• Remote Arming/Disarming Car Alarm 1887 with Automatic Door Lock/Unlock System 1
  • Remote Arming/Disarming Car Alarm 1887 with Automatic Door Lock/Unlock System 2
  • Remote Arming/Disarming Car Alarm 1887 with Automatic Door Lock/Unlock System 3
Remote Arming/Disarming Car Alarm 1887 with Automatic Door Lock/Unlock

Remote Arming/Disarming Car Alarm 1887 with Automatic Door Lock/Unlock

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●Remote arming/disarming

●Silent arming

●Panic/car finder

●Auto rearming

●Auto arming

●Lock/unlock when auto arming(selectable by jumper)

●Closing door reminder when arming

●Door unclosed warning while drive

●Door lock/unlock with remote

●Power/vacuum type central door lock (selectable by jumper)


●Automatic door lock/unlock

●Remote trunk release(+)

●Siren chirp

●Parking lamp output

●Door trigger(+/-)

●ACC trigger

●Hood trigger(-)

●Ultrasonic/shock sensor ports

●Remote sensor bypass

●Power window(-)

●Temporary chirp disable

●Led status indicator

●Intrusion memory and notice

●Zone violated identification

●Three independent triggering zone with memory

●Power interrupted memory


●Ignition/start disable

●Emergency override

●Anti-false alarm

●Code learning

●Valet mode

●2nd Stage unlock

●Dome light output(-)

●shock sensor inside

●Car horn/Electronic siren selectable

●Door sensor auto-deactivate


lTechincal parameters:

lVoltage:12V  +/-3V

lCurrent:≤ 20MA


lSiren:105 to 125dB






Q:Trying to install bulldog security car alarm?
bull dog is straight forward, as the previous poster stated they are not the best choice. Personally I have code alarm in my vehicles as they seam to be a good quality unit. Design tech puts out good quality units as well. I would stay away from bulldog.As the old saying goes, You get what you pay for
Q:Or is it a big rip off? The 100k extended warrenty is for a 2006 F250 diesel, Lariate with 16k miles on it from the Ford Dealer.
I sell cars for a living and can tell you that you should definitely get GAP. If your truck is totalled you will owe alot more than the insurance company will give you. That difference is known as the 'gap'. You can't afford not to get that, but the above answer is correct. You should ask your agent first so you know if the dealer price is better or not. The extended warranty is a good thing to have on a 4x4 diesel, but the finance manager is trying to take your head off when he presents the first number. Say he tells you the payment goes up $40 per month. Tell him if he can make it $25/mo without alot of baloney, to do it. Otherwise tell him no. He'll tell you he can't and blah blah blah, but stick to your guns and he will come down some. He needs to sell you some of these products to make a living. A car alarm is typically a waste. Do you pay attention to a beeping car? No. Me either. If you live in a high theft urban area, you probably wouldn't use the type of truck you're getting, but if you feel it has a high likelihood of being stolen, look up Lojack online to see their coverage area. Don't pay more than $1000 for it though if you have strong coverage where you live. Good luck.
Q:It is a GMC Envoy XL 2005 My car alarm went off two nights ago and i did not realize it until the next day, now when i lock or unlock my car the chirp sounds lower than it used to. what can it be?I though maybe it would go away so i drove it around and it worked it sounded loud again. after i went back to my car it once again was a low chirp. what can i do?
Sounds like the alarm system weakend your battery. Get a good one from your local auto parts store.
Q:my cars alarm goes off late at night and it seems none is around,my neighbor seen a man about 50feet away and said he probably had got into my frequency?
All you will possibly desire to do is get a very long and skinny metallic rod or coat hanger and a screw motive force. Take the screw motive force and wedge open the motive force part or bypass part window and stick the rod in between and touch the launch button. And BAM! you are able to especially lots do it to any vehicle if the launch button is an uncomplicated accessibility. it is likewise better uncomplicated on vehicles like the neon that have not have been provided that ideal component of the door physique. Like the place the corner is on maximum vehicles it is metallic to metallic however the neon is glass to the rubber climate strip. yet attempt tinting the homestead windows so people do no longer understand what's interior. And if i grew to become into breaking right into a vehicle and an alarm went off i might end.
Q:I changed the battery now my alarm wont respond to the fob, nothing in my manual about it either?
The Alarm remote communicates with a control module located under the drivers front seat. The range is typically around 25 feet depending on the type of transmitter that you have. The left button is used to arm or disarm the car. The right button is used to lock or unlock the trunk. The battery life is about 3 years under normal use. Use the distance at which the remote functions to determine the battery strength. On the newer cars the SID unit will read REPLACE KEY BATTERY when the battery warning is activated by the remote. To replace the batteries simply push off the back housing by pressing downwards. On the newer remotes you may have to insert a small pin on the side of the remote housing to release the cover or remove screws on the back side of the remote. Remove the batteries and replace them. Most newer remotes are powered by a 3V lithium battey. You can buy them at radio shack. After the batteries have been changed you must press the remote 5 times in a row to re-activate the remote.
Q:I‘m looking for a car alarm that will call my cell phone or send a text message if someone is trying to break into my vehicle.Does anyone know of a good brand for this type of product?I‘ve read about them online, but can‘t seem to find a brand name.
volvo it now has what's called a heart beat sensor if your car is locked and someone finds out how to get into it it senses their heartbeat and will page you
Q:My car needs to be in a need of a jump start but after connecting all the terminals and starting the engine my car alarm starts to go off and will not stop. I even tried using my remote but it would not work.
A lot of newer cars have weird characteristics with regard to security systems and power. You have to look under jump starting in your owner's manual or go online. My wife's car is like that, when I jumped it nothing worked, the radio, etc. I had to do something with the key I think. There may even be a reset button under the hood. All I know i that it's made that way; you just need to know what you have to do to get things going again. Oh yeah, when I replaced the battery in my car, I had to call Honda and have them beam something via satellite to my XM radio to get it working again. Similar type of thing.
Q:Ok i have installed a viper 5901 car alarm and remote start. I also had installed a back up siren with built in battery. for some reason the tech only installed the back up siren and my car horn with the alarm but not the speaker that comes with the alarm. When i asked why he said i can not have to speakers hooked up. But my friend has 2 on his car. Does anyone know how i would go about installing this siren all it has is a red and black wire.
Possible and yes it is expensive.
Q:I‘ve just recently bought a 2005 3 door Hyundai Accent.To open the boot you must use the lever under the driver‘s seat or by turning the key in the boot.So, if I bring shopping etc. to my car, I need to use the key in the boot, but if I don‘t unlock the car first with the keyless entry, then the alarm goes off.Why does it do this? I might just want to put stuff in the boot then leave the car as it is still locked, but the alarm would go off.Is there any way to change it?
I have heard that Hyundais are a nightmare with the car alarms. Then again, they are the least stolen vehicle on the road. Maybe that is why. Maybe call your local Hyundai dealer and see if they know what is causing it.
Q:I have a hornet alarm system, and I don‘t know what i pressed on the remote. but, now, all the system is good for is to lock and unlock the doors. How do I enable the alarm system again? Can I just disconnect the battery for a few minutes to reset the system? If not, is there another way to enable it?
go to the vehicle and open the door from outside press buttons on the remote button one for 1 second button 2 for 1 second button 1 for 1 second , close the door and wait 5 seconds now arm the alarm it you don't have numbers use this way lock button, unlock button, lock button you have 5 seconds to do this led light will turn off
With a dedicated team of experienced staff and proficient R&D engineers, we manufacture cost-effective and innovative auto accessories. Our product lines include one way car alarm system, tow way car alarm system, GSM car alarm system, motorcycle alarm system, central locking system, keyless entry, auto immobilizer, remote control duplicator, power window kit, power window control module, ultrasonic sensor, microwave sensor, shock sensor, glass break sensor, and pin switch.

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