Tunnel Lining Trolley for Subway, Tunnel Formwork,

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Product Description:

Our company can supply different kinds of tunnel lining trolleys.

Tunnel Lining Trolley for Subway, Tunnel Formwork,

Tunnel Lining Trolley for Subway, Tunnel Formwork,

Highway tunnel trolley 

Highway tunnel trolley is mainly used in tunnel construction of expressway and municipal engineering. Trolley fromwork all adopt full hydraulic operation. Lining length usually from 9m to 12m. Has the characteristics of high intensity and good turnover.

Railway tunnel trolley

Railway tunnel trolley is mainly used in tunnel construction of ordinary railway, high-speed railway and passenger dedicated line. The working efficiency is greatly improved by adopting the full hydraulic automatic operation and the new technology of automatic casting and window-by-window moulding. Lining length usually from 9m to 12m. Has the characteristics of high processing accuracy and wide application range.

Subway tunnel trolley

Subway trolley is mainly used in concrete tunnel construction of subway system section and station. According to the construction site,it can be divided into sections of section trolley, station trolley,button-arch trolley,middle partition trolley and so on. Lining length usually from 4.5m to 15m. Has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation and strong practicability.

Needle beam trolley

Needle beam trolley is mainly used in tunnel construction with full circular section. Which applied to water diversion tunnel,water conveyance project and tunnel project of nuclear power plant. When lining of needle-beam trolley, bottom, edge and top are formed at one time,and the vertical and demolition moulds are completed by hydraulic cylinder. The trolley is self-propelled. By driving device, the steel mold and needle beam do relative motion and then the trolley can move forward. Has the characteristics of strong profession and high quality requirement.

Automatic waterproof board trolley

Automatic waterproof board trolley belongs to the tool trolley, is operation trolley which integrates waterproof board,geotextile laying,steel bar binding positioning and function of tunnel wall leveling. The trolley realizes the mechanized operation of waterproof board laying through improve system. The waterproof board and geotextile are supported on the tunnel surface by the support mechanism, which makes the construction more convenient. Steel bar positioning device can ensure the distance between steel bars and the upper and lower positions meet the design requirements.

Inclined shaft trolley

Inclined shaft trolley is the lining trolley that mainly used in inclined shaft construction of highway or railway project. The overall structure of the trolley is similar to the highway trolley. The main feature is that when the trolley move the slope is very large, generally adopt four active wheels plus traction mechanism or adopt hydraulic wheel-less structure.

We are a specialized manufacturer which is engaged in construction formwork,steel structure and machinery. We can supply a series of quality products and services for construction company,such as formwork\steel structure technical consultation\project design\processing production\marketing\rental\

on-site technical guidance and installation.

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Q:Tunnel steel arch behind the steel mesh after a layer of fine iron wire mesh what effect is there?
Function as follows:1, the construction of the shaft excavation of the power tunnel shaft structure is a permanent structure, the construction of the shaft using shotcrete + net structure steel frame + steel mesh support + waterproof film + cast-in-place reinforced concrete lining method.
Q:How the tunnel template is calculated
The construction specification requires that the main hole should adopt the full section lining formwork trolley, and the other cars can be connected, the man and the equipment can be assembled.At present, the construction of the tunnel in our country basically uses the steel formwork trolley, many provinces and cities have set the minimum thickness of the template.
Q:The arch and the arch of the tunnel
Tunnel invert refers to the bottom of the tunnel (anti arch, so called inverted arch)
Q:Tunnel construction technology and method
5) the construction of open cut tunnel reinforced concrete structure construction is divided into two parts: first, the construction of inverted arch and wall foundation of reinforced concrete, to be part of the concrete reaches certain strength, stripping, cutting hair construction joints, and construction of the upper side wall and arch of reinforced concrete. The inverted arch and wall part of the composite steel formwork, artificial pouring, side wall and arch concrete construction formwork for the internal mold, and molded with combined steel formwork, formwork and external bracing to ensure stable, symmetrical pouring concrete, steel processing plant in processing molding, binding site. The concrete is produced by the automatic metering concrete mixing station, the concrete transport vehicle transportation, the concrete pump into the mold, the insertion type tamping device is compacted, and the arch wall concrete is completed once.6) water proof construction, laying waterproof layer, tunnel construction on the surface of concrete repair chisel flat uneven place to prevent damage of waterproof board. The weld quality of the waterproof board shall meet the requirements. If there is any defect, corrective action must be taken to meet the requirements.7) arch backfilling: Myeongdong vault above maximum backfill height 2m, compaction degree '93% fill in the top-level clay layer of water, the backfill surface of turf.Back fill both sides of the symmetry at the same time, the bottom of the wall filled with 0.5m ~ 1m thick gravel and compacted, and then the use of artificial layered backfill, layer by layer compaction. Careful protection of the waterproof layer during backfilling is not destroyed.The water layer of clay and the side, the slope of the lap is good, close to prevent surface water leakage.
Q:The small side wall of the small side wall and inverted arch in the high speed tunnel
The self - made invert sliding formwork trolley is used to fix the side plate directly on the trolley. This is the best way
Q:On the measurement of total station
Steel arch support and Lifang line checking, bottom excavation and invert excavation, lining template checking and lofting, invert pavement template checking, reinforced lofting and lining ditch school inspection, line and template checking
Q:What is the specific structure of the tunnel model
In the use of the whole tunnel mode is not as flexible as semi tunnel mode, the lifting equipment requirements are higher, it is gradually being semi tunnelMode substitution.
Q:What are the safety awareness of the tunnel lining formwork trolley?
No special requirements, not special equipmentFirst of all, it must be the track, the sleeper to the sleeper rail
Q:Two lining concrete pouring should adopt the combination of steel formwork system and formwork trolley two template system.
Tunnel two lining concrete pouring mould! Template trolley!
Q:How to arch the arch concrete pouring
The excavation of the tunnel face, slag, to the primary support system, first hit the bolt, then use steel or steel made of steel, installation support in tunnel contour, and then sprayed concrete (poor surrounding rock hanging steel mesh, then sprayed fiber concrete).

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