Tunnel Lining Trolley, Tunnel Formwork, Steel Formwork

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Our company can supply different kinds of tunnel lining trolleys.

Tunnel Lining Trolley, Tunnel Formwork, Steel Formwork

Highway tunnel trolley 

Highway tunnel trolley is mainly used in tunnel construction of expressway and municipal engineering. Trolley fromwork all adopt full hydraulic operation. Lining length usually from 9m to 12m. Has the characteristics of high intensity and good turnover.

Railway tunnel trolley

Railway tunnel trolley is mainly used in tunnel construction of ordinary railway, high-speed railway and passenger dedicated line. The working efficiency is greatly improved by adopting the full hydraulic automatic operation and the new technology of automatic casting and window-by-window moulding. Lining length usually from 9m to 12m. Has the characteristics of high processing accuracy and wide application range.

Subway tunnel trolley

Subway trolley is mainly used in concrete tunnel construction of subway system section and station. According to the construction site,it can be divided into sections of section trolley, station trolley,button-arch trolley,middle partition trolley and so on. Lining length usually from 4.5m to 15m. Has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation and strong practicability.

Needle beam trolley

Needle beam trolley is mainly used in tunnel construction with full circular section. Which applied to water diversion tunnel,water conveyance project and tunnel project of nuclear power plant. When lining of needle-beam trolley, bottom, edge and top are formed at one time,and the vertical and demolition moulds are completed by hydraulic cylinder. The trolley is self-propelled. By driving device, the steel mold and needle beam do relative motion and then the trolley can move forward. Has the characteristics of strong profession and high quality requirement.

Automatic waterproof board trolley

Automatic waterproof board trolley belongs to the tool trolley, is operation trolley which integrates waterproof board,geotextile laying,steel bar binding positioning and function of tunnel wall leveling. The trolley realizes the mechanized operation of waterproof board laying through improve system. The waterproof board and geotextile are supported on the tunnel surface by the support mechanism, which makes the construction more convenient. Steel bar positioning device can ensure the distance between steel bars and the upper and lower positions meet the design requirements.

Inclined shaft trolley

Inclined shaft trolley is the lining trolley that mainly used in inclined shaft construction of highway or railway project. The overall structure of the trolley is similar to the highway trolley. The main feature is that when the trolley move the slope is very large, generally adopt four active wheels plus traction mechanism or adopt hydraulic wheel-less structure.

The inverted arch trestle trolley

The inverted arch trestle trolley is a professional equipment for simultaneous operation of inverted arch parts and filling of inverted arch in tunnels. By adopted inverted trestle bridge span the inverted arch working section in tunnel construction,all kinds of vehicles and personnel can pass on the trestle normally. In the meantime,under the trestle,tunnel inverted arch steel bar binding,inverted arch and filling and casting concrete operation is going on. Meet the requirement of tunnel inverted arch concrete casting formed one time and rapid construction.

Open cut tunnel trolley

Open cut tunnel trolley is also called exterior mould trolley. Mainly used in tunnel concrete exterior mould construction, which is used in coordinate with interior mould lining trolley. Include formwork system, structural system, electric system, hydraulic and movement system. Different from the interior mould trolley is the structure is in the exterior and formwork is in the structure. The main feature is that the trolley needs to satisfy the construction requirement in location and overall intensity aspect.

Cable trough trolley

Cable trough trolley is a kind of tool trolley cooperating with cable trough construction. On the basis of traditional cable trough formwork, add integral structure,hydraulic and movement system. By adjusting the hydraulic system, so that the formwork of integrated construction.

The roof trolley

The roof trolley is mainly suitable for continues wall roof site construction, which is used in coordinate with side wall trolley. Generally applied to the large-span portal or arch tunnel structural engineering. The main feature is that the trolley needs to ensure the intensity and accuracy of roof construction, demoulding and location are the technical difficulties.

Side wall trolley

Side wall trolley is used in coordination with the arch top trolley. That mainly used in the continues wall side wall site construction. Generally applied to the large-span portal or arch tunnel structural engineering. The main feature is that the trolley needs to ensure the intensity and accuracy of side wall construction, lateral movement and location are the technical difficulties.

CNC trolley

CNC trolley is a new digital control mode hydraulic formwork trolley. It can work in sequential mode, and also can be manual control,and also can be fine-tuned according to the actual situation on site. 

We are a specialized manufacturer which is engaged in construction formwork,steel structure and machinery. We can supply a series of quality products and services for construction company,such as formwork\steel structure technical consultation\project design\processing production\marketing\rental\

on-site technical guidance and installation.

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Q:What is the concrete construction of the tunnel invert
As the name implies, concrete is the concrete that needs to be supportedv
Q:What are the driving jobs in the tunnel
Outside control traverse 2) elevation control survey 3) in construction traverse
Q:The arch and the arch of the tunnel
Tunnel arch wall refers to both sides of the tunnel wall and the top of the arch, the tunnel arch wall is generally the use of a template trolley.
Q:What is the role of the tunnel formwork trolley? What is the use of template trolley?
The car is often used in the construction of hydraulic tunnel, the tunnel is not allowed to have concrete construction longitudinal joints, in the hydraulic tunnel span is large
Q:How to set the location of the tunnel trolley,
The trolley positioning, the first to the two lining trolley running mileage, and positioning, positioning process will have been completed two off the top two tight lining lining, free end positioning first center point positioning control of elevation and with a plumb line (top surface elevation is equal to the length of the plumb line + if the mileage of two the center point of elevation can be lining),
Q:How to design the general layout of the tunnel construction organization design
The location and sketch map of explosive storehouse, spoil yard, office location, living area, entertainment area, temporary drainage ditch.
Q:Main diseases and prevention of tunnel
Tunnel shotcretePhenomenon: the concrete spray layer and the rock surface is not bonded, concrete spray layer between the bond is not good.Cause analysis: the loose rock not clear spray surface; shotcreted rock debris is not scum washing or flushing thoroughly with wind pressure, water pressure; surface by spraying water, water, water concentration of untreated concrete spraying interval; before a layer of spray surface without wind, water washing scum. The air pressure is inconsistent with the spray distance.Preventive measures: remove the loose rock, clear surface by spraying of water, slag floating debris; water, concentrated water point of the surface by spraying with gouge, guide the drainage treatment of buried pipe; sprayed concrete before spray test, to determine the wind and spray distance coordination relationship between.
Q:Concrete construction technology of tunnel roof?
Concrete construction technology of tunnel roof:Due to the main roof, the floor of a large amount of concrete pouring, consider the construction period and other factors, the site is equipped with 2 sets of automotive pump or HBT60 pump and 300m Phi pipe and a variety of accessories.
Q:How to put the concrete on the tunnel
Tunnel concrete is completed by the way of edge excavation and lining. After the excavation, the shotcrete is used as the initial support, and then the reinforcing steel mesh is set up. Only after the two lining.
Q:12 meters of the tunnel car, under normal circumstances, one of the two months to be able to cast a few models?
Seven hours after the maintenance of formwork, pouring a every day is no problem, that is to say a month to about fifteen die casting.

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