PVC Artificial Leather for Chair Cover with Different Color

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Product Description of PVC Aritificial Leather:


1. Name: car seat cover, customized car seat cover, pvc car seat cover

2. Material: artificial leather/pvc with foam

3. soft feeling, luxury look, tailored car seat cover, full seat for 5-seat and 7-seat cars

4. size: samples from customers or draw paper. our reference sample are availableD

5. installed by professional staff and prevent every possible damage

6. color: dual color-5~9colors


Application of PVC Aritificial Leather:


Our Leather material is used for Automotive/Trian/Yacht/Aircraft Interior Upholstery, With the feature:


Advantages of PVC Aritificial Leather:

1. Good hydrolysis resistance:3-5 years according to customers using condition

2. Fine scratch resistance ability  

3. Excellent abrasion resistance  

4. Brilliant anti-UV ability:4-5 class

5. Good colour keeping

6. Good anti-aging ability

7. Anti-bacterial and mildew proof ability

8. Good anti-peeling,tearing,tensile ability


Production of PVC Aritificial Leather:


PVC Artificial Leather for Chair Cover with Different Color


FAQ of PVC Aritificial Leather:


What factors will effect the price?


  1. Thickness: Different thickness means different amount of material used on the product

  2. Material: PVC material is usually cheaper than PU material

  3. Pattern: Very often, some products needs special treatment to be finished such as embossing, printing, etc. These treatments should be charged for extra money.

  4. Feature: Sometimes, if product needs to be with special feature such as environment standard, fireproofing etc, special material will be added into the products on the assembly line. It also need to be charged with extra money compared with normal product

  5. Quantity: The bigger your quantity is, the low price will be



Q:How to distinguish the belt is made with real leather
Leather: the natural leather has its own special natural pattern, leather and natural glossy, hand or kneading leather, the leather surface without dead wrinkles or dead folds, and no cracks; and leather leather leather like natural Leather, but carefully look at the pattern is not natural, shiny than natural leather bright, mostly bright colors.
Q:What are the raw materials for leather coloring?
Leather dyeing is a complex physical and chemical process, is the dye molecules on the leather fiber penetration and bonding process, is the physical and chemical effects of the total effect.
Q:What are the main business of leather and environmental protection?
Microfiber is a superfine fiber PU synthetic leather short, is the ultra-fine fiber staple fiber through the carding made of three-dimensional structure of the non-woven fabric network
Q:How to remove the ink on the leather?
Ballpoint pen grease: first of all to see what clothes is the material, the general practice is to put a towel below the stains, with a small bristle brush stained with alcohol gently brush to be stained after the spread of stains, then the clothes soaked in cold water, wiping On the soap gently scrub, so repeated two or three times, you can basically remove the ball-point pen oil.
Q:Synthetic leather and PU difference and how to identify
A wide variety of leather, variety, different structure, different quality, the price is very different. Therefore, the leather is not only all natural leather collectively, but also a vague logo on the commodity market.
Q:Has done a good leather, how to distinguish between leather and fake skin
But the structure of natural leather is very complex, in order to imitate seamless imitation, the current conditions are still very difficult, or even impossible. Although the fake leather sometimes "fake", but mastered the identification method, you can distinguish true and false leather
Q:How does the artificial leather store moldy?
Do not put furniture in the humidity of the space. Excessive humidity will cause the hydrolysis of synthetic leather and development, resulting in damage to the surface of the film, shorten the service life. Therefore, like the bathroom, bathroom, kitchen and other rooms should not be
Q:Synthetic leather and polyester bag what is the difference
Nylon in the weather changes in the case of breathable effect is better
Q:Big white will hurt the leather and leather it?
Natural leather is made of animal skin as raw materials, it has a very special fiber structure, with excellent permeability and water vapor permeability.
Q:Synthetic leather industry commonly used technical terms
Glass transition - As the temperature decreases, the PU gradually loses its elasticity and hardens. In the soft segment Tg, the nature of the PU will change significantly, so that the local movement of molecules to really stop.

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