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The water on physical and chemical property, the max temperature of transmitted liquid is 40℃.

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Q:I am putting in a new water pump this morning on my 2006 chevy trail blazer and i rented the clutch fan removal tools but im new at this and i cant afford anyone else to do it. any advice for a rookie it looks so simple am i wrong
It is simple,make sure you buy a Hayne:s repair book for your make and model and follow all inst.The part store carries them,
Q:i learned from wikipedia that the water pumps back to reactor where it is heated again and the cycle begins again. but then i saw this diagram
Its clear enough. The water is heated and changed to steam in steam generators. Then the steam is used to turn the turbines to form energy. The steam is then condensed using cold water. The condensed steam or water is then 'pumped back to the steam generator' to create steam and the cycle continues. Need any more help ? feel free to mail me.
Q:How to determine the pump installation elevation, why should we determine the pump installation elevation?
Determination of pump installation elevation: the geometric height between the suction well level and the center line of the pump impeller, plus the hydraulic loss of the suction pipe, is the actual installation height of the pump. (notice: if the suction level is higher than the center of the impeller, it should be negative)To determine the water pump installation elevation reasons: general water pump nameplate on the "NPSH" value, the above calculation of the value must be less than this NPSH value, so as to ensure that water pump is not prone to cavitation.[NPSH] - allowable cavitation margin is to determine the conditions of use of the pump cavitation margin.
Q:I got my oil changed yesterday and took like a 3 hour drive and back home and had no issues.. today I was at my work visiting and I noticed smoke coming from the engine [sort of more of steam] and a lot of smoke coming from the exhaust. The light on the gauge inside the car for the engine temp isn't working but all the other ones are. A mechanic told me it was a bad water pump, but I just want some more opinions. Or if the oil change could of effected that.. My engine coolant wasn't that low but a greenish liquid was really leaking from underneath the car.
An oil change does not make a water pump go bad. Nor does the lack on an oil change. They just go bad over time. Just because there was steam like smoke coming from the exhaust system does not mean there is a water pump problem (water is a natural by product of combustion). Now the green fluid does mean that you have a coolant leak. But that could be because the reservoir was over filled when the engine was serviced. Some shops top off all fluids, and if the tank is over filled the excess has to go some where. But if could be a bad water pump. If so there will be water coming from the weep hole on the water pump. It could also be a bad hose. So unless I craw under it and take a good look, I don't know. If you do replace the water pump, and you have a timing belt that can be replaced, spring for the extra parts because in many cases the labor is already being paid for and the parts are less expensive then the labor at a later date. FYI: I do water pumps every other belt replacement for this reason.
Q:the pump inlet how hard is this to replace i know the timing chain cover has to be removed and is this the propable place of the leak
You can't fix it. Wanna' know why? You are here.
Q:What does the pump lift mean?
The pump head is the height or length of the distance from the pump to the outlet
Q:I have a cabin cruiser and I recently took it out of storage and had it de winterized. Now everything seems to work except for the fresh water pump for the sink, shower and toilet. Does this type of pump need to be primed? If so how do you prime it? Thank you for the help.
Those pumps are usually self priming.. either you have a PLUGGED LINE or the water pump froze in the cold and it needs to be replaced... but they are cheap.
Q:When I turn on my pump for the pool water-fountain it will run for 30 seconds or 4 minutes or anywhere in between then it just shuts off. I push the remote on button on again and it runs for a few seconds. Sometimes it will run for a while longer but mostly short durations. Thanks in advance for your help.
Contrary to another poster's reply, if it were an electrical problem and there was a larger than acceptable load (draw) on the electrical system, the breaker switch would click off as the amperage from the pump or wiring would create too great a draw. That is what breaker switches are for. It is likely that you have a vacuum leak or something plugging a line. Check the filter basket ... check the pool water return lines from the pool to the pump. Bleed air out of the filter. If those don't work, it would be time to call a pool service.
Q:What's a small soft pipe for a submersible pump in a fish bowl? How do you use it?
The little air hose is had to pump in pump operation, to play the role of oxygen, generally want to let the oxygen hose head above the water, or to go into the air, and lose the function of oxygen, if the tank is large enough, every day to open the filter pump. Use hose plus oxygen does not matter.
Q:Water is pumped through a pipe of diameter 13.0 cm from the Colorado River up to Grand Canyon Village, on the rim of the canyon. The river is at 564 m elevation and the village is at 2311 m.(a) At what minimum pressure must the water be pumped to arrive at the village? (in MPa)b) If 4300 m3 are pumped per day, what is the speed of the water in the pipe? (in m/s)(c) What additional pressure is necessary to deliver this flow? Note: You may assume that the free-fall acceleration and the density of air are constant over the given range of elevations.( in kPa)I have tried this over and over but i know B it is 3.75 m/s please help if you know to do this THANKS!!!!!
a) Pressure is the weight of a 1 meter square column of water. The height of the pipe is 2311-564 = 1747 m volume is 1747 m? density of water is density of water at 20C = 0.998 g/cm? = 998 kg/m? mass of water is 1747 m? x 998 kg/m? = 1744000 kg weight of water is 1744000 x 9.8 = 17090000 N Pressure is 17090000 N/m? or 17.09 MP b) Cross sectional are of pipe is A = πr? A = π(.065)? = 0.0133 m? one meter of pipe has a volume of .0133 m? 4300 m? are pumped per day The water in that one meter of pipe has to be changed 4300 / 0133 = 324000 times per day to handle the flow That is 324000 / (24*3600) times per second or 3.75 times per second. Since the section of pipe is is 1 meter, that is 3.75 meters per second.

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