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1. EP conveyor belt, steel cord belt, HR conveyor belt,chevron belt,etc
2. thickness: 3mm to 50mm .
3.width: 300mm to 2.2m

We can provide a huge gamut of superlative industrial conveyor belts that are used in varied applications with DIN22102.

Width : 400 mm to 2600 mm.

Length : Open or endless.

Plies : 2 to 7 Plies.

Cover Thickness : 0mm to 12 mm ,we could offer the conveyor belt have no top cover and upper cover.

Tensile Strength : 8 to 24 MPA.

Types of Synthetic Carcass : General Duty (GD), Extra Duty (ED) & Heavy Duty (HD).

Edges : Cut edges or molded.

Fabric : EP,NN,CC,TC.

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Q:What are the factors determining the optimum tensioning force in belt drives?
Because the belt is on the belt and the belt pulley to transmit motion and power, so in the assembly should be between the belt and pulley has a certain pressure, the belt tensioning and maintain adequate initial tension. By the use of a longer period of time, due to the long-term will be affected by tension, permanent deformation, elongation after transmission belt, reducing the friction between the belt and pulley, to enable transmission capacity is reduced, often slipping phenomenon, in order to maintain proper tension, reduce slippage, need to adjust the tensioning device.
Q:What are the types of transmission belts?
1, according to the relative position of the two shafts and the direction of the teeth, can be divided into the following types:<1> cylindrical gear drive;<2> bevel gear drive;<3> staggered helical gear drive.
Q:Does the washing machine always fall off? Is it the reason why the belt is aging?
Yes! General washing machine with more than 3 years belt, it may be due to aging and elongation, light washing or inability to dehydrate, the weight is a belt fall. Please put the old unloaded belt take it to the electrical accessories shop to the scene order (which is a very important point), 3 yuan / article. It doesn't matter the size of the motor. It can be adjusted by the adjusting screw of the motor seat at the spot. It is better to have a 14mm sleeve tool to adjust the belt. It's too tight and too loose.
Q:What are the advantages and disadvantages of chain drive and synchronous belt pulley?
Advantages: 1., constant transmission ratio;2. compact structure;3., because of the thin and light, high tensile strength, so belt speed up to 40 m/s, transmission ratio of 10, transmission power of up to 200 KW;4. high efficiency, up to 0.98.Characteristics and application of chain driveIt consists of chain wheel and ring chainFunction: the meshing between chain and sprocket teeth is driven by the same direction between parallel shafts.
Q:Hoist belt and pulley design?
Hoist motors and reducers are linked together by belts, and pulleys and belts play a vital role in the transmission of power. Pulley and belt selection takes into account the load on the hoist and the time it takes to operate every day.
Q:What is the difference between the elastic slip and the slip phenomenon of belt drives?
This shows that with bypass pulley in belt shrinks backwards relative to the wheel surface (1 - 8 2), and the local relative sliding pulley surface between the lead belt, belt speed is less than the circumference of the driving wheel speed gradually. Similarly, in a driven wheel, when the belt from point C to point d the movement process, the tension increases gradually, gradually elongated along the wheel surface relative sliding forward, the belt speed is more than V between the belt and the belt wheel sliding is called elastic sliding zone from the circumferential velocity v 2. wheel due to the elastic deformation produced.
Q:What are the consequences of the broken fan belt?
Dry spring is also the time of accelerated aging of automobile rubber parts, and some rubber parts such as belts, tubing and so on are easily damaged if they are not properly maintained. It is a good practice to put some commonly used car products in the trunk, such as oil, belts, glass water, etc..
Q:Classification of industrial belts? FiveI hope you can point out in detail
Made of rubber and reinforced material (such as cotton, canvas, rayon, synthetic fiber, or steel wire etc.). It is made of multilayer hanging canvas, synthetic fiber fabric, cord and steel wire. It is made of rubber and shaped and vulcanized. Compared with gear drive and chain drive, belt transmission has many advantages, such as simple mechanism, little noise and low equipment cost. It is widely used in various power drives. The ring belt that is driven on the machine is sheathed on two pulleys. It is made of leather or linear rubber. It is called belt.
Q:How do I remove the air-conditioning compressor and the engine belt?
Hello, first relax the tightening wheel, then you can take the air-conditioning belt. Thank you
Q:As shown in the belt drive device, the large wheel is the driving wheel, and the driven wheel is driven counterclockwise by a belt
Where P is the driving wheel, the wheel with the movement of the conveyor belt, the conveyor belt wheel by relatively backward movement trend, Q where the driven wheel is moving on the conveyor belt is driven, the direction of friction.

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