Stereo Mini Speaker USB TF Card MP3 Music Portable Speakers FM Radio Digital Speaker

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Product Description:

Product Description

Stereo Mini Speaker USB TF Card MP3 Music Portable Speakers FM Radio Digital Speaker

1) 100% Brand New.
2) 5 Colors available: Rose Red, Blue, Black, Green, Silver(Dear friend, When you place an order please leave me a message to tell us which color you want, Or we will ship it by random, Thanks!!!)
3) Size: 5 x 5 x 5.3cm(3.32x2.54"/W x L x H, Approx)
4) Portable Speaker Can Be Utilized Virtually Anywhere.
5) Supported Micro SD Card, USB, FM
6) Fashion design and Super Mini design is popular among young people
7) Compatible with audio output devices through the line in port, such as mobile phone, MP3, MP4 player, PC, notebook, etc.
8) A multiple cable interface including 3.5 mm and mini-USB and USB port (included)
9) Ideal for use in office, home and outdoor
10) Impedance: 4Ohms
11) Frequency response: 200-12000Hz
12) Signal to Noise Ratio:> 80 dB

IP Grade:2.4GHz
Power rating:3W
SNR: 45dB
Respon Frequency:20HZ-20KHZ
Power: External battery:3.7v-4.2v

Package Content:
1 x Portable Speaker
1 x USB Cable
1x Audio Cable

Speaker Photos:

Stereo Mini Speaker USB TF Card MP3 Music Portable Speakers FM Radio Digital SpeakerStereo Mini Speaker USB TF Card MP3 Music Portable Speakers FM Radio Digital Speaker
Stereo Mini Speaker USB TF Card MP3 Music Portable Speakers FM Radio Digital Speaker

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Q:Akai AS-980 Reciever speakers?
hi matt hippie.the akai as-980 is a four channel stereo tuner/amplifier the four speaker plug/connectors are for connecting your speakers in a way what they called matrix four channel stereo.and the two speaker plug/connectors are for a two channel stereo connectionso you can run these speakers either way as i've just explained.hope this helps you out in some way matt and merry xmas!
Q:How does the computer's speakers install?
1. If there is a motherboard drive disk is easy, the drive disk into the drive, open the drive disk, and then, in the "My Computer" on the right button, click "Properties", open the "Device Manager", the "sound video
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Q:Home theater system speaker output problem?
It's either the speaker, the cable, or the amp/receiver. You have to isolate the problem by eliminating each thing one at a time. Connect one of the other speakers (that you know works) to the output that goes to that speaker. If it works, then it's the cable of the first speaker. If it doesn't, then it's the amp/receiver. At that point, you have two choices: Either get the amp repaired, or buy a new one.
Q:Surround sound speakers?
It depends on the speakers and how heavy they are you can use double sided foam tape if the speakers are lite not too heavy.but if the speakers are too heavy or its not done properly the speakers will fall possibly damaging the speakers and the paint and texture on the wall too.also you might think about getting a bookshelf and mounting them on top of the book shelve.
Q:Can short in computer speakers be fixed?
I'm all the same thing with you. I cut the cable to the speakers and tape them all together. Now this was working and one day they all just tweeted. My amp doesn't respond anymore only the one in the box I now connect my phone to play music . I woundered what happened I try to buy I a new cable taped them again and it worked again for a little while. So I tried direct contact from the speaker to my computer and that doesn't work either but my computer alone plays music. I think my speakers need the amp. In the end I think I tripped over the cable and it messed up the plug to the speakers cause like I said only the speaker in the amp works. god these things are so expensive and cheap at the same time sorry.
Q:stock speakers?
You gotta buy better aftermarket speakers. Or, if you know they're good quality, considor upgrading your headunit (radio) OR upgrade your other speakers to the same brand and put in a small amplifier. As long as the connection is solid, soldering only makes it more durable in the long run.
Q:What are channel speakers?
The speakers or the box should definitely state if they are wireless. The term channel could mean several things, as in left or right stereo channel or it could be a model name or the brand name. A wireless speaker will need a power cord on it. This is to power the wireless receiver and amplifier to make the speaker work. It will not need (but I suppose it could have) any audio connections on it.
Q:where to buy monitor audio speakers?
Only certain retail store will carry them. They are a high end speakers. You can go online and see what retail store may carry them in your local area. Hope this will help you out.
Q:Good American Car Speakers?
challenging thing. seek into yahoo. that will will help!

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