Tunnel Lining Trolley for Subway, Tunnel Formwork,

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Our company can supply different kinds of tunnel lining trolleys.

Tunnel Lining Trolley for Subway, Tunnel Formwork,

Tunnel Lining Trolley for Subway, Tunnel Formwork,

Highway tunnel trolley 

Highway tunnel trolley is mainly used in tunnel construction of expressway and municipal engineering. Trolley fromwork all adopt full hydraulic operation. Lining length usually from 9m to 12m. Has the characteristics of high intensity and good turnover.

Railway tunnel trolley

Railway tunnel trolley is mainly used in tunnel construction of ordinary railway, high-speed railway and passenger dedicated line. The working efficiency is greatly improved by adopting the full hydraulic automatic operation and the new technology of automatic casting and window-by-window moulding. Lining length usually from 9m to 12m. Has the characteristics of high processing accuracy and wide application range.

Subway tunnel trolley

Subway trolley is mainly used in concrete tunnel construction of subway system section and station. According to the construction site,it can be divided into sections of section trolley, station trolley,button-arch trolley,middle partition trolley and so on. Lining length usually from 4.5m to 15m. Has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation and strong practicability.

Needle beam trolley

Needle beam trolley is mainly used in tunnel construction with full circular section. Which applied to water diversion tunnel,water conveyance project and tunnel project of nuclear power plant. When lining of needle-beam trolley, bottom, edge and top are formed at one time,and the vertical and demolition moulds are completed by hydraulic cylinder. The trolley is self-propelled. By driving device, the steel mold and needle beam do relative motion and then the trolley can move forward. Has the characteristics of strong profession and high quality requirement.

Automatic waterproof board trolley

Automatic waterproof board trolley belongs to the tool trolley, is operation trolley which integrates waterproof board,geotextile laying,steel bar binding positioning and function of tunnel wall leveling. The trolley realizes the mechanized operation of waterproof board laying through improve system. The waterproof board and geotextile are supported on the tunnel surface by the support mechanism, which makes the construction more convenient. Steel bar positioning device can ensure the distance between steel bars and the upper and lower positions meet the design requirements.

Inclined shaft trolley

Inclined shaft trolley is the lining trolley that mainly used in inclined shaft construction of highway or railway project. The overall structure of the trolley is similar to the highway trolley. The main feature is that when the trolley move the slope is very large, generally adopt four active wheels plus traction mechanism or adopt hydraulic wheel-less structure.

We are a specialized manufacturer which is engaged in construction formwork,steel structure and machinery. We can supply a series of quality products and services for construction company,such as formwork\steel structure technical consultation\project design\processing production\marketing\rental\

on-site technical guidance and installation.

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Q:Tunnel steel arch behind the steel mesh after a layer of fine iron wire mesh what effect is there?
4, the production and installation of the grid steel frame components of the steel truss structure for the production of the tunnel excavation of the initial support of the steel frame. The steel grid with steel and steel by welding is composed of steel frame, steel grille by assembling (bolting, welding) after the formation of the steel arch structure after initial support structure of sprayed concrete, which is applied in soft soil tunnel structure is the most effective measure.
Q:How to remove the template of the two lining trolley moving outside the tunnel
In addition there is a template on the trolley Jack and hydraulic cylinder electric control, can be extended to shrink, when the formwork is to open the template of the trolley, when the contraction of template removal
Q:The bridge template that the highway needs, probably with what kind of thickness can satisfy
It is best to use the high turnover times, can also be used as the use of the beam die, more cost-effective
Q:How to design the general layout of the tunnel construction organization design
Feng Shui pipeline, transformer location, power lines, warehouses, steel parts processing
Q:When the two lining of the tunnel is used as the lining concrete of the two, how to lay out the trolley
The first measurement group with total station will be five points (template center, 2 large side mode along the point, 2 small side mode along the projection point) in lofting invert, with nails into the inverted arch concrete as a symbol, and note the nail surface elevation. The trolley positioning, the first to the two lining trolley running mileage, and positioning, positioning process will have been completed two off the top two tight lining lining, free end positioning first center point positioning control of elevation and with a plumb line (top surface elevation is equal to the length of the plumb line + if the mileage of two the center point of elevation can be lining)
Q:What is the simple calculation method of the tunnel excavation unit price
Comprehensive unit price = labor cost + material equipment fee + mechanical + management fee + profit
Q:What is the specific structure of the tunnel model
In the use of the whole tunnel mode is not as flexible as semi tunnel mode, the lifting equipment requirements are higher, it is gradually being semi tunnelMode substitution.
Q:What are the safety awareness of the tunnel lining formwork trolley?
Two during the 1 excavation of earthwork calculating boundary line is important??? 2 measuring points as far as the standard
Q:What are the reasons for the two lining concrete lining of the tunnel?
(1) the steel frame is put aside, there is no reinforcement pad or pad number is not enough, the position is not correct, resulting in the reinforcement close to the template and exposed.(2) the coarse aggregate size is greater than the reinforcement spacing, or the debris is placed in the steel frame, while the concrete leakage, forming a serious honeycomb and holes and exposing the reinforcement.
Q:Loess tunnel construction quality control points
3) arch filled with rubble concrete should meet the requirements of the relevant regulations.4) concrete or rubble concrete arch above the back should reach the design strength of concrete arch in the back 70% after construction.

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