TC4608A towr crane / QTZ40C tower crane

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TC4608A Tower Crane / construction machinery 
1. QTZ40C tower Crane's mast adopts whole-weld structure. 
2.It's very convenient 

1. QTZ40C tower crane's Version: fixed and travelling type
2. Free height: 32.4 meters
3. Max. height: 140 meters
4. Max. radius: 46 meters
5. Jib end load: 0.8MT at 46 meters
6. Max. load: 4MT at 12.9 meters
7. Hoisting mechanism: JT1-40C
8. Drum capacity: 200 meters
9. Lifting speed: 3.36m/min~63.4m/min
10. Slewing mechanism: HZ-40C
11. Slewing speed: 0.7r/min
12. Trolley mechanism: BF-40C
13. Trolley speed: 30.7m/min
14. Power line voltage: 380V/50Hz
15. Color: yellow
16. Counter weight: Stell-structured frame (without concrete)
17. Mast section: 1.48 x 1.48 x 2.2m 
18. Mast section and mast section connection: by bolt
19. Foundation bolt: included (8 sets)
20. Cabin: included 
21. Telescoping cage: included 
22. Pump and cylinder: included 
23. Main cable: included 
24. Basic mast: included


Q:Jon and Paul are folding origami cranes. If Paul works alone he can fold 100 cranes in 5hours. together they can do the same job in 3 hours. how much time would it take for Jon to fold 100 cranes alone? Please show your work. :)
1/5 + 1/x = 1/3 == x = 15/2 = 7.5 h answer : 7.5 hours ++++++++++++++++++++
Q:Well,i just LOVE this piece of origami work...I've tried so many (kinda the same) instructions but i always get confused on the step you know any easy instruction,with clear explanations for a begginer?thank you already~~
visit okorder / that's the place where I learned folding paper cranes. XD I've always loved them.
Q:What is the calibration value of a tower crane?
Do you mean the calibration value of crane lifting moment? That should be the product of the maximum magnitude of the tower crane and the corresponding maximum lifting load.
Q:Her fan mail address isnt on fanmail
Try: Kara Crane c/o Orange County High School of the Arts 1010 North Main Street Santa Ana, CA 92701
Q:I saw this documentary on ancient buildings like the pyramids and it said that we don't have a construction crane that can life the stones used to build some of these ancient structures.So I gotta wonder how much the strongest crane CAN lift....or is that just fantastical nonsense about cranes not being able to lift those blocks?
First, okorder /. This means that at 5 m the capacity is 600 tonnes. Double the radius, half the capacity. A crane located at the foot of the pyramid, will be at 115.2 m from the center. At that radius, the crane could only lift 26 tonnes, so this crane could not lift the greatest stones weighing 80 tonnes. Being the boom only 100m it could'nt even reach the center.
Q:3years after I quit a job,I am once again looking toward the same field it's just that in my old job they helped me get a crane license when I left the job they kept my certification .How can i get that info without asking my old work for it,or would i have to take the course over?
There is actually no such thing as a crane operators licence - you should tell your new employer that you had undertaken a course in your previous employment and were authorised by them to operate their cranes. The new employer will most likely then send you on another course and issue you with their operators authorisation. The authorisation from your old employer is not transferable to the new one so not having the certificate is not a major problem. It is however good practice for employees to receive a copy of the certificate for their own records.
Q:tnx for answering :)
a japanese girl, gets cancer from the atom bombs that were dropped in hiroshima in the 50's. she is about 12 years old. apparently as a traditional story goes, if you make a thousand paper cranes then you can get one wish or something. i cant remember full story sorry but i do have the book. =) made me cry. xx
Q:This is for a school project, we need a crane with yydraulics to pick up things for science.. Any ideas ?!
The first (visible in the first link) is the boom angle pistons. These are mounted to the rotating section and to the boom. The second hydraulics are inside the boom arm. The boom actually has several sections that telescope (like a motorized car antenna). Each section has a hydraulic piston that pushes the section out of the end of the boom. The cable that hangs off the end is wound onto a large cable reel that is on the rotating section. This cable reel is also gear driven, but is usually just run by two standard spur gears. E-mail me with more details as to how big you want this project and I can help out more from there. Make sure your account is set up to allow e-mails.
Q:What do you think of this?A teenage boy giving a girl 1000 paper cranes to show his love for her, despite the fact that she previously said she just wanted to be friends. They are 14. He just wants to prove it to her that he is unlike any other boy.
paper cranes take me about 3 minutes to make, that means he took 50 hours making them, wich means he spent 2 whole days folding non-stop... that isn't enough to make a lasting impression, even for a 14yr. old.
Q:We had a very large tree removed from beside our house. The crane parked in the driveway and caused four very large depressions and crushed concrete.
Yes- it almost certainly will be covered. Most (if not all) homeowners policies provide coverage for driveways, walkways, etc. See your policy for specific language. I was an adjuster for 15 years, and I handled this sort of claim on a regular basis. It is very common for large vehicles to damage driveways, especially dump trucks. As long as there is sufficient evidence that the crane caused the damage (rather than normal wear and tear) it will almost certainly be covered. Your homeowners insurance will then subrogate against the tree removal company.

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