Heast resisitant belt


1) Fabric: Cotton, Nylon, Polyester

2) Width: 200mm-1800mm

3) Thickness: 4mm-20mm

4) T/S: 8Mpa-24Mpa

USAGE: mining, metallurgical industry and architectural industry, ports etc.

PACKAGE:  Polybag;

DELIVERY: 30days

Any enquiry, please feel free to contact us.

Q:What are the common knowledge of driving belts?
Synchronous belt product common knowledge and purchase note: surface clean, belt without distortion, full with teeth; in order to prevent shoddy products, check whether the product has clear Wah mark. Use problems and notes: no twists and turns to avoid internal injury to the belt, resulting in insufficient strength
Q:What are the main types of belt drives? What are the characteristics of each?
The type of belt drive:The common driving types are flat belt drive, V belt drive, multi wedge belt drive and synchronous belt drive.Flat belt transmission is the simplest structure in belt drive, which is suitable for the condition that the center distance is large, but it is not suitable for high-speed transmission.II V belt drive (commonly known as V-belt): V transmission has greater friction, and smooth transmission, wide range of applications.Multi wedge belt drive: it has the advantages of flat belt and V belt. It has good flexibility and large friction force. It is suitable for transferring power with big structure and compact structure.
Q:The scooter does not catch fire after changing the belt
The reason why you can't start is not too difficult. When you say that the battery and spark plug are working, it means that the electric energy drives the engine to rotate at higher speed, and does the spark plug have stronger high voltage electricity? If so, then check the carburetor situation and the cylinder compression situation, the exhaust pipe is unobstructed and so on.
Q:What are the most effective circumferential forces that can be transmitted by belt transmission?
Now, let's say the minimum initial tension, the critical friction force, the friction coefficient, the angle of the package, the relation between them. Under the influence of the minimum Flali (F_0) _min, the maximum total friction between the belt and the pulley is the frictional force that drives the belt to be slipping. It is called the critical friction force F_fc or the critical effective tension F_ec. According to the theoretical deduction, the relation between them is...F_ec=F_fc=2 (F_0) _min (1-1/e^fa) / (1+1/e^fa)Formula: F - the coefficient of friction (when the working surface of the belt is not flat, should use the equivalent coefficient of friction f_v);
Q:Scooter belt, how long will it take for a?
That's the chain, isn't it? Do not change, if there is a bad tooth, change a new tooth on the line. No trouble at all. When the bike is scrapped, the chain is removed and ready to use.
Q:What are the main failure modes of belt drives?
The main failure modes of belt drive are skid and fatigue failure.1, with fatigue fracture:The stresses on any cross section of the band will change as the belt moves. When the stress cycle reached a certain number, that is, after running for a certain period of time, the belt appeared in the local fatigue crack delamination, and then appeared loose or even fracture, resulting in fatigue damage, loss of transmission capacity.
Q:What is the phenomenon of belt drives for bicycles?
On the bicycle, the chain transmission ratio is better than the belt drive is the chain drive, the chain tension is not demanding. If the belt is replaced, the distance between the axle shaft and the axle will be shortened due to wear and tear when the time is long, and the belt will slip because there is no tension.
Q:How are the belts and chafing dish tables constructed?
Can drive the ingredients from each of the diners there. The belt can adjust length and curve, and the inner is driven by belt pulley.
Q:Is the belt of the engine also called timing belt?
There are two kinds of belts on the engine:1 timing belt: the crankshaft timing belt pulley and camshaft timing pulley used to connect the engine are toothed;
Q:What are the factors that influence the maximum effective circumferential force transmitted by a single V belt in belt transmission?
First of all, we should know that belt drive is a kind of flexible transmission. It is a kind of transmission that uses the friction or meshing between pulleys and belts to transfer the motion.

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