Remote Arming/Disarming Car Alarm 1888 with Automatic Door Lock/Unlock

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Product Description:



●Remote arming/disarming

●Silent arming

●Panic/car finder

●Auto rearming

●Auto arming

●Lock/unlock when auto arming(selectable by jumper)

●Closing door reminder when arming

●Door unclosed warning while drive

●Door lock/unlock with remote

●Power/vacuum type central door lock (selectable by jumper)


●Automatic door lock/unlock

●Remote trunk release(+)

●Siren chirp

●Parking lamp output

●Door trigger(+/-)

●ACC trigger

●Hood trigger(-)

●Ultrasonic/shock sensor ports

●Remote sensor bypass

●Power window(-)

●Temporary chirp disable

●Led status indicator

●Intrusion memory and notice

●Zone violated identification

●Three independent triggering zone with memory

●Power interrupted memory


●Ignition/start disable

●Emergency override

●Anti-false alarm

●Code learning

●Valet mode

●2nd Stage unlock

●Dome light output(-)

●shock sensor inside

●Car horn/Electronic siren selectable

●Door sensor auto-deactivate


lTechincal parameters:

lVoltage:12V  +/-3V

lCurrent:≤ 20MA


lSiren:105 to 125dB





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Q:Hello just bought a truck from browning dodge and my truck did not come with a alarm. It cost about $800 for one so if I buy it somewhere else will it warrant my warranty ?
it better to have professionals install the alarm with a warranty. and $800 seems too much for an alarm.
Q:I lost my clicker and when I open my door with the key my alarm goes off. How do I disengage it? When I had my radio installed at a shop I forgot to give them my clicker and they disengaged it easily.
Go WOODY they are the best spezza and stasney use them and look who had the hardest shot mciness he used a woody get a sherwood 5030 coffey and an easton z-carbon. buy those and you will get some ginos
Q:I have a 1996 Volvo 960 and the car alarm will go off (horn chirps, parking lights flash, LED light on dash blinks rapidly) at random and stay on. It has caused my car battery to die numerous times. How can I permanently disable or uninstall it? Thanks!
Underneath the dash you should find a very small red button(it is hard to find, but usually under the drivers side). Push and hold it in for 5 seconds. This should disable the system.
Q:It is always parked on the street. Thats the only place since the other three are in driveway and garage. And I usually sleep with my keys in my pocket and its never gone off before. And plus its hard to get the panic button to work so I dont think I accidently pressed it. So why would my alarm go off last nighy? It was on a while and woke up me my dad and some of the neighbors. Why did this hapoen?
i admire the brick by way of the windshield concept. Then a minimum of the alarm would have a real reason for going off. Or, you would be able to desire to ask the owner to touch the guiding principle with reference to the alarm. on the different hand, calling the police, no longer 911, yet in simple terms the police non-emergency line, would get the guiding principle's interest. this may well be a valid noise grievance subject. Or, you and all the different tenets would desire to bang on his door the subsequent time it is going off. Embarrass the guy.
Q:I have an older Jeep Cherokee with an alarm system. I must use the remote to unlock the door. If I try to use my key, it unlocks it, but the alarm trips. The car will start for a second, and automatically shut off.I have gotten my remote wet and it doesn‘t work until it dries out. Recently, my water bottle that came in contact with my keys got it wet and I was stranded until my husband could come with the other remote.Is there anything else I can do to be able to use my key in that situation, short of disconnecting the alarm? It seems silly that I can‘t use the key. What if the battery in the remote goes dead? I usually have my two kids with me, and this makes me nervous this will happen again.Should I just disconnect the alarm?Does anyone else have this problem?
Most car alarms I've seen are two types. One has a keypad where you have 30 seconds after entering the vehicle to enter the proper code. The other is the one you're describing, where you must use the remote from outside the car to avoid the alarm going off. In your case, you have a few options. 1) This may seem strange, but it works. If your problem is that the remote gets wet, put it in a Ziploc bag. This should protect it from shorting out the circuit inside with water, and you don't need to worry. 2) On the off chance that the battery in the remote runs out, you will have to use your key. The alarm will go off. It's OK. You can explain the situation to someone if they ask. What you need to check for is the valet switch. Check your manual for this, but I assume you know where it is and this is what you're referring to when you say disconnect the alarm. It's often in the glove box or near your knee under the steering wheel (off to the side on the wall near the stereo maybe?) Usually, you can put your key in the ignition, switch it to on (don't start the car, it's the setting right before start), then flip the valet switch. Your alarm will stop and you can then start and drive the car. If you want to set the alarm again, just flip the valet switch once more before turning the car off. Note that you can use this method anytime (or if using a Ziploc bag turns you off and the remote gets wet), just that the alarm going off all the time might get annoying. 3) You of course can disconnect the alarm, but you know that and that defeats the purpose of having one anyway.
Q:I know that Clifford has been around for some years. I‘ve also heard a lot of people talk about Viper. I do not want to go too cheap on the system. This is one of those cases where I think you get what you pay for.
To be completely honest the brand of alarm matters much less than the experience of the installer. Most installers will take 15-45 minutes to install a car alarm, these installations are a complete pile of you know what. Every week we have people coming in for us to repair other installers horrible installations. A good alarm should include a hood lock so that a thief cannot simply pop the hood and disconnect the battery in order to the override the alarm system. Glass breakage and shock sensors are both great tools to combat a smash and grab. We install tilt sensors on vehicles that are worried about their wheels being stolen. The tilt sensor will trigger the alarm if someone starts to jack up your vehicle. With today's modern transponder vehicles most are stolen by the use of a tow truck, the tilt sensor would sound the alarm in this case. To give you an idea of the difference in installation we spend two days on a car alarm installation, we hide all our wiring and the brain of the alarm. All our connections are soldered, most installers will use scotchlocks which are prone to failure but allow an installer to do a 15 minute alarm install. Back to your question, clifford actually went out of business awhile ago and DEI bought their technology. DEI also makes viper and other car alarms, any of them are going to be fine. Also I would not suggest a remote start on any vehicle, you are basically playing with a loaded gun. Imagine being under the hood of your car and leaning over to have the remote in your pocket start the vehicle, very scary. There are ways of making it more secure but unless I lived in an area with huge snowfall I would forgo this feature. If you do decide to install it make sure there is a hood switch so that the system cannot be activated with the hood open.
Q:My car alarm keeps going off when I use my remote to lock it but doesnt when I lock it manuallyWhat the??
when you lock the car manually you are not arming the alarm system but when you push the remote it arms the alarm when it locks. hope that helps
Q:I‘m looking for a Car alarm system for my car, since my car was broken into.I want a LCD screen that tells me whats going on with my car/full security and I would like remote start but don‘t have to have it.I‘m looking for a good one thats not junk and not so outragesly expensive. I found a performance teknique that has what I want for good price but I don‘t know if its junk or not.Any help is great, thanks!!
i dont think of the alarms deter the jackers. besides the shown fact that, a secure practices device that wont enable the automobile be all started without a key is a notably stable deterent. in line with probability some day interior the destiny they'll layout an alarm that immediately calls the police if the automobile is tampered with.
Q:my alarm remote is broken, so i entered the car with the key (the alarm is sounding), i know theres some kinda kill switch, how do i do that??
on some cars if you disconnect the negative Battery cable then turn on the ignition switch to the on position then reconnect the battery that will bypass it. can't hurt to try.
Q:I want to get a car alarm for my 2003 honda accord ex, where can i get one?
Any iron or steel plate that has been grounded will block magnetic fields. Lead will block radiation.
With a dedicated team of experienced staff and proficient R&D engineers, we manufacture cost-effective and innovative auto accessories. Our product lines include one way car alarm system, tow way car alarm system, GSM car alarm system, motorcycle alarm system, central locking system, keyless entry, auto immobilizer, remote control duplicator, power window kit, power window control module, ultrasonic sensor, microwave sensor, shock sensor, glass break sensor, and pin switch.

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