SIH:S hydraulic system Excavator SH800LHD-5/SH800LHD-5 MASS

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Working Range

Arm length3.66 m4.44 m5.62 m
Boom length8.4 m
A ( Max.digging radius )14 120 mm14 940 mm16 110 m
B ( Max.digging depth )8 690 mm9 470 mm10 560 mm
C ( Max.digging height )12 910 mm13 600 mm14 300 m
D ( Max.dumping height )8 920 mm9 510 mm10 170 mm
E ( Max.vertical wall cut depth )6 440 mm7 750 mm9 110 mm
F ( Min.front swing radius )6 270 mm6 130 mm6 210 mm
G ( Rear end swing radius )4 300 mm
 SH800LHD-5 Mass
Arm length2.98 m
Boom length7.25 m
A ( Max.digging radius )12 310 m
B ( Max.digging depth )7 030 mm
C ( Max.digging height )11 760 m
D ( Max.dumping height )7 890 mm
E ( Max.vertical wall cut depth )4 250 mm
F ( Min.front swing radius )5 390 mm
G ( Rear end swing radius )4 300 mm


 SH800LHD-5SH800LHD-5 Mass
Arm length3.66 m4.44 m5.62 m2.98 m
A Overall length14 360 mm14 320 mm13 920 mm13 230 mm
B Length from center of machine (to arm top)10 080 mm10 040 mm9 640 mm8 950 mm
C Upper structure rear end radius4 300 mm
D Center to center of wheels5 070 mm
E Overall track length6 360 mm
F Overall height4 810 mm5 000 mm6 170 mm5 000 mm
G Clearance height under upper structure1 590 mm
H Shoe lug height50 mm
I Cab height3 570 mm
J Upper structure overall width with catwalk4 250 mm
K Width from center of machine (left side)2 125 mm
L Width from center of machine (right side)2 125 mm
M Track gauge (Retracted)3 450 mm (2 830 mm)
N Overall width without lower step (Retracted)4 100 mm (3 480 mm)
O Overall width with lower step (Retracted)4 360 mm (3 740 mm)
P Std.Shoe width650 mm
Q Minimum ground clearance890 mm

Principle Specifications

 SH800LHD-5SH800LHD-5 Mass
 STD Specifications
BaseBoom length8.4m7.25m
Arm length3.66m2.98m
Bucket capacity (ISO heaped)3.3m34.1m3
Std.operating weight80 100kg80 200kg
EngineMake & modellSUZU AH-6WG1XYSS
Rated output397kw(540PS)/1800 min-1
Piston displacement15 700 ml(cc)
Hydraulic SystemMain pump2 variable displacement axial piston pumps with regu-lating system
Max. pressure31.4 Mpa
(with auto power boost)34.3 Mpa
Travel motorVariable displacement axial piston motor
Parking brake typeMechanical disc brake
Swing motorFixed displacement axial piston motor
PerformanceTravel speed4.2/2.9 km/h
Traction force565 kN
Grade ability70%<35º>
Ground pressure109 kPa110 kPa
Swing speed6.4 min-1
Bucket361 kN470 kN
Arm300 kN347 kN
OthersFuel tank900 liter
Hydraulic fluid tank310 liter

Standard equipment

Hydraulic system

  • SIH:S hydraulic system
  • Selectable operation mode
    (SP mode, H mode, and A mode)
  • Auto/one-touch idling
  • Automatic 2-speed traveling
  • Automatic power boost
  • Arm/boom natural lowering prevention valve
  • Arm/boom reactivation circuit
  • Swing brake system
  • Swing ABS
  • Auxiliary valve
  • Hydraulic drive cooling fan
  • High-performance return filter

Safety equipment

  • Rearview mirror (left/right)
  • Emergency exit
  • Seat belt
  • Gate lock lever
  • Traveling alarm
  • Anti-theft alarm system
  • Engine room firewall
  • Fan guard
  • Engine emergency stop switch
  • Megavolume horn

Cab/interior equipment

  • Tilting console mechanism
  • Automatic air conditioner
  • Defroster
  • Hot & cool box
  • KAB operator's seat
  • Seat suspension
  • Rise-up wiper (with intermittent operation function)
  • Cup holder
  • AM/FM radio
  • Clock
  • Magazine rack
  • Accessory case
  • Floor mat
  • Armrest & headrest
  • Ashtray & cigar lighter
  • Room light
  • Coat hook
  • Short lever


  • EMS
  • Long-life hydraulic oil
  • Track guard-Double track guard
  • Five lights(on the main unit, atop the cab, and at right/left of arm)
  • Two fuel filters(with water separator)
  • Fuel prefilter(with water separator)
  • Double-element air cleaner
  • Pre-cleaner
  • Large tool box
  • A set of tools

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