USB 2.0 Speaker With Audio Line-In, Tf Card, Fm Radio Function Portable Speaker With Car Shape (Cs-02)

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Product Description:

USB 2.0 speaker with audio line-in, TF card, FM radio function portable speaker with Car shape (CS-02)     


Product Description



Power Output3W*2
Speaker Size52mm*1500AL
SupportAudio line-in, TF card, USB input, FM Radio
Used ForComputer/Notebook/Tablet/Mobile/MP3
FetureWith LID indicator
BatteryDetachable and Rechargeable


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Q:Logitech 5.1 speakers.?
well, I assume Realtek accepts 5.1 speakers. so, after installing Realtek go to Start Settings Control Panel Sounds and Audio at the Volume Tab there is a section called Speaker Settings, click on Advanced Click on the pull-down menu of Speaker Setup and press 5.1 surround sound Speakers
Q:Car Speakers on a Computer?
you like a receiver to potential the audio gadget, and to course the wanted indicators to the place you like. desktops would not have any audio amplifiers with which tocontinual audio gadget, that is why small notebook notebook audio gadget have a tiny amp progressed into one among them. yet, to run audio gadget resembling what you describe, a variety of tiny and susceptible amp can no longer return virtually doing it. So, purchase a receiver, run the speaker wires to that's speaker outputs, and use a cable with a three.5 stereo male plug on one end and twin RCA male jacks on the different. placed the three.5 plug interior the speaker out of the notebook, and the twin RCA jacks into an audio in on the receiver. that's how my workstation is plugged into the abode theater audio setup I extremely have in my place of employer. a stable commonplace receiver could value approximately $2 hundred, like a Pioneer 521K at Amaz*n.
Q:93' Aerostar Speaker Size?
Front speakers Dash : 4 factory speaker note Far rear speakers Mid Panel : 6x9 Tail Doors : 3-1/2
Q:Jamo vs lg speakers for home theatre?
The Jamo speakers are probably better.a lot depends on what model number your talking about but Jamo is a real speaker company LG buys speakers from some one else.and puts there name plate on it
Q:Speakers help! PLEASEEEE?
I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that you are new to surround sound. The rear speakers aren't supposed to play all the time. The purpose of surround sound is not to to give you multiple speakers around the room tha all play the same level of sound, but to give you multiple speakers, all playing sound independently in order to give you a realistic sound experiance. What you should be witnessing is something like this: Center Channel - This speaker is used primarily for dialogue. Almost everything that people say on the TV screen will come from this speaker. Front L and R - These speakers produce most of the sound effects coming from on the screen, such as explosions, doors opening and closing, etc. If you can see the event happening on the television screen, you can bet that your front speakers will be playing those noises. Rear L and R - These speakers are used for off-screen sounds. For instance, if in a movie, a phone rings off in the distance and can't been seen on the TV screen. This is where your rear speakers come in. They are there to help give the sound stage depth. They also usually play the sound track music with the front L and R speakers, since the soundtrack music isn't coming from a specific location. Think of the last time you watched a movie in a movie theater. You didn't hear all of the sound coming from all directions at once. Instead, you heard the actors voices coming from the screen. You heard soundtrack music coming from everywhere. And you heard different sound effects coming from different locations, sometimes from the left, sometimes from the right, sometimes front, and sometimes rear. This is exactly how your home theater speakers should sound. That's actually why they call them home THEATER systems.
Q:Standard Speaker size in a Blazer???
I own a shop, and a Blazer. When I upgraded my speakers, I realized a problem. The front speakers are 10 ohm, and the rear were 8 ohm speakers. A 10 ohm speaker is almost impossible to find, and if you put any other in there, they will sound worse than the original ones. Unless you are going to change the sound system too, then the best I was able to come up with, (that would match the ohms rating) was leave the front ones in there, and add two good 6x9, 2 way speakers in the rear. Use 8 ohm in the rear, and go with at least one that will handle 100 watt or better. The real trouble is with the way the front speakers are made. I went to Crutchfield, but when I was finished I had found that 10 ohm speakers in that shape that would fit the front were not available. It is important to keep the ohms thing like it should be. The lower the ohms on a speaker means the more the power it can handle. Crutchfield only has 4 8 ohm speakers that will work for the front, so unless you are going to change the whole system, leave the front alone, and get some good 6x9, 8 ohm, 2 way, 100+ amp speakers for the back. Go to Wal-Mart and listen to some good 6x9's and you can decide which ones fit your budget, and which sound the best for the price. Glad to help you, Good luck!!!
Q:Studio Monitors Vs. Regular Speakers?
Studio monitors work great as regular speakers - I have been using them for years in my home system. Studio monitors are meant to reproduce the sound in a neutral way so that the engineer can hear what the sound is really like. Many studio monitors these days are powered - that means they have the amplifier built in. That type of speaker would not work with a normal home receiver. That type of receiver is designed to work with normal passive speakers that have no amp built in.
Q:1993 mazda mpv speakers?
Front okorder
Q:Need Information Dealing With Speakers?
Ohms (impedence) has nothing to do with speaker quality, but it is an important value when matching a speaker to a certain amplifier. If the speakers have model #, I suggest you browse the web and try to find. Their Frequency response (and distortion) Power rating (usually in RMS) Impedence (in Ohms)
Q:Speaker + microphone effect?
It's also called howl around for obvious reasons.

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