Remote Arming/Disarming Car Alarm 1880 with Automatic Door Lock/Unlock

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●Remote arming/disarming

●Silent arming

●Panic/car finder

●Auto rearming

●Auto arming

●Closing door reminder when arming

●Door unclosed warning while drive

●Door lock/unlock with remote

●Automatic door lock/unlock

●Siren chirp

●Parking lamp output

●Door trigger(-)

●ACC trigger

●two Stage 3 wires shock sensor

●Led status indicator

●Power window(-)

●Temporary chirp disable

●Intrusion memory and notice

●Zone violated identification

●Power interrupted memory


●Ignition/start disable

●Emergency override

●Code learning

●Dome light output(-)





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Q:My car alarm just went sounding off, I took the battery off, when i put it back on will it do it again?
if it sounds again turn on your engine and press this red button near the steering column near the pedals it should stop the alarm
Q:How do I completely disable a car alarm on a VW?
Since the alarm system was an expensive option that not all Jettas had, it is easy to disable it. (it was only standard in the US) It is not central to the ignition system. The dealer may be best at disabling it, but it is easily done. They will probably do it for free if you threaten a law suit. No one should ever have put in such a reckless system that can result in doors being locked automatically. Cars are not the kind of environment for delicate electronics like that, which are bound to fail in time. You should probably already sue for the emotional harm they have already caused. Anyone who would ever conceive of putting in such a silly system is an idiot. As if car owners are unable to simply lock doors manually themselves. Cars sit outside in the rain and freezing weather, they get bumped, bounced, and slammed. Nothing holds up to that eventually, and no one should ever add unnecessary electronics that are bound to cause far more harm than they could possibly do good. This sort of nonsense is what is wrong with most cars these days, and the fault lies with the foolish buyers who buy stupid features in the first place. Personally, I will never even own an automatic transmission.
Q:Car alarm goes off in middle of night - help!?
theres probably something wrong with it, talk to the manufacturer
Q:Car alarm !! which brand the best !!
Iron general
Q:Is there a device to temp disable a car alarm system?
A normal thief would either (a) take the car, or (b) break in once, steal whatever was worth taking, and not return. Continuing the break into the car, repeatedly, without taking it, makes no sense. Usually, this means that someone who lives in your household is using your keys and your alarm remote or your alarm code to do it.
Q:How do I disable the car alarm system on Toyota Solara 2004
You need a real mechanic to look at this ASAP. If the tire were to come off while you're doing 60 your chances of surviving the crash are pretty slim.
Q:how much would it cost to have a car alarm installed?
Go for something good like a Phyton or Viper alarm system. Make sure your sensitivity is right else your alarm will go off with a thunder too! A good alarm systems will cost you in the range of $150 - $200 installed. ps- dont keep your spare remote in the car!
Q:Need help with my aftermarket car alarm!?
Put your head under the sand. Repeat after me : There is no such thing as global warming. There is no such thing as global warming. There is no such thing as global warming. Go back to your daily life.
Q:Good place to buy car alarms?
Hi I've got a VIPER, it's made by DEI. I got my at an audio store for cars, since then I've learned that Best Buy sell them to, Yes DEI is the best! Mine is one that has a remote that goes with me like a receiver that tells me what is going on with the system,ie, alarm set off, locking the car, remote start, trunk opening. on the newer models the have the valet option set to your cell phone.
Q:Car alarm keeps going off?
It doesn't be, in case you've been my neighbour! Take it to a storage, or a minimum of disconnect it. or you'd be asking how a lot damage may a %.-awl via the bonnet, have performed to my engine? Alarms ARE adjustable for sensitivity, there's somewhat dial on them. per chance passing automobiles are placing it off, or there's a capacity-drain that's causing it to set off. Does it have a casette participant in the stereo? it really is elementary for a tape-motor to shop turning, that's a demanding analysis to make often times, even though it will be adequate, over a era, to empty a battery somewhat more desirable than the VERY minimum capacity-drain which occurs in one day (the alarm, the clock, the stereo memory) - and that's that this extra drain, which the alarm gadget sees as a plausible huge drain, like the interior easy drawing near, at the same time as a door is opened. in case you want safe practices, ignore the alarm, no one listens to them besides. basically in high quality condition an easy change - costing a pound or a lot less - in the stay feed of the gas-pump. Mount it in a hidden position, which incorporates below the dashboard, or in the bags section. without the pump operating, that motor vehicle is under no circumstances going to initiate, basically go away a thief, even one with the keys, sat there, cranking the starter on the major!
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Location Guangdong,China
Year Established 2003
Annual Output Value
Main Markets North America 5%
South America 20%
Southeast Asia 25%
Africa 5%
Mid East 40%
Domestic Market 5%
Company Certifications ISO/TS16949

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Nearest Port
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Factory Size: 5,000-10,000 square meters
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