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PVC Leather for Sofa, Furniture Soft Adornment

PVC Leather for Sofa, Furniture Soft Adornment

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1000 m²
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300000 m²/month

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1. Description of  PVC Leather for Sofa, Furniture Soft Adornment

Artificial Leather is a flexible material for indoor metope adornment. It is soft, delicate, can soften the overall space atmosphere, its deep depth also can upgrade the household. In addition to the role of beautification, it shares the functions of sound-absorbing, sound insulation, moistureproof, anti-collision etc.


Soft adornment is used in high-grade hotels, clubs, KTV and other places, do not see more in household. Now, some of the high-grade residential commercial housing, villas and terrace house in decorating, such as large area is used. Also widely used in high-grade hotels, villas, KTV, move the door, background wall, sofa, car interior decoration, etc.

PVC leather consists of Fabric, Expanded Layer(Foam Layer), Skin Layer(Surface Layer) and Surface Coating.

Surface Coating: can use normally chemical make the surface mat or shiny.

Skin Layer (Surface Layer) : the thickness of the skin layer effects the strength of the surface.

Expanded Layer (Foam Layer): the expended layer makes the leather softer, better handfeel and more thickness. The expand rate have to be controlled very well. If the Expand Rate is too high, the leather will become weak.

Fabric: The better tearing strength of the backing fabric the better strength of the leather.

2. Features of PVC Leather for Sofa, Furniture Soft Adornment


*Wear resistant and durable

*water proof and high fire-resistance rating

*sound absorptant

*Discernible textile feel

*Graceful and artistic for public places

*Retain the freshness for long

*simle to repair and low maintenance

*Seamless installation and easy to install

*Anti-bacterial and easy to clean up

3. Specifications of  PVC Leather for Sofa, Furniture Soft Adornment 


PVC Leather






Brushed Fabric, Knitting Fabric, Mesh Fabric, Flannel Fabric, spunlace fabric etc.  


Sofa, Car Seat, Furniture, decoration, Shoes, Bags etc.


All colors are available 


Waterproof, Anti-Mildew, Abrasion-Resistant, Fire-Resistant

Price Range

FOB Ningbo/Shanghai


1000 m/color

Delivery Time 

15-20 days


30-50 m/roll, out of strong poly bag

4. Photos of  PVC Leather for Sofa, Furniture Soft Adornment 

PVC Leather for Sofa, Furniture Soft Adornment

PVC Leather for Sofa, Furniture Soft Adornment

PVC Leather for Sofa, Furniture Soft Adornment    PVC Leather for Sofa, Furniture Soft Adornment

PVC Leather for Sofa, Furniture Soft Adornment    PVC Leather for Sofa, Furniture Soft Adornment

PVC Leather for Sofa, Furniture Soft Adornment    PVC Leather for Sofa, Furniture Soft Adornment


5. FAQ

1)  Where it could be applicated?


Sofa, Car Seat, Furniture, decoration, Shoes, Bags etc.

2)   Are free samples available?

Yes. But express delivery cost is to be collected and we will pay it back after confirming the order.

3)  What about the lead time for mass production? 


Honestly, it depends on the order quantity and the season you place the order. Generally speaking, we suggest that you start inquiry two months before the date you would like to 

get the products at your country.


4)  What is your terms of delivery? 


We accept EXW, FOB, CIF, etc. You can choose the one which is the most convenient or cost effective for you.  


Q:The difference between leather and synthetic leather
Leather, with your fingers pressure leather surface, there will be small wrinkles, high-quality leather wrinkles less, more skin wrinkles, fingers open after the wrinkles will naturally disappear; leather surface pores, such as goat skin pores were semi-circular The root of a group, etc .; cut corners burning, hairy burnt taste. Leather products can reflect the "tall", but need to take care of often.
Q:Artificial leather and pu the same as what is better will not fall skin
PVC artificial leather advantages: light, easy processing, wear, low cost; shortcomings are: poor ventilation, low temperature hardened and lead to poor flexibility, resulting in cracking and poor resistance to slip
Q:Leather processing in the application of chemical materials which
Surfactants are important products of fine chemicals, and the application in the tannery industry has penetrated into processes such as immersion, leaching, softening, tanning, dyeing, fatliquoring, finishing and filling.
Q:Synthetic leather and polyester bag what is the difference
Nylon in the weather changes in the case of breathable effect is better
Q:Kunshan Huafu synthetic leather company how
Precise testing / laboratory equipment for quality control (raw material testing, finished product testing) and new product development. The company also has a set of DMF wastewater recovery and processing equipment and two sets of dry waste gas recovery device.
Q:Synthetic leather and PU difference and how to identify
Natural leather by its type to the main pig leather, leather, sheep leather, horse leather, donkey leather and kangaroo leather, and a small amount of fish leather, crawling animal leather, amphibian leather, ostrich leather and so on. Which leather is divided into cattle leather, buffalo leather, yak leather and leather cattle;
Q:What is natural leather?
True leather refers to natural leather, made of animal skin. Fake leather refers to synthetic leather or other like leather, the actual synthesis of raw materials by the basic chemical products.
Q:Leather shoes soft or leather soft
Skin refers to the animal is stripped from the body, leather is the skin by tanning processing, leather has a certain physical and mechanical properties and performance, also known as leather. Leather is leather, that is, leather.
Q:What are the special leathers?
Special leather is also known as Geli Te leather, that is, with PU used to make shiny green onion powder, do all kinds of fashion shoes, jewelry, handicrafts, bags and other materials.
Q:What does synthetic leather mean?
Synthetic leather is relative to the "leather" (ie, leather) in terms of the argument. Also become artificial leather, synthetic leather.

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