Remote Arming/Disarming Car Alarm 1886 with Automatic Door Lock/Unlock

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●Remote arming/disarming

●Silent arming

●Panic/car finder

●Auto rearming

●Auto arming

●Lock/unlock when auto arming(selectable by jumper)

●Closing door reminder when arming

●Door unclosed warning while drive

●Door lock/unlock with remote

●Power/vacuum type central door lock (selectable by jumper)


●Automatic door lock/unlock

●Remote trunk release(+)

●Siren chirp

●Parking lamp output

●Door trigger(+/-)

●ACC trigger

●Hood trigger(-)

●Ultrasonic/shock sensor ports

●Remote sensor bypass

●Power window(-)

●Temporary chirp disable

●Led status indicator

●Intrusion memory and notice

●Zone violated identification

●Three independent triggering zone with memory

●Power interrupted memory


●Ignition/start disable

●Emergency override

●Anti-false alarm

●Code learning

●Valet mode

●2nd Stage unlock

●Dome light output(-)

●shock sensor inside

●Car horn/Electronic siren selectable

●Door sensor auto-deactivate


lTechincal parameters:

lVoltage:12V  +/-3V

lCurrent:≤ 20MA


lSiren:105 to 125dB






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Q:are there car alarms that you can buy with cameras and motion detectors and warn the thiefs to move back or?
If it is in fact the rubber blade, try some Rain X on the blade. It may help.
Q:Mystery car alarm?
The vibrations. Garbage trucks are usually big huge diesels. You can feel them rumbling by. So can your car alarm.
Q:Why do people bother buying car alarms when nobody pays attention to them?
Apathy and too many false alarms. Really, no one cares anymore. But, it's like insurance in a way as someone, at some time, may just be thwarted by it. I've been paying for apartment insurance for many, many years, and never used it. I was just thinking I could have put a down payment on a house by now, but insurance is just that, just in case. It may seem like a waste, but it's a sense of security for some, also I think insurance companies give discounts for a security system, so it pays to have it, but only on some cars, not junkers. Even though, ironically, those are the ones broken into more often. I mean the less expensive models, not necessarily junk though.
Q:Bought a used car with a car alarm -- dont have remote. Went off when changing battery, cant disengage.
if it is an aftermarket alarm. you'll need have to either find out who made it and buy replacment remotes to use the alarm or have it completly removed if the alarm is a standard feature of the car from factory you will need to take it to a dealership
Q:A Question About Car Alarms.?
To be honest its not that difficult, but if you did not feel comfortable doing it yourself most car audio places also install alarms. Just look in the phone book for someone in your area.
Q:Can an aftermarket alarm work with FactOry car alarm?
no theres not, As you cant run 2 alarms at the same time. the after market alarm is design to make it better than the stock alarm as all the things your factory alarm do the aftermarket will have it and you can also do more things with it.
Q:What does it mean when the police shut down your car alarm? Do the remove it, disconnect it, are you ticketed?
Depends on the towing co and what they have for access to a vehicle(s). Can disarm by cables to battery, wire to siren (alarm). If no access can short wiring at connection point. Cut wires to alarm. Noise abatement or nuance laws allow this to be done.
Q:Anybody know about camaros and car alarms?
sounds like your having issues with the pats module on the vehicle. thats the passive anti-theft system it could be something simple as a ground problem to a more complex internal failure of the pats. best bet is get it to a shop that can electronically diag the system with a computer to see if it is storing any trouble codes in the memory system. that will tell you alot about whats going on. dont even bother with places like autozone and such, as there systems can not collect data from the pats module. your looking at more then likely the dealership diagnostics machines. sorry to be the barer of bad news
Q:how to remove aftermarket car alarm?
Just find your starter wire and disconnect the alarm wires to and from it then splice the starter wire back to itself. That should be all that it disables. Then find the alarm box and cut all the other wires to it such as the siren and sensor wires.
Q:What is wrong with my car? Battery/alarm problem.Please try to help! :)?
That sounds like your alternator is not charging the battery. The alternator should bee putting out about 14 volts. If it is not then your battery will not stay charged. Your alarm could be going off the same way it can go off when you disconnect then reconnect a battery cable. Wait hold up! Are your battery posts cables tight clean? That could be your problem. If your alarm is a factory security system that blows from the horn then try removing the horn fuse or relay so you can drive to walmart in silence. If you have an aftermarket alarm then you can disconnect its horn or snip one of the siren's wires where it's easy to splice back together, then ask walmart to splice the wire back together for you. You didn't say if you had a factory or aftermarket alarm system.
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